Meet the Tech Wizards of Wuxiaworld

The translators at Wuxiaworld are pretty familiar faces – myself, FBT, goodguyperson, and deathblade – but somewhat less known are the people who have made this site possible, warts and all. Today is a good day for me to introduce them to you, and to thank two of them publicly for everything they have done: MiPo and Yn5an3.

The front-end tech wizard (technomancer?) of Wuxiaworld is MiPo! In a very real way, almost everything that you, the readers, ‘see’ at Wuxiaworld is thanks to MiPo. MiPo has been here at Wuxiaworld almost from the very start; on January 20th, 2015, within the first 30 days of me starting Wuxiaworld, when I was still using the Twenty Twelve theme, MiPo went ahead and made this post on the forum, offering to code a custom theme for Wuxiaworld based on a mockup he posted. In what was possibly one of the best decisions I made, I accepted. So much of what has become a ‘part’ of Wuxiaworld is MiPo’s doing, such as the (in)famous queue (a custom-coded plugin) and all sorts of other functionality, much of which he custom coded for us.  If you see it here at Wuxiaworld, very possibly, MiPo made it.  He also made the infamously popular spam-comment-inducing ‘ranks’, but that’s for another day xD

Wuxiaworld would be even awesomer, if it weren’t for the fact that MiPo has this terrible video gaming habit (Crash Team Racing, anyhow?) which prevents me from forcing him to spend all his free time on the site xD

The back-end technomage of Wuxiaworld is Yn5an3.  Yn5an3 is a bit newer, having started with us just on April 22nd, but he’s quickly become an indispensable man at Wuxiaworld.  As some of you guys might remember, April 2015 was our ‘hell’ month, what with the DDOS madness, the first server move, constant crashes, etc.  A big part of this was because when I moved from Bluehost’s managed server, I really underestimated how hard it would be to configure a server for high-traffic WordPress, especially when under a DDOS attack!  During the worst weekend, the website was either down for half a day or was impossible to access, made even worse because I chose that weekend to convince GGP to move BBTH over here!  Fortunately, Yn5an3 volunteered his services, and ever since then, he has been moving hidden behind the back scenes to make sure everything is working behind the scenes.  He’s also the reason why this recent server move to Linode has been so successful, with almost none of the issues of the first one.  This man is magic in making things work, and our server load is as stable as a rock.

When he’s not busy coding on the backend and fixing server issues, Yn5an3 also spends his time breaking the server (he seems to feel it is his personal guinea pig xD) before quickly fixing it before people notice (although I get a heart attack in the process), and/or trolling readers in the comments section by ranting about how terrible and lazy the server guys at Wuxiaworld is.

Lastly, a special mention needs to go to a final person: Cong Do.  Cong Do played a really critical role in April, before Yn5an3 stepped in full time; Cong Do spent almost an entire day putting up internal firewalls, configuring and installing updated versions of PHP-FPM and other software to make the out-of-the-box server work so that you guys were able to access the website at all, even though it was increeeedibly slow.

So – please join me in a big round of applause for the Technowizards of Wuxiaworld!  🙂

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  1. Thanks you everyone for making and keeping this website up. I love this place. My computer is on 24/7 with this site open also 24/7 Thanks for all your hard work

  2. So we have a technomancer and 2 technoassasins then there’s Ren the evil over lord of wuxiaworld who holds the chapters back so we squirm in agony but kiss the ground he walks when he finally releases the crack rock know as coiling dragon all hail the almighty 4 bless it be the holy Kingdom of wuxiaworld

  3. so the sovereign of darkness is actually a technomancer huh?
    hehe how’s your Gebados these days? If you put the ranking sys up again you can get more prisoners! I’m just saying 😉
    anyway thanks soooo much for the help guys! long live techno wizards! 😀

  4. many Thx For all the ppl behind ww 🙂

    Many Thx For all The Amazing project’s & Translators 🙂

    With so many new Chapters everyday to read, it’s making me very, very happy 🙂

    So Thx Again for all of your hard work! <3

  5. Even their names are tech-y! Except for Cong Do. What’s wrong with you Cong? heh, that rhymes.

    No but really, thank you guys for creating this site that I know and love and visit twenty times a day. And comment on even more (o_o)

    I hope everyone goes well for you from now on.

  6. We are well acquainted with Yn5an3, some CA members responded his rant rather hard, and we remember his epic blunder comment (lol). MiPo has commented, too, so I’ll only say Welcome, Cong Do!

  7. Thank you MiPo, Yn5an3, and Cong Do!!! We thank Ren (rightly so) all of the time, but now it’s time to soak in some appreciation!

    *Thunderous applause*

  8. Bwahahahahahah.

    Nice… reaaally nice. I’m getting closer. Each painstakingly calculated step, carefully executed, brings me closer and closer to the fulfillment of my malevolent will! The time when people looks at me with awe and fear in their eyes is not far away….

    Some day, no man will be able to stand before me. Not a single one

    The plan
    DONE – Find a reason to approach Ren
    DONE – Maybe ddosing him? Nah. Too obvious Scratch that. IMMA FIRIN MAH’ LAZERRRRR!!!
    DONE – Approach Ren on the grounds of helping him
    DONE – Make him thing you are awesome. Of course I am. No, not you, me. Oh! hahahahah. Of course you are the best, Yn5an3 (sends a kiss)
    DONE – Find enough info of Ren.
    – Find a weak point… Maybe hiring sum’ Russians?
    – Supress Ren.
    – Be Ren in place of Ren. :3

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