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Chapter 961 – Break the World

As the meteor crashed into the earth, lava splashed into the skies. But in this chaos, Lin Ming was actually like a fish in water.

After the first meteor exploded, the second meteor followed immediately after, then the third, the fourth…

More and more meteors plummeted toward the world. They were beams of brilliant light that covered the sky. When Lin Ming was within the God Transforming Mirror in Timeworn Phoenix City, the meteors dropped down one at a time. But now, dozens of meteors fell together as if the apocalypse had arrived!

Amongst these meteors, besides the miles wide meteors, there were also those that were only the size of a fist. To all common sense, these sorts of mini meteors shouldn’t pose any threat to Lin Ming. But the truth was just the opposite. These mini meteors were even more dangerous to Lin Ming.

These mini meteors were a hundred times faster than the larger meteors. Moreover, they contained an incomparably destructive energy and also contained the Annihilation Laws of pure fire. Every mini meteor was the same as an explosive missile. Every time one fell to the earth, a convulsive detonation would follow!


A fist sized meteor exploded less than 100 feet from Lin Ming. Lin Ming’s protective true essence was attacked by the meteor’s shockwave. With a series of snapping sounds, cracks began to appear in his protective true essence!

At this moment, three meteors also fell down on all sides, each the size of a bowl. These three meteors were far too fast; they blocked off all directions for Lin Ming to escape, wanting to pin him to death.

“Golden Roc Shattering the Void!”

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He wanted to use Space Distortion but he was surprised to discover that the space here was far too stable. In the lower realms, Lin Ming could cross several miles with a single step, but now crossing even a dozen feet was difficult.

“Mystic Lightning Shade!”

At this critical moment, the 12 thunder escape symbols within Lin Ming’s body erupted with a blazing light. He forcefully accelerated to the extreme speed of thunder. However, without the support of Space Distortion, his speed wasn’t comparable to those bowl sized meteors.

A meteor exploded close to where Lin Ming was.


Lin Ming violently shook as his protective true essence exploded. Wild fire energy rampantly stampeded into his body. It directly tore apart his clothes, which were formed from thunder silk, and began ravaging his meridians!

This fire energy was filled with the terrifying aura of the Law of Annihilation. Lin Ming’s complexion paled and he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Even the Heretical God Sprout wasn’t able to immediately suppress such a crazy and potent fire energy; it required some time to do so. The raging energy of the meteor was simply too ferocious; it caused Lin Ming to receive some minor damage to his meridians.

In this land like hell where there was nothing but scenes of destruction, Lin Ming fell into a trap of flames! A crazy fire carried with it an annihilating aura as it rushed toward him. Above Lin Ming was a barrier of meteors and underneath him were endless flames. Lin Ming couldn’t even use Space Distortion; there was nowhere for him to evade!

As Lin Ming was soon about to be engulfed by this devastating fire, he loudly shouted out and a red lotus flower suddenly bloomed behind him.

Heavenly Demon martial intent – grandmist space!

Grandmist was infinity. Infinity gave birth to the primal chaos, and the primal chaos transformed into yin and yang. First there was grandmist, then there was primal chaos, after primal chaos was the division of yin and yang, and finally there was the formation of the five elements. The Fire Laws was one of these five elements. Within the grandmist space that extinguished all Laws, it would naturally be restrained!


Underneath the cover of the grandmist space, the flames rapidly melted away!

“Break for me!”

Lin Ming took this chance and swung his halberd. The 800,000 jin Great Desolate Blood Halberd carried Lin Ming’s full strength, falling down like an avalanche from heaven.

The waves of flames as high as  a mountain were directly split apart by the halberd!

“Blood of the Ancient Phoenix, combust!”

After breaking through these choppy waves of flames, a golden light began shining from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows, emitting a glorious and majestic light. A golden phoenix phantom formed behind him, appearing as if it would fuse with the world.

Ca – !

The flame phoenix cried out, directly soaring into the endless skies. All of the surrounding fire energy was mixed up by this phoenix, turning into a storm of flames.

Lin Ming fused together with the flame phoenix. He pointed his blood halberd towards the skies where the countless meteors were.

