MGA Chapters 1450-1454 Release

My sincere apologies. I was very sick and had to take care of the kids for the past 2 days so I ended up not being in front of my computer the entire time. I made a post on patreon due to notifications ringing on my phone and had completely forgotten about wuxiaworld. (It was not until yesterday when I saw Ren’s message that I noticed how I f*cked up.) I ended up putting it as patreon-only due to habit (this was done because, at one point, I was getting spam on all my public posts by one N. Chow.).

I am an entire week behind my schedule right now. However, my cold is getting better now. I suspect this might either be caused by my kids getting sick the week before or the change in weather. It was literally 60-70 degree F last week and it snowed yesterday and today…

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This marked chapters 24 (last ch) for 2 weeks ago.
This also marked chapter 1-4 for this week.

I am an entire week behind (24 chapters.)

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  1. Welcome back, hopefully healthier than ever (and same for your kid!). Translators go on hiatuses all the time (sometimes permanent) so it’s kinda par for the course but glad you’re back / giving out status updates for them.

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