MEN Volume 2 Chapter 9 🔫

Your prayers, hopes, and desires have been answered! I wanted to wait until both SR and ATG are caught up to their respective chapters to release batches of MEN but it seems like people really miss it so I’ll release it here and there.

Volume 2 Chapter 9 is brought to you by Piroton, doom, ilovepie, OverTheRanbow, and alyschu.

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  1. I’ve read at least a decent number of chapters in every novel on this site and many others, yet somehow MEN has been calling for my attention more than any other. It hearkens back to some of my old days when I began to read fantasy novels and discovered the mature genre that held vampires and such within it. I would like to think that I stumbled across some of the greatest of such in terms of wisdom and story telling skill, yet all of that just lent to my despair when this broad genre started to hit the mainstream in the most money grabbing mainstream manipulating into derpness trash.

    It’s been a tremendous relief to me to find a novel like MEN, bridging my old and new tastes into an ultimate tasty stew of love and wisdom. Yeh, I’m probably exaggerating a bit in most peoples views, yet I’ll stand to the end on this, that I am exceedingly thankful for this one chapter of MEN after this period of waiting. ATG and SR have been at least in my top 5 if not top 2 novels since they began, yet MEN is what I’m by far the most interested in.

    I don’t even care if it doesn’t meet any expectations I might have, as it’s already brought up the highest nostalgic novel experiences I’ve had and combined those with my latest fancy, thus it really can’t fail. I’m a patient one, yet thankful that chapters may begin to come out for this story again. Thanks to everyone involved in this, and mostly, I pray you had a wonderful trip/vacation/family time in China Alyschu <3

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