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Chapter 915 – Old Friends, Wrath

Sky Fortune Kingdom was a tiny common country that was subordinate to the Seven Profound Territory of the South Horizon Region’s Divine Phoenix Province. It had a populations of several tens of million and was only a standard mortal country with no sect inheritances of any kind; they only had their own ingrown system of their country. To develop a Xiantian powerhouse was impossibly difficult. This was because without resources and guidance, one could only explore the road of martial arts on their own. Any talent born there would be buried in the barren lands.

And now, as Lin Ming approached Green Mulberry City, he actually discovered a strange energy atmosphere. This sort of revolving energy formation that hid the rules of the Great Dao naturally came from the hands of a top powerhouse.

“They really are waiting for me there!”

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a harsh light. With a simple thought, his figure vanished as he calmly hid away in a space distortion. With his understanding towards the Space Laws, hiding his body with space distortions was a simple matter. In this world, besides Yang Yun, Old Man Good Fortune, and perhaps a few others, there was no one who could find out he was here.

Lin Ming followed the battle spirit tracing mark’s location all the way to the Lin Family residence in Green Mulberry City. Elder Sun was indeed here, but the entire 10 mile area around the Lin Family residence was blocked off by an array formation. As mortals, the Lin Family descendants and anyone else simply weren’t able to leave.

As Lin Ming was thinking about what to do first, he suddenly caught sight of a woman’s figure. His heart shook, and an inexplicably deep sense of sorrow and grief was born in his heart. The space distortion he was hiding in trembled for a brief moment, nearly revealing a flaw.

This woman wore a simple blue cotton dress. Her appearance was delicate and pretty and her skin was beautiful and smooth. Her wet hair was sticking to the side of her face, and her left sleeve hung far downwards. She raised a heavy wooden bucket as she drew water from a well.

This woman was Lan Yunyue.

“Lan Yunyue…”

Lin Ming was lost for a moment, as if he had fallen into a long recollection of memories. When he had parted with Lan Yunyue, she was still 15-16 years old, and her face still had a hint of young naiveté. But that innocence could no longer be found on the current Lan Yunyue. She looked tired, exhausted, and somewhat sad.

The simple blue dress had no lace or decorations. Her hair was casually pulled up and tied back with a blue cloth strip. At this time, the winter of Sky Fortune Kingdom had just arrived. As the leaves fell within the Lin Family’s courtyard, they seemed a bit desolate. A faint winter breeze blew inwards, causing Lan Yunyue’s clothes to flap and a bleak wind to fill the air.

Ten years!

When Lin Ming and Lan Yunyue broke up in the past, they had been less than 16 years old. The Sky Fortune Kingdom, the Seven Profound Martial House – those days had passed by like a dream. He didn’t enter the Seven Profound Martial House because of Lan Yunyue, but rather for himself. He fought to succeed because he wanted to prove that he was no worse than anyone else.

And now he was nearly 26 years old, and his strength was infinitely close to the highest under the heavens from ancient times. He had achieved his promise and had also accomplished it to an unbelievable degree. That beautiful and pleasant with a hint of ladylike temperament Lan Yunyue of the past was now giving off a sad and melancholic feeling.

Although she was still as beautiful as before, and her figure was more curvaceous and abundant than in the past, her bleak eyes and worn-down face made his heart ache with a bitter pain.

It was like she had become the most common woman of the Sky Fortune Kingdom. Every day was filled with hard work and labor, and even if someone bullied and humiliated her, she would have no choice but to remain silent, patiently and submissively resigning herself to her fate.

Lan Yunyue poured the bucket of water into a large pot, lit a fire, added some firewood, and then began to boil the water.

The entire process was performed silently. As she looked at the hazy steam rising from the pot, she seemed to be lost in thought. Occasionally, a once warm and happy memory would flash by in her mind and she would faintly smile. But then she would shake her head, sighing all the while.

The past was covered by wind and dust, and left beneath this faint wind and dust of time, just whose shattered dreams were buried there?

Ten years filled with endless life and death, even a broken dream was an unforgettable memory, and yet meeting again was not to be…

After the water was prepared, Lan Yunyue used the hot water to prepare a pot of tea and then brought it to the Lin Family’s front hall. Here, there was a young man and a young woman sitting in a chair, both of them handsome and pretty individuals. Beside them was a wrinkled old woman with a ruthless light in her eyes. This old woman was the Asura Divine Kingdom’s Royal Princess – Situ Yaoxi.

As for that young man and woman, they were both similar to Situ Yaoyue: hidden strengths of the Asura Divine Kingdom. They had been supplied with many resources since childhood, but the only difference between them was that they were much weaker than Situ Yaoyue.

As Situ Yaoxi saw Lan Yunyue prepare a pot of tea and place the teacup onto the table, she sneered and said, “You little slut, how can you be so slow in steeping some tea!”

As she spoke, the young woman beside Situ Yaoxi suddenly slapped Lan Yunyue without any warning. This young woman was Situ Meiyue, also a talent of the Asura Divine Kingdom. She had a sixth stage Life Destruction cultivation and even though she was slightly worse than Situ Luosha, she still had hopes of reaching the Divine Sea. Even a slap that didn’t have any true essence contained in it still sent Lan Yunyue tumbling to the ground like piece of straw.

Lan Yunyue didn’t speak. She only clutched her face, a trail of blood leaking down from her lips.

“Grandaunt, it seems that this stupid little slut is insignificant to that damned dog Lin Ming. She was nothing but his girlfriend during his common mortal times, and they have already separated since then. She even betrayed him in the past. Lin Ming won’t feel anything even if we kill her!”

