MGA Chapter 1014-1016 Release


Edited by: LaNiña420, Xima, -MoonKiller-

12 thoughts on “MGA Chapter 1014-1016 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for translation.

    After reading this batch I am more desperate than ever to learn hacking so i can make MGA disappear from the face of earth. Include PMG as another target ;P

  2. Haven’t read this for months but i noticed the past few weeks the updates are soooo fast. Just had to register an account to say thanks for the hard work. Dont let those ****** who used to complain ruin your year. 🙂 good luck and keep safe!!

    1. The last few weeks it was FBT doing the translations. Now it is Yang Wen-li and his speed is a little slower, that said, FBT was going on a mad spree because he had holidays, but has since dropped MGA.

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