MGA Chapter 2384-2394 Release


Edited by: GNE, Xima, Rebel01, pelicanv, -MoonKiller- and Sage

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End Ch. 11-21/21 for last week.

There will be some major changes that will be announced tomorrow. I am essentially going to take a month off patreon, stopping my main source of income, to focus on getting the chapters I owe my patrons in order and build up some stock (I have completely exhausted them and is under tremendous stress to catch up to missing chapters.)

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8 thoughts on “MGA Chapter 2384-2394 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. You’ve been putting out more chapters than anyone for a long time. I think few would be offended if you trimmed down the “missing” chapters. I’ve been reading MGA for over a year now and it’s definitely my current favorite!

    1. Scram !
      You are fast to criticize but slow witted
      Can you even imagine the amount off work they provide to translate ?
      Patreon or not, they work hard, everyday, allowing us to escape reality and dream

      Like Chu Feng said you are trully unable to recognize mt taï
      You don’t deserve to dream

      1. Keep dreaming, bud. People are spending actual money to get something that isn’t being delivered as promised and you complain that the translator is working hard every day. If that was the case then why are there so many days without updates? Wake up, kid. Most adults have to work hard and they don’t have the privilege of making excuses to get out of it or putting it off until later.

        So fast to white knight but you most likely haven’t even donated to the translator yourself. I was a patron for many months before I realized that I was just enabling his bad habits by continuing to give him money every month, and it will stay that way until I’ve seen him make good on his promises.

        P.S next time you piggyback a comment speaking about work ethics, maybe you could add something of value to the conversation instead of just saying “scram, at least he lets us dream! QQ” It really shows your age.

      2. He has a job, he’s paid to do it, and he consistently fails to meet targets. Even after shifting the goalposts repeatedly he still can’t meet targets, instead putting more effort into excuses and deleting criticism on Patreon. His latest gambit is tripling his estimate on how long translating a chapter takes to garner sympathy for his ‘hard work’.

        If he pulled the same crap in any normal job, he’d have long been fired, there is no reason whatsoever for a free pass in this one.

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