MGA Chapter 1056-1058 Release


Trying my best to release on time…

Edited by: LaNiña420, -MoonKiller-

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  1. Thank you very much!

    Personally I like reading a chapter everyday, so it would be really cool if you were able to release 1 each day instead of 3-4 every few days. I think it makes the story easier to read that way since it is always on your mind.

    It might be easier for you as well, since you can translate multiple on one day, and then if you get busy or forget it is ok because you have chapters that are already translated to release?

    1. Would be nice if you make a poll where people could vote if they want to read chapters about humiliation or not. I find it very annoying as it repeat a lot of times and it is useless to the future plots. In order to make up for the chapters, you could just summarize it up in a few sentences.

  2. Hey, i finaly finished to read all the chapters

    Thank you for the translation to you and all of your team, take the time you need for it, don’t rush yourself, we are glad to being able to read them
    If you prefer release a bunch of chapter each time, then go ahead, if it’s better for you rather a fixed schedule, do not hesitate, it’s just a random opinion of course ^^

  3. I’ve finished reading all chapters as well.

    Thanks for translations to everyone who is working on the project. As for the uploads in bulks, it’s much better this way. However if you want to change schedule, it’s okay as well. No tight obligations.

    Keep on doing this your own way )))

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