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Chapter 947 – Grandest Event Since Ancient Times

The next several months, Lin Ming resided in the Giant Leviathan with his family and good friends as they traveled back to the Sky Spill Continent.

During this time, Lin Ming didn’t train much. Instead, he spent his time with Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, his parents, and the others, enjoying happy days together.

After meeting each other after such a long period of separation, Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu fell into intimacy like fish into water. The two of them didn’t have much experience in this regard. As martial arts cultivators, they naturally had to suppress the passions and lusts in their hearts. But now, they were finally able to indulge to their hearts’ content.

“Lin Ming, what plans do you have with Little Sister Xingxuan? Do you plan on bringing her to the Divine Realm with you?” After a vigorous bout of lovemaking, Mu Qianyu lay down on Lin Ming’s chest. Her face was flushed red and she was lightly panting.

Lin Ming stroked his wife’s fragrant and warm breasts while thinking of the answer. Ever since the Lin Family Clan was harmed by Yang Yun, the series of events had cast a shadow on his heart. Luckily they hadn’t attached too much importance to Lan Yunyue or the consequences would have been much more serious.

If he brought Qin Xingxuan to the Divine Realm, it’d be creating a weakness for him. He had no idea what sort of powerful enemies he would make in the future. If he faced an unscrupulous enemy, they were likely to harm Qin Xingxuan.

Lin Ming’s emotions ran deep. If something really happened to Qin Xingxuan, if she was humiliated, raped, or killed, he couldn’t imagine just what he would do.

If he left Qin Xingxuan behind in the Sky Spill Continent, then even if he managed to offend some great influence in the Divine Realm, she would still be safe here because of the barrier that Empyrean Primordius had set up around the planet.

Lin Ming shook his head. “Xingxuan’s cultivation is too weak. Even with my help, it won’t be easy for her to reach the Divine Sea in the future. And passing into higher levels will be even more difficult. Besides, the channels between the Sky Spill Continent and the Divine Realm have been sealed away. If I try to bring her upwards, there might be some problems. Even now, I have no idea how to ascend. I’ll have to ask Old Man Good Fortune or the Ancient Phoenix Great Temple’s Temple Spirit for help.”

The rules of the world originally only allow a Divine Sea master to ascend to the Divine Realm. Lin Ming was currently only at the fifth stage of Life Destruction. Even if his strength already surpassed a normal late Divine Sea master, he still wasn’t able to go against this rule. If he wanted to ascend, he would likely have to pay some price; bringing someone with him would make that even harder.

Mu Qianyu said, “I want things to be simple. However, leaving Little Sister Xingxuan in the lower realms is unfair to her.”

Lin Ming felt extremely guilty as Mu Qianyu spoke. He could give Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu countless lucky chances, but he eventually wouldn’t be able to walk with them.

Lin Ming took out a spatial ring. “There’s 80 million spirit essence stones here, as well as all sorts of rare and precious pills, heavenly materials, heaven-step treasures, and all sorts of other things. There’s also the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s national destiny stabilizing divine treasure, the Coiling Martial Divine Furnace. It can be used to stabilize the destiny of Divine Phoenix Island. With me acting as deterrence as well as the other Divine Sea powerhouses that received my help, no one should think about moving against Divine Phoenix Island for some time.”

After Lin Ming killed Yang Yun he naturally obtained all of his belongings. In addition to the Steppes Master’s treasury and the Blood Slaughter Steppes itself, Lin Ming’s wealth was incalculable.

Mu Qianyu silently received the spatial ring. This was a ridiculous amount of wealth, nearly equal to a Divine Kingdom’s national treasury. Especially the Coiling Martial Divine Furnace. That was a treasure used to stabilize the national destiny of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom; the value was unimaginable.

But Mu Qianyu wasn’t happy. She knew this was the legacy that Lin Ming was leaving her.

“Then how will you repay Little Sister Xingxuan?” Mu Qianyu asked.

“A grand marriage for the whole world to witness. We will also take this time to move Divine Phoenix Island into the central region of the Sky Spill Continent. With my power and influence, we shall stand tall there and become a Holy Land from this point on!”


Three months later the Giant Leviathan returned to the Sky Spill Continent. Lin Ming and everyone else passed through transmission arrays to quickly return to the central region. Before Yang Yun died, he had at least done one final good deed and that was that he had established a near perfect transmission array network. This made travelling through the Sky Spill Continent much more convenient.

Soon after, an important matter spread through the entire Sky Spill Continent. This was the news of Lin Ming’s grand marriage.

Every large sect’s Divine Sea powerhouse received invitations. The highest under the heavens, Lin Ming, was actually planning to hold a dual cultivation marriage ceremony with an unknown woman.

The three Divine Kingdoms as well as many of the Holy Lands were greatly surprised. There were even many of them that were disappointed. It had to be known that Lin Ming’s current status was that of supreme power, nearly unapproachable. Even if they knew that Lin Ming would ascend into the Divine Realm, there were still countless influences that were eagerly willing to marry their proudest daughters to him.

Even if Lin Ming ascended to the Divine Realm, he would still leave behind his fame and legacy in the Sky Spill Continent; no one would dare to move against his people, because no one could guarantee that he wouldn’t return in the future. Then again, Lin Ming’s connections were extremely deep now. Many Divine Sea powerhouses had received a lifesaving graciousness from him; they owed him a great favor.

When a martial artist reached the Divine Sea realm, it wasn’t easy for them to owe anything to anyone, because they tried to avoid involving themselves with karma. They found owing favors to others bitter to taste, and always looked for opportunities to return them. In this situation, if anyone dared to act against the family Lin Ming left behind in the Sky Spill Continent, Lin Ming wouldn’t even need to take action before that person became the target of the whole world.

