MGA Chapter 1062-1064 Release

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YWL’s Apology:
I must apologize for the delay.

I decided to buy a graphics card and spent quite a while to find the one that I figured would work best for me (I have finally purchased GTA V during a sale where its price dropped to $30 a month ago). I ended up buying a RX460 4GB for $115 AR. So far it’s serving me pretty well. (Although I wasted an entire day trying to figure out why my CPU was performing so bad even with it installed. Turned out that I have limited my CPU to 800mhz.) The day after my purchase of the 460, prices for RX480 4GB dropped to $165… causing me to spend more time on deciding whether to return my 460 in exchange for that. I decided to keep my 460 since I don’t really game much and didn’t feel like spending the extra $50 for 80% extra performance that I would likely never use.

I think I’m over my past few days of graphics card research and craze. I should be able to go back onto the translation scene now 🙂

Please feel free to point out any mistakes or suggestions in the translation.

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      1. I was being sarcastic, and trying to channel the tsundere. Honestly, thank you for the hard work, and I hope you enjoy GTA V! You should join the novel translations discord so that you can talk with people and maybe play with them too! (Plugging to get another TL to join)

  1. That’s… long? I always thought you were a man of few words. 😀 Be careful, Nvidia fanboys incoming! So now comes the time to no-life GTA V until you finish it at least twice, huh? That means I’ll have some time to catch up…

    1. Depending on the fps and prices of the 1050 and 1050Ti, I might still return my 460 in exchange for that. I’ve wasted quite some hours on GTA V these past 2 days and I still haven’t manage to unlock the crazy guy. Argh. I think I have enough GTA for now. Gotta translate.

      1. We all know running around the town trying to get 6 stars police and killing random civilians is how GTA should be played… Or jumping off the skyscrapers. Or riding through the sewers hoping to find some Easter Egg. >.<

  2. Hi. Just a suggestion, but if I were you I’d return the 460, and choose the 470 now that the price dropped, or the 470D (not released yet). I’ve been in the same spot as you are, and in the end I went with a rx480 4GB for a budget build. The gpu was the most expensive component, actually. I did so even though I play games much less demanding than GTA V. The reason is as follows: although the performance in relative terms ranges from +80% to +100%, you are missing an important point. There is a minimum performance the GPU has to reach in order to make games playable, and that minimum is going to increase as time goes.

    Let’s say the current gaming stardard being 1080p high settings just to serve as an example, and the minimum framerate target to have a fluid gaming experience is arround 30 fps (I’m talking about the bare minimum, not 60, 144 or whatever you want to target to suit your tastes). When you consider the extra performance, you actually should substract that base performance necessary to achieve the 30 fps mark from both graphic cards. Nobody should actually make a build getting a card very close to that limit, because as soon as a bit of time passes, that component would become outdated FOR HIS NEEDS. So what if it can render a game at 20fps? I don’t think anybody would make that sort of comparison. The money you spend in something that doesn’t reach 30fps at your desired quality level is as it never existed, it’s useless. True, you can lower the settings and keep going, but you end up sacrificing the gaming experience in the process at some point. I’ve been gaming for a long time in a laptop with a gt 540m, and I could actually play a lot of things, but I can also say it does not even compare to doing so with decent settings. That is not to say the 460 doesn’t have it’s market spot, or that you should always buy the most powerful graphics card on the market – there’s always the law of diminishig returns – but the 460 is certainly not a good choice for someone that plays stuff similar to GTA V or newer GPU demanding games. The very least you should get to make a good purchase (future proof one) is to be able to play current games (I know the rx460 does really good in GTA V, but that a 3 year old game) at ultra at your current resolutions with solid 60fps as the rule of the thumb. Ok, take that with a grain of salt, but a fact is that a 2GB gpu is going to struggle to keep up with most future relases unless you sacrifice quality as many benchmarks show, and getting a 4GB rx460 is really close to the next models by AMD. It’s a good piece of hardware with really good performance per dollar, but just not for everybody. If you can save a bit, go for something a bit more powerful. Either AMD or nVidia.

    As a disclaimer, I am not pro AMD, neither pro nVidia. I’ve recommended the GTX 970 last gen as the best bang for the buck, but things are a bit different now in the current gen. I consider DX12 and vulkan are the present, for the best or for the worst, and I acknowledge that, even though RX series and RX480 has lower performance in DX11 than a GTX 1060, that difference is getting thinner, or even reversed, when talking about the new APIS. Microsoft and the developers have always embraced the new either for performance improvements or marketing (like the last round of DX12 patches have shown). I think that, as it was in the past, those are going to replace DX11 and OpenGl, so that was what made me choose the RX480 over the GTX1060 for my build. My money, I decide where to put it. Both options are solid choices and I choose the 1060 for the builds of some friends because it was a safer bet in a sense. Also, keep in mind that we are talking about budget builds. My new computer was arround 600€. You can see it here:

      1. Np 🙂

        Also, even thought Userbench seems to make no distinction, I bough a custom model, rather than a reference one. It’s a Sapphire Nitro + 4GB. I would not recommend reference models for a RX480, because of the high temperatures they reach unless you have a good airflow in your case. In my case, it does not surpass 72º at stock frequencies, or 80 with a [very] small overclock at 1383 MHz. Overclocking the VRAM reduces the performance for some reason xD. Timings, maybe. Anyways, I didn’t test extensively. Not a lot of room to overclock, unless you replace the coolers for waterblocks. But if you can afford liquid cooling and waterblocks that cost almost half of what the card costs, you should go for higher end nVidia cards. xD

  3. @Yang Wen-Li
    No dude, if you got the Mu-Lah spend it on a better graphics card. Listen, you’ve been dropping a story about a character who lacks quality cultivation resources because he is a higher quality cultivator. I recommend to always go for the higher quality when you’ve got it good. Get the RX 480, do IT!!!!

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