Reverse the Chain of Stars!

The boundless grandmist battle spirit converged with the halberd light, bringing with it the power of chaos that annihilated all Laws as it crashed into the chain of meteors in the sky.

Within the second world of the God Transforming World, the chain of stars that was formed from countless stones actually revolved according to some mysterious rule. And the chain of stars in Saint Artifact Pavilion was also the same.

In the skies, countless pieces of stones stuck together, slowly condensing into new meteors, some of which were fist-sized mini meteors that dazzled with a flaming light. Although these mini meteors were small, they were extremely dangerous. As for meteors that were dimmer, they were slower but also became giant meteors with great destructive power.

These meteors all floated in a seething fog of fire. As long as they meteors were fully formed, they would be thrust down under the support of the annihilating energy.

This was not the first time that Lin Ming encountered the space of annihilation. The strange patterns of revolution within the stones and flames were reflected in his eyes. His attack was to be aimed at the crux of the rules of revolution!


Lin Ming shouted out loud. On top of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, the power of fire gathered into a red dao diagram. The Purple Lion Thunder Source absorbed into the Heretical God Seed also howled as it rushed out, forming out a larger, mightier purple dao diagram in the air.

The two dao diagrams fused into one. A terrifying thunderfire energy exploded outward. This energy gathered into a raging torrent of thunderfire that directly interrupted the revolving route of the chain of stars!

As the revolving route shattered, there was a crackling sound as all of the meteors taking shape suddenly broke apart.

The chain of stars was forcefully ripped apart by Lin Ming. With it, the falling meteors became much less concentrated and the pressure on Lin Ming was reduced several times over.


The artifact spirit that had been hiding within Saint Artifact Pavilion while viewing Lin Ming’s progress was shocked. “He broke the chain of stars! My original intention was that if he could withstand it for half an hour, it would be considered as passing the test of Concept. I never imagined he would be able to break the chain of stars!”

“But he did not rely on just the Fire Concepts to do this; his understandings into the Fire Concepts aren’t too extraordinary. The reason he could accomplish this is because he was able to fuse Thunder Concepts with Fire Concepts, as well as that mysterious force field. I wonder, just what is that force field? It was actually able to melt away the Fire Laws…”

Saint Artifact Pavilion artifact spirit muttered. It didn’t know about the Primordius martial intent. Just what sort of existence was Empyrean Primordius? His status was even a level higher than a World King. He was one of the true top powerhouses of the entire Divine Realm! Within the entire Divine Realm, there were an extremely small number of people that could see an Empyrean. Even a character on the level of a World King or Holy Lord would find it extremely difficult to see an Empyrean. As for those that were actually able to see an Empyrean fight, they were a minority amongst minorities!

To the vast majority of martial artists in the Divine Realm, an Empyrean was a spiritual god, extremely mysterious and unrivalled. As for an Empyrean’s cultivation methods, abilities, or the limits of their strength, these were also enigmas that far surpassed the comprehension of mortals. If the Ancient Devil within Yang Yun hadn’t taken part in the great war 100,000 years ago and personally saw Empyrean Primordius slay armies with the Primordius martial intent, it would’ve been impossible for him to recognize that Lin Ming was also using the same martial intent.

As for Saint Artifact Pavilion artifact spirit, although it had lived for countless tens of thousands of years, it was locked within Phoenix Cry Palace and had no way of coming into contact with a character like Empyrean Primordius. It couldn’t recognize the Primordius martial intent. But even so, it could feel that Lin Ming’s martial intent was terrifying.

“This child actually has such a mysterious force field martial intent on him. In addition to his cultivation, age, and solid foundation, his potential is truly terrifying. Moreover, it seems as if he is a martial artist that ascended from the lower realms. From the way he fought just now, he should have completed his dual body and essence cultivation and opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. To accomplish this in the lower realms where resources are so lacking is truly incredible!”

Saint Artifact Pavilion’s artifact spirit was far more intelligent than the common man. It was able to instantly discern many things. If the nine stages of Life Destruction decided a martial artist’s future boundary, then Lin Ming’s martial intent, Laws, battle spirit, and dual body and essence cultivation played an immense role in deciding his comparative combat strength with other martial artists at his level. Those factors also played a great role in determining a martial artist’s future achievements.

