7 thoughts on “MEN Volume 2 Chapter 7-8 🔫” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I logged in just for this comment: there won’t be any more MEN chapters?

    It is one of my top four novel on wuxiaworld (and I read almost all of them to a certain extent)

  2. Aww man I just noticed they took this off the homepage table thingy and that there hasn’t been any updates. If they dropped this I will be very disappointed.

  3. MEN is still being translated only by WuxiaDream. Wuxia Dream had actually started this translation first i believe so that’s probably why it was dropped by Wuxia World when they realized the conflict. Only my guess here.

    1. Alyschu stated she was translating the novel way before Wuxia Dream stole the novel. WuxuaWorld has the translating rights for this novel and they have not dropped it. Its only that Alyschu is on vacation (as she stated a while back). She said she would make it up some time in mid July (statement in their patreon page). You guys should really visit their patreon page sometime (I mean it is right there in the upper-right corner).

      1. Haha my bad I totally forgot she was in china. The thing that made me question is because like i said it was taken off the table thingy. I guess if there is no update within a certain amount of time it takes them off.

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