MGA Chapters 1413-1414 Release

Edited by: GNE, Xima, Rebel01, pelicanv and -MoonKiller-

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This marked chapters 15 to 16 for last week.

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  1. Many thanks for the chapters! Also, should we wait another ~few hours for the next chapters release? Asking cuz here, in my country, is already 11:25 p.m. 🙂

  2. are you ever going to catch up to the schedule u set for yourself? u are missing 8 chapters for last week, in addition your “goal” of 24 chapters for this week. the goal meter seems arbitrary if you are gonna be so far behind.

    1. He’s ~12 chapters behind and it isn’t really growing, so he’s keeping the schedule, he just needs to do 40 chapters this week and he’ll be fine. 5-6 chapters a day hype! XD

      1. except that is unlikely. he’s been behind for ~2 weeks and hasn’t shown signs of catching up, and instead has been missing more chapters instead.

        its quite funny how patreon says he has received enough to support himself, yet is not delivering what he received that support for- to pump out 24 chapters per week. you don’t start a trustworthy business promising one thing, then practicing another matter. similarly, this lazy release schedule is very concerning.

  3. oh, lol. he changed it to 24, used to be 28. but he hasnt been able to do 28 in a over a month i think, so its a good thing its down to 24, or perhaps 14. better to be able to deliver what you commit to ^^

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