“Dual body and essence cultivation, how many years has it been in Phoenix Cry Palace since someone decided to take this route. The body transformation path conflicts with Life Destruction. After body transformation, crossing Life Destruction becomes extremely difficult. As for the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace that follow the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, that is impossible. If one cannot break through the most essential Nine stars of the dao palace, then the effects of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates will be minimized when one reaches the late Divine Lord realm. It can almost be ignored afterward.

The artifact spirit thought like this and took a glimmer of interest in Lin Ming. It looked forward to seeing to what degree this junior would grow.

“Let me see what boundary your body transformation technique has reached. The second round of the test will be a test of your body transformation!”

Saint Artifact Pavilion’s tests were all decided by the artifact spirit. The artifact spirit itself was a martial arts grandmaster. All sorts of tests, including those that looked at Laws, perception, and so forth could be freely utilized by the artifact spirit.

Thanks to the long years of accumulation the artifact spirit had developed a near endless variety of testing methods. Many geniuses of Phoenix Hall were tortured by its tests to the brink of despair. As the artifact spirit saw these chosen prides of heaven being pushed into the ground, it was also overjoyed.

At this time, Lin Ming actually had no idea that he managed to arouse the interest of this old antiquity that already existed for countless tens of thousands of years. He could only feel the power of fire around him instantly vanish, and the chain of stars that roiled in the skies also disappeared.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, secretly thinking to himself, “The first round of the test only looks at the Concept of Fire and yet it is so difficult. I thought that I could rely on just my Concept of Fire to pass the test, but my results were far worse than what I imagined. I had no choice but to use the Concept of Thunder as well as the Heavenly Demon martial intent to break the chain of stars. This top grade saint artifact test that can even sweep the ground with top geniuses of the Divine Realm isn’t easy to pass at all!”

Lin Ming muttered. But he didn’t know that he would have passed the first round of tests as long as he was able to withstand it for half an hour. As for breaking the chain of stars, that was simply overdoing everything.

As Lin Ming was still in thoughts, the surrounding environment changed again. All of the heaven and earth origin energy was rapidly drained away!

All of the true essence in his dantian was locked down; it was unable to be moved at all.

“Hmm? What’s going on here?”

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    2. It’s worse than that. The author wasted over 900 chapters for him to FINALLY reach the Divine Realm. Lin Ming was just playing around in the mortal realm that is worthless to everyone else. Now that the 900+ filler chapters are done, the story can finally begin. At least I didn’t have to waste that much time; I skipped chapters if anyone in the comments section said it was useless or just filler until reaching this point, so I didn’t have to read all 900+.

  1. You know what sucks? This is a really good story, but there’s so much filler writing that there are almost a max of 5 important paragraphs per chapter (and that’s being generous). It just slowly sucks out the enjoyment of reading a really good story when the majority of the story is unimportant dialogue from unimportant characters and facts that have been repeated countless times. From what I’ve found, the source of the filler is that a fair portion of these authors get paid based on chapters, word count, and the like. It’s just sad to see good stories be slowly smothered by the platforms they are released on.

    1. That sounds super anti webnovel/lightnovel/periodically-updated-novel-in-general, but I don’t intend it that way. I just wish authors got paid based on quality instead of quantity. Maybe then, really well written and interesting online/periodical novels wouldnt be so rare. Not that it’s realistic or that it’ll ever happen. It’s just depressing to see fillers/bloating suffocate more and more interesting stories.

    2. Yes, exactly this point. Have you ever read, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” That story is a perfect example of one that gets straight to the point with absolutely no filler. I hate when authors blabber on about the setting, side characters, or small details and actions around the MC when they should just write about the MC. I’m glad he is in the Divine Realm, but I hope he doesn’t waste too much time here and ascends to the Realm of the Gods or whatever it is called as quickly as possible.

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        1. You aren’t exactly getting what I mean.

