MGA Chapters 1436-1437 Release

Edited by: GNE, Xima, Rebel01, pelicanv and -MoonKiller-

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This marked chapters 10 to 11 for last week.

– Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wen-li!!!

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  1. Thanks for the chapters. Although it is not much of my business, there’s still some reason to curiosity.
    Why are you hiding how much patreon money you are making?

    I sadly can not think of any legitimate reason as to why you have the need to hide it.

    1. i can only say a lot, he made a poll about chapters, and he changed his goal to 24 chapter a week, furthermore he released 1444-1445 in patrean, now he’s 8 chapters further than wuxia.
      GReed, a well i will wait another month and if think arent going back to normal i will start posting chapters.
      I guess piracy will finally start in wuxia.
      Such is life. I want to be BAD.

    2. 1. He has already reached his goal, he can’t do more chapters, so he doesn’t want people feeling that they no longer need to donate/patreon. That way it’s all about supporting him, not just trying to reach next goal to get him to work even harder.
      2. He doesn’t want people to think he should be making even more. (You were doing 28/week for 4000, why are you not doing 56 if you are earning 8000?!?!?!?!?)
      3. Because it’s none of your damn business. “not much” doesn’t cut it.

      Took me fraction of a second to think of 3 reasons. Not a great thinker, are we.

      1. 1. It’s not a valid reason at all. The whole thing started out as “free translations, but you can support monetary and this will enable me to dish out more chapters”. It’s still a donation and it’s not forced at all. I think of this as something like “charity”. You are contributing to the cause because you wish to support and not because you wish to get some additional benifits.

        2. Sorry to disappoint you but that is one very bad argument. He’s not obliged to contribute more than he’s capable of. If he says his limit is XX amout of chapters then it doesn’t really matter how much money he gets afterwards, it’s all fair and also written.

        3. So what? Aren’t you a smart cookie over here? To me this whole thing is turning more into a charade. Yang Wen-li might be one example but he’s a pretty good example.
        I simply get the impression he’s trying to milk this community as much as possible by hiding his “monthly support”.

        As a reference Ren is doing a better job in my opinion ( He doesn’t feel the need to hide his earnings which is very commendable.

        So much for your great thinking about your great three arguments. (Another remark to 3.: obviously it’s a darn business of mine because I might be a potential supporter of his).

    3. Sigh… patreon had recently allowed many people the option to hide their earnings. I did the same because it was getting very annoying last month when some people started to put how much I earn above my head as if it was a sin to earn that much from translating.

      That said, if you really want to know how much I’m making… I’m currently averaging $7.26 per patron. You can do the math.

      @Devilist, I have merely changed to release chapters for Martial King and Martial Lord to patreon as opposed to Google Drive. Sigh…

      1. I thought that was the case. To be honest I think you guys deserve to earn that much.
        I will try to support you too, but first I need to get a job and then I can support you! Keep up the good work.

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