MGA Chapter 1218-1221 Release

Gotta do some catch up tonight… On the side note, I managed to get 3 240GB SSDs for $20 bucks each from a Dell price mistake. Time to either sell them or use them 🙂

Edited by: GNE, T.M., Xima and pelicanv

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There will be early access to future chapters :).

Many thanks!!!

This marked chapters 13 to 16 for this week.

– Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wen-li!!!

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    1. you should check out I literally check out that site whenever I have the time. I checked it out when i woke up from my headache infused nap yesterday and saw that deal and decided to get 3. Maybe I should’ve got more. :p

    1. they mistaken the amount discounted as the actual price. So instead of 80bucks off, it should be 20 bucks off and 80 for the ssd :p

      Either way, I should’ve brought more lol.

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