The young woman looked at Lan Yunyue with contempt in her eyes. In her opinion, a martial artist was doomed to loneliness as they walked the road of martial arts – their concept of affection was also very faint. Moreover, Lan Yunyue didn’t even have any further relationship with Lin Ming; it was impossible to use her as a chip to coerce him.

Lan Yunyue bit down on her lips. Situ Meiyue’s words twisted into her heart like a knife. Indeed, she was well aware that she was insignificant in Lin Ming’s eyes. She had originally thought that her life would never intersect with Lin Ming’s again, but she also never imagined she would be held prisoner by Lin Ming’s enemies and used as a bargaining chip to force his hand.

The boundaries of these individuals already surpassed the limited knowledge she had. Even this young woman could cause the Seven Profound Valleys’ Highest Elder to vomit blood and die with just a glance, much less this unfathomable old woman.

With such terrifying enemies here, Lan Yunyue held no hopes that Lin Ming would appear. If he walked into their trap, then Lin Ming’s fate would be miserable no matter how powerful he had become.

“What are you looking at, you cheap slut! How about I dig out your eyes right here? In my eyes you are nothing more than an ant, we are simply people of two different worlds. If it weren’t for Lin Ming then our paths would have never crossed. It should be your honor that I slapped you just now!”

Situ Meiyue’s voice and eyes were filled with disdain. She was a proud daughter of heaven that had a chance of reaching the Divine Sea in the future. To someone as arrogant as her, a Houtian realm martial artist like Lan Yunyue was no different from a bug in her eyes. It was already a favor for her to experience a slap from such a higher level existence.

Within the space distortion, Lin Ming’s fists began to clench tighter and tighter, as if space itself would crumble underneath his hands! In that moment, he nearly attacked that vicious woman along with that hag Situ Yaoxi and would have torn them to shreds, but he contained his rising anger. He wanted to continue listening and see just what they knew about Yang Yun’s plans and how Yang Yun planned on dealing with him.

“This cheap slut is nothing in Lin Ming’s eyes, but she was still his woman once upon a time. Hehe, even though I can’t find Lin Ming, taking this cheap slut as my slave and using her to vent my anger is also good. It’s still a pity that I couldn’t find Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan. If I could catch them, I could turn them into my maids and torture them every day. And then once Yang Yun captured Lin Ming, I could throw those two cheap sluts to some martial artist that walks the path of obscenity and have them raped in front of him. Then I’d toss them to a pack of sex fiends until their yin energy is all sucked dry! Hahaha! I want to have that little beast wish that he could dig his eyes out! I want him to suffer a life worse than death!” Situ Yaoxi’s eyes were filled with hatred. She was very unhappy that she still hadn’t been able to catch Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu.

At this moment, the young man beside Situ Yaoxi said, “Grandaunt, let alone Lan Yunyue, even the entire Lin Family Clan is likely worthless in Lin Ming’s eyes. If Lin Ming doesn’t show up, then do we still have to keep guard here and stay with these wretched mortals all day?”

These youths were part of the Situ Family Clan bloodline. Although their cultivation was only at the fifth and sixth stage of Life Destruction they actually had the strength to stand in the Destiny Decree. Their future was bright and limitless. They certainly didn’t want to stay with these mortals in this god-forsaken land with its barren heaven and earth origin energy.

“These are Yang Yun’s orders; who can possibly defy them? However, it doesn’t matter even if Lin Ming doesn’t come. Yang Yun’s calculations are magnificent. He is implementing a plan already. Probably in just another year, there will be no place on this continent that Lin Ming will be able to hide in. When that time comes, Yang Yun will be able to lock onto his position even if he climbs into the heavens or dives into the sea; he will absolutely die! At that time, I will take that little beast’s soul and slowly boil it away, hehehe. I want him to beg for death!”

Situ Yaoxi seemed to imagine the scene of Lin Ming’s death and a cruel and wide smile flashed across her face.

Lin Ming looked at all of this from the space distortion he was in. His knuckles crackled in his silent rage. In his life, he had never desired to kill a person as much as he did now. Moreover, he wanted to murder them with the cruelest and most sinister method possible! “Yang Yun has some great plan aimed at me and it seems he’ll be able to find me after a year. Indeed, he wasn’t wasting his time while I was gone! But too bad for him, I have already returned!”

At this moment, Situ Yaoxi continued to say, “We must still remain on guard here for another year. Humph, we’ve arranged so many traps in Green Mulberry City that it will be a waste if Lin Ming doesn’t show up. That boy left a tracing mark in Patriarch Sun’s body and he’ll certainly discover that Patriarch Sun is at the Lin Family. If he doesn’t show up then that’s only because we weren’t cruel enough! It seems that only cutting off a few fingers or half a palm was being too soft on them. Meiyue, chop off that cheap slut’s arm and feed it to the dogs. Then grab 20 direct descendant juniors of the Lin Family and cut off their arms too! I want to see just what response that little beast Lin Ming will have then!”

As Situ Yaoxi spoke, she casually picked up that cup of boiling tea and threw it at Lan Yunyue!

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      1. Yeah, but at least he’s suddenly recalling that other people exist in the world beyond his enemies. I mean it has been 3 years since he fought Yang Yun, plus a couple years on top for whenever he left his girls and parents back in the demon squid thing. The last time he even talked to them was many years ago and he hasn’t even sent a simple message in that entire time as far as we know.

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