MEN Volume 3 Chapter 70 🔫

Volume 3 Chapter 70 is brought to you by Hissery and alyschu.

Enjoy the chapter!

Hello everyone, things have been rather busy recently, therefore, releases might be a little sparse this month. However, don’t worry as there’ll be a happy announcement come March. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “MEN Volume 3 Chapter 70 🔫” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I’m sorry about the sporadic release, but I’m glad that you let us know about it.

    I hope that MEN gets a stable and frequent release in a not so far future, I think it’s the best novel now on wuxiaworld: detailed, not too much harem stuff (at least for now), interesting plot and other stuff that I’m too tired to think about now

  2. Just want to know what’s the difference between now and when you first started. This series has been sporadic at best since the start for you. You guys do great work on the other novels for the most part but lately it’s been lacking. Just would like to see it get back to daily release even if it’s just one a day. Not 12 one day then nothing for 7 than 1 then nothing again for 5 days. Try to keep it consistent please.

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