MEN Volume 2 Chapter 22-23 🔫

Volume 2 Chapter 22 is brought to you by iyfeirre, Xian, Myke, doom, and alyschu.
Volume 2 Chapter 23 is brought to you by puttty, Myke, doom, and alyschu.

Sorry for the wait. Scrya here. We understand the concerns that you readers have regarding the pace of release of this series, and we are aware of how many chapters we are behind on, and they are still accumulating as of right now.

It is presently a difficult time for most of the team right now, but please know that we do not intend for this situation to drag on forever. With the end of Octoberchu for Spirit Realm, we are hoping to bring the releases up to speed starting from this month.

We know you readers have been very patient with us for the last couple months, and we are very grateful for that. However, we hope that you guys can bear with us a little while longer.

For now, please enjoy the chapters!

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  1. I’ve dealt with people vanishing for upwards of a year with absolutely no indication if they were still alive or not. This isn’t that bad~
    Thanks for the chapters~~

  2. We’re just glad that you guys are still translating this. Honestly, this site has some of the most devoted, quality translators I’ve ever seen. Thanks for your hard work and efforts guys.

  3. Even though this is my favorite story, I’m perfectly content waiting for everyone to get to this when they have the time. I understood from the beginning that this project would be always the secondary one at best, and always prefer to have my translators/editors/team be well rested and happy rather than over worked. Love you all, and thanks!

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