MGA Chapter 2380-2383 Release


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End Ch. 7-10/21

– Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wenli!!!

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        1. No consistency, no respect, he has +60 chapters in Patreon and dosent even bother notifying anyone for being late or whatever reason . As someone who read many novels in Wuxiaworld, an accustomed to regularity ( Emperor’s Domination , Translator : Bao for example ). It is this kind of behavior makes me sick, this is what makes people go elsewhere as as matter of fact so am i, and this the reason .

          1. Clearly I have 60+ chapters when I am stressing out due to the amount of chapters I have to translate and is going to stop my patreon for a month to catch up to missing chapters to my paid sponsors. People have lives outside of translating, you know?

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