MGA – Chapter 1008-1010 Release

Learned how to footnote.

Forgot to post yesterday. Barely managed to post today.

Suggestions appreciated.

Schedule TBD.


16 thoughts on “MGA – Chapter 1008-1010 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. For footnote, it should be getting better. So keep it up, we know you can do it.

    Well, for the schedule, Its depend on you how to arrange. Though, I’ll appreciate it if you can do it like FTB (mass release every few days -like release 8-9[if not more :D] chapters every 3 days-).
    But it is you that we are talking, not FTB.

    Well, everything’s up to you, just do as you see fit. Nothinng’s matter.
    Just know someone willing to keep MGA alive, I already appreciate it.

    In the end, thanks for the chaps. 🙂

  2. Xie2 for your efforts! It would be better if you can compile and release more chapters every 1-2 days or so 🙂 just translate as much as you can and want; we leechers are happy as long as you translate for us T.T

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