Moreover, if they saved Lin Ming’s family and Lin Ming returned in the future, he would probably repay them for their kindness. It was unknown just what level of strength Lin Ming would be able to reach. Just some casual goods that he handed out might give them infinite delight.

If the great influences could choose the most exquisite and perfect woman to receive Lin Ming’s favor and have them win his heart by virtue of outstanding talent and beauty, then that was equal to climbing the great tree that was Lin Ming. They would be able to receive 10,000 years of endless good luck!

But Lin Ming was actually planning on marrying; how could all these great influences not be disappointed,

Some people were curious. They soon found out that when Lin Ming was in the South Horizon Region, he had already held a great wedding. This would be the second one. In other words, Lin Ming already had a wife.

This was good news. It was proof that Lin Ming didn’t refuse concubines. This made everything much easier to handle. It had to be known that while Lin Ming ventured in the central region for all these years, he had kept a pure heart, indifferent like ice. They feared that Lin Ming was the sort of fellow that only had martial arts in their hearts, and wholeheartedly walked down the road of martial arts with no other concerns, uninterested in the matters between men and women. If that were true, they really would have no idea where to begin.

Although individuals the great influences selected were the most glorious and proud heavenly daughters, the truth was that they didn’t care too much about being Lin Ming’s wife; even being a concubine was more than good enough.

Taking this opportunity, many great influences brought rich gifts to Lin Ming’s grand wedding as well as the most splendid heroic young elites of their sects so that they could open their eyes and expand their vision. Of course, they also brought along the most stunning and alluring young women, all of them had heaven-gifted talents.

The wedding venue was the new Vermillion Bird Palace. The Vermillion Bird Palace floated in the skies with the help of array formations. There were also several otherworldly celestial mountains floating nearby under the powered array formations. On top of these celestial mountains, there were countless multicolored rainbows that lit up the skies in dazzling glory as well as grandiose palaces dotting the landscape. There were countless rare spirit flowers and spirit trees. Countless worldly treasures bloomed under the effects of spells. These spells had the strength of a million spirit essence stones melted into them. The heaven and earth origin energy here was rich to the point that it nearly condensed into bubbles. Fragrant scents, clouds, pavilions, all sorts of beautiful sights accentuated each other. If a mortal were to take a single breath here, they would live past a hundred years in good health. This was truly an immortal fairyland within the mortal world.

In fact, most of these arrangements hadn’t been done by Lin Ming, nor did he care much about doing them. As for Divine Phoenix Island, their background was too weak and they also couldn’t arrange such sights. All of this was jointly done by the three Divine Kingdoms and the various Holy lands. They wished to make this grand wedding as glorious and resplendent as possible to please and curry favor with Lin Ming. These sects had all tried their hardest; they had really laid down a capital.

It could be said that Lin Ming’s marriage ceremony was the grandest event in the Sky Spill Continent for the last several tens of thousands of years! Perhaps only the establishing ceremony of a sixth-grade sect could reach similar heights. Otherwise, who would ever be able to move nearly 80 Divine Sea powerhouses?

Nearly all of the Divine Sea powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent arrived; that included even the Northwest Great Desert’s Wang Yenli. As for the matter concerning his dead son, he came to this wedding with a hearty laugh, even preparing generous gifts to apologize for what his son did. He didn’t really care but about Wang Yichan’s death. He had over a thousand sons after all. He only hated that his son had possibly involved him in a calamity.

Besides the three Divine Kingdoms attending, there were also many important Holy Land figures, fifth-grade sect Sovereigns and Highest Elders, famed Elders from all around, fifth-grade family clan Patriarchs, and many others. All of them brought their own gifts.

There were also many wild and scattered martial artists that came. Although they had no sect behind them, they were still powerful characters, lords of their own lands. They had come to experience the illustriousness of the highest under the heavens. If they missed the grandest event of tens of thousands of years, they truly would feel regret.

For some time, near the new Vermillion Bird Palace and the many celestial mountains that floated in the sky, countless shining gold divine carriages appeared. There were also jade spirit boats and spirit ships, mountains, palanquins, many of them towed by auspicious Saint Beasts of all varieties. This truly seemed like a grand gathering of immortals.

Amongst all these dazzling divine carriages and spirit boats, there was an extremely simple green ox that stuck out like a sore thumb. Besides walking on a cloud, this green ox didn’t look any different from an ox that a common mortal farming family would use.

This was naturally Old Man Good Fortune’s mount.

“Hahaha, Little Friend Lin, it’s been four years since we last met, you’ve truly bloomed in magnificence. Although I already expected you to become the highest under the heavens, I didn’t think that day would come so soon! This old man didn’t receive an invitation but would you perhaps allow me to join in on the festivities?”

“Senior Good Fortune is too funny. The reason that this junior can be here today is all because I received Senior Good Fortune’s shelter and guidance. This junior wanted to request Senior Good Fortune to this wedding feast, but it’s only that Senior Good Fortune is secretive in movements, a divine dragon that doesn’t show their head, only their tail. There was no place for me to send an invitation to.”

Lin Ming pleasantly laughed. He owed Old Man Good Fortune a great deal. Even in the Temple of Marvels, Old Man Good Fortune gave Lin Ming the chance to escape. He also grievously wounded Whitedemon. If Whitedemon and Yang Yun had joined forces at that time, he would’ve never made it out alive even with the Magic Cube.

This grand event continued for nine days. But Lin Ming only appeared on the first day. He brought Qin Xingxuan around to speak to the crowd and drink with some important guests. Then they flew away together.

Many sects had brought proud, beautiful daughters of the heavens to this wedding banquet to obtain Lin Ming’s favor. All of them were left disappointed.

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