          “I hate when authors blabber on about the setting, side characters, or small details and actions around the MC when they should just write about the MC. I’m glad he is in the Divine Realm, but I hope he doesn’t waste too much time here and ascends to the Realm of the Gods or whatever it is called as quickly as possible.”

          I appreciate the sarcasm, but No. All of that is fine. What wears on me is when we have half a chapter of people that are essentially peons or new characters that we know nothing about and are not talked about almost at all throughout the entire book, essentially the rabble/crowd, giving their opinions or degrading others. No. I deeply enjoy stories that have well rounded side characters involved in the plot. Small details and actions, descriptions of the setting, all of that is what makes a good story. But it’s the sheer volume of repetition and exposition that detract from the quality of a story. Small details are meant to be slipped in bit by bit, not have 4 paragraphs dedicated to them alone. Important details, due to their nature of being important, are most likely very memorable. And yet they are mentioned in full detail any time anything is slightly related to it. Take cultivation realms. When he askes or is told about them, obviously a good place to give full details. When he goes through the 3 different parts of life destruction those are good places to give detail about only those stages or the very next. When he is about to reach a new realm, another good place to be fairly detailed. But no. Any time he meets someone of higher cultivation, hears someone mention cultivation, or even sometimes when he gets new resources (or more of old ones to be fair), it gives a nearly full description of any revealed knowledge, how firm his foundation his, and how weak he still is.

          Point is, world building and details of the plot in general are fine when the same thing isn’t repeated relentlessly. I shouldn’t even have to explain that.

          2nd thing.
          “Authors are paid by word count. What I find strange is that in TMW the same author has overall slowed down his release rate and chapters are also shorter. Shouldn’t filler at least maintain or exceed the usual word count or is the author willing to sacrifice the word count just so he doesn’t ruin his story with filler? Makes you think huh… Maybe his daughter was getting ready to go to college when he wrote MW and he needed money. I think this is most likely.”

          You miss my point here as well. I understand he has a life other than writing that comes with all of its many expenses. I said that I wished(however unrealistic that wish may be is besides the point) that authors would be paid by the quality of their work rather than be pushed to get it out fast and somewhat wordy, so long as it hooks the reader in any way, shape, or form. And no that doesn’t mean a really good two paragraphs would be the result. I’ve seen people with busy lives and jobs pop out chapters that have no filler writing, many times longer than these stories, and are still produced within the same frame of time these chapters are produced. And wouldn’t you believe it, they’re of excellent quality. But I’ve also seen writers that write the same length chapters as MW or TMW, in the same time frame, with busy lives, and yet they have no filler, are full of plot, details, main characters (obviously haha) side characters, world building, dialogue, and yet they are still of excellent quality. What the system of paying by word count does is encourages authors to drag out stories for as long as possible and the periodical nature encourages them to make most chapters end in a ‘cliff’. What the (admittedly unrealistic due to the necessity of a massive amount of work it would take to determine quality) system of paying based on quality would do is pay two writers, their stories having a similar amount of plot while one has thousands of chapters with lots of filler and the other has a (few) hundred with no dragging out chapters or filler chapters, the exact same amount for their stories. One has a lot of low quality writing, one has a lesser but still fair amount of high quality writing. As I have been saying, yes it’s unrealistic and will likely never happen with Web novels or subscription novels, but it would be nice. So you can piss off with your rude sarcasm. I enjoy this story. I think it’s very interesting. But I believe it would be far more enjoyable without the filler. It’s like a written form of cancer.

          Also, I’d like to point out and appreciate the irony of you sassing me about being tired of fillers when in a comment higher in this section you stated that you skipped a fair amount of chapters because they were filler. I read them all. Wonder why I’m tired of it.

          1. I completely agree. Pay by word count definitely encourages filler chapters. Were you just mentioning this incentive in general or did you think that this is the cause of fillers in this story? Some people think that it is just due to being a terrible writer, others think it is because the author is a good writer but with no integrity—a sellout who sees dollar signs for every word. Or maybe it’s a combination as both.

          2. Okay so it won’t let me reply to you for some odd reason.

            Honestly I don’t see it as an integrity issue and I dislike the term sellout. People need to make a living and others’ opinions tend to mean little in the face of a family’s needs.

