MEN Volume 2 Chapter 14 🔫

Volume 2 Chapter 14 is brought to you by ilovepie, Myke, doom, and alyschu.

Hey everyone, Scrya here!

We are hoping to resume MEN this month, but the missed chapters will most likely be caught up only after this month. This is because SR’s planned double daily month is well overdue, and Alyschu would like to dedicate resources there first.

The plan right now is to catch up to ATG’s raws (Thankfully, Mars has slowed down his pace to a crawl again), and Alyschu will then have the luxury of time to put her focus on MEN.

We are well aware that we have many chapters of MEN to catch up on, and that there are many who are dissatisfied with the release speed till now. However, we would like to assure you that we have been keeping count of all the chapters we missed, and will definitely catch up to them!

For now, please enjoy this chapter!

18 thoughts on “MEN Volume 2 Chapter 14 🔫” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Wow, so you finally managed to release an announcement post? How long has it been since the releases stopped? A month, or more? Quite disappointed with your lack of communication, it takes not even 5 minutes to let us know if any problems occur. Also, another month with slow MEN releases? You do know that your patreon says 7 weekly chapters, not a bunch every blue moon. I really enjoy the setting of Monarch of Evernight, but with this pace and uncertainty due to non communication I can’t be bothered to keep reading (not like there is much to read anyway..)
    PS: White knights, please don’t be triggered, they are no charity

    1. Well, you sir have offended me so rar rar rar (jk) seriously though tone down the condescension they’ve obviously got a full schedule and you’re a freeloader.

  2. Now I have a really tricky question to ask myself and answer it, do I wish to strat reading men again ? or do I wait for more chapter to come before getting disapointed again because of an other promise not held ?

    now that I read my comment it sound really mean… It’s not… not to much at least. More communication please this is my only request.

  3. I have to agree with the others Alyschu & Co handled this horribly. I wish I could stick up for the translators at this time but the lack of communication in which I adore Wuxiaworld and its translation teams for was sorely misplaced here. Hopefully this will get fixed.

    1. couldn’t agree more, with constant releases, MEN had the potential of becoming one of the best novels, with tens of thousands of page hits every day. If you have to rival qidian, then WW needs to pay close attention to the novels who have a possibility of becoming monster hits.
      Same is repeated with The Godsfall chronicle.

      1. Well with RWX and godsfall chronicles I could slightly more understand as with the issues with qidian and negotiating with more translators etc taking up time that could be used to translate. To bring us more novels I feel that Wuxiaworld is expanding “Too fast” and slightly ignoring the users by not releasing more announcements that could easily make a lot of us relatively understanding readers simmer down. Communication is key. They seem to have lost it recently.

  4. Although I somewhat agree with the rest of these comments about the lack of communication.
    That definitely won’t stop me from getting back to MEN because this was my favorite novel on ww by far when it started, though now it may be lower on that list because I’ve forgotten lots about the early plot.

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