            I think it’s like in America. Writers use the platform most widely available. That platform just so happens to be different in different countries. And honestly it’s a toss up between who has the better publishing system. There’s many pros and cons that would take up too much space in this comments section. I’d say the main things what to me is normal publishing has going for it is that books come out complete and they get paid by how many they sell. But the main pros of the weekly update is the ability to get a massive amount of feedback, change the story retrospectively, and have it become something more than just one person can create. But that’s assuming that an author would be willing to put in the work to edit and improve their story to that extent, and then compile it all. I guess the updated kind would be better, under the condition that once the story is done, the author or a team of editors went through, improved the story if need be based on feedback, remove, or rather condense, all the filler, and then compiled it all into an extremely well written and we’ll polished novel. But that sounds costly and unrealistic, so I think getting completed works would be the best. True there is a lot more to lose publishing a book that isn’t received well as opposed to dropping a work after a number of chapters when it is apparent that it is a failure. But when something is well written and received, it tends to be far more enjoyable than its bloated,unfinished, but similarly popular counterpart.

            I think what I mean to say is that it’s just sad and frustrating reading so much writing that’s only purpose is to increase the word count. And I highly doubt that the process of writing fillers is enjoyable to the authors. That’s what is the true sad part of it all. I just wish there was a different system so both the reader and the writer could enjoy it.

          3. OK @nightangel191, but even if you don’t like the term, and even if the writer is only trying to make a living, a sellout is still a sellout, even if you want to say it indirectly. Let’s be clear here. They are sacrificing their integrity as a writer if they create filler to increase their word count for money.

          4. Yes they sacrifice their integrity to do so, but what I mean is that it is irrelevant. Calling them sellouts is like trying to shame a homeless person for dumpster-diving for food. They feel ashamed but they’ll keep doing it because they want to live. You can’t eat dignity and pride. So I dislike the word sellout because it’s just pointless shaming of people that, at times, have no other choice. Life happens.

          5. Yes, they sacrifice their integrity as a writer, but it not “irrelevant” as we are reading the story they wrote. Yes, calling them a sellout is “shaming” them. It shames them AS a writer. “Life happens,” but we are looking at their writing. We can justify their actions, come up with countless reasons, and I didn’t realize the author of MW was in such dire straits financially, but it remains that we are only shaming them as a writer, shaming their writing, or rather they shamed themselves.

          6. I agree with you a 100%. Martial world is like one of my favorite stories on this site, it’s up there with ISSTH, ATG, etc. but the author repeats stuff way too much. Just these past ten or so chapters alone, the only main point we got is that the pavilion is a artifact, 9999, this song guy is top stuff in this sect, and that him, his lackeys and everyone else around him really look down on martial arts from humble backgrounds or lower realms. Idk how many times they were spewin bs about people being week cuz of their background or cuz they came from the lower realms. Like saying it once or twice was okay. But so far it’s been mentioned in every chap, and like chapter 959 was literally about this song guy loving face and everyone giving it to him. It was nothing relevant at all to the plot. Smh. I love this story but it’s too redundant with presenting the useless info.

          7. I’m just explaining why I don’t like the phrase. Calling someone a sellout won’t make them stop being a sellout. At most it will just depress them, which tends to make people stop everything in general. The opposite of what we want.

            I somewhat doubt the author is that hard off, but I’d like to point out that I used an analogy, not fact.

          8. @nightangel191 You should be wary of accusing authors of writing filler content for money if you are TRULY that concerned about “depressing” them. Telling a writer that they are the definition of a sellout without using the word “sellout” is just as “depressing.”

            Also if you don’t think the author of MW is even having a hard of a time financially, and you also think he writing filler for more money, isn’t that even worse?

      2. Just to be fair for the author… You do realize this is there way of making money right ? So you can’t really blame them if they want to drag or add fillers to there novel…

        1. Of course! If you read the above comments, if an author were to add filler without making money, then that would just make him a terrible writer! But if a writer adds meaningless filler content in order to make more money, then he has sacrificed his integrity as a writer. But of course we understand why a writer would do such a thing.

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