MW Chapter 883

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Chapter 883 – Twelve Dao Fruits

“Shit, this old fox’s strength is pathetic to the point of being a garbled mess and even though he’s been suppressed by me from all angles, he actually has so many life maintaining methods and refuses to die. He even put out a heaven perishing bead in the end, causing me to suffer a great loss!”

In the underground chamber, the purple-clothed strange demon youth coughed up a mouthful of blood. He was in an extremely miserable situation at this time. The right half of his body was covered in blood and the skin on the right side of his face was ruined, making him look ferocious and ghastly. This was the fate of being struck by the heaven perishing bead.

The heaven perishing bead was a one-time disposable explosive treasure produced in the Divine Realm that could be used to destroy enemies. This treasure even contained the Laws of the Great Dao. When a heaven perishing bead exploded, it’s terrifying explosive force might could even be dangerous for a late Divine Sea martial artist from the Divine Realm. Moreover, for added security, Old Man Good Fortune had not cared about losing his lifespan and had spat blood essence onto the heaven perishing bead!

However, Old Man Good Fortune was able to withstand this loss of blood essence. Now that he had obtained a pool of 10,000 year stone milk, that was a loss he could definitely recover from and still extend his life for another 700 years. He had already perfectly achieved the goal he was seeking at the Temple of Marvels. Although it was a pity that he had to spend a heaven perishing bead, to Old Man Good Fortune there was nothing more precious than extending his life.

Mixing his own blood essence with the heaven perishing bead was Old Man Good Fortune’s final trump card and also his strongest attack. In addition, the strange demon youth had been weakened after emerging from the Sea of Miracles. If it weren’t for his fast responses, then he wouldn’t have suffered something as simple as a grievous injury!

Moreover, what sent the strange demon youth into a flying rage was that Old Man Good Fortune was no different from a slippery old cockroach. After wounding him, the old man had relied on his understandings into the Concept of Space and crazily flew through the dimensional realms. As for the injured demon youth, he actually wasn’t able to follow him!

The master of the Temple of Marvels had comprehended at least the fifth level of the Concept of Space – Spatial Genesis. Such a ruthless individual was far, far more formidable than the demon youth had been or would ever be, thus he felt a great fear towards this Temple of Marvels. Moreover, he didn’t understand the layout of the temple. After chasing after Old Man Good Fortune for half an hour, he finally lost him!

This caused the strange demon youth’s heart to burn with rage. This was simply his life’s greatest shame! Before coming here, he had boasted repeatedly about not placing Old Man Good Fortune and Lin Ming in his eyes. To him, they were nothing more than easy prey that could easily be handled.

In front of the strange demon youth, the masked man was faintly smiling. “You underestimated your opponent too much. If you were a bit more careful, then even if that old man had the heaven perishing bead, he still wouldn’t have been able to wound you. That old man is a very cunning individual and he also has some relationship with the Divine Realm. After living for so many years, it’s natural that he would have some final trump card to preserve his life. Then again, there are many ancient ruins left behind in the Sky Spill Continent from 100,000 years ago. If he explored these ancient ruins then it is possible he could obtain the life preserving treasures left behind by some ancient powerhouse.”

“That old fool, I will definitely pull out his soul and turn him into an Asura Ghost Slave, making him regret every decision he ever made!” The strange demon youth grit his teeth as he said.

“Haha, I’m afraid you won’t have this chance. That old fellow has an extremely high understanding into the Concept of Space. It’s likely that he will soon leave the Temple of Marvels. And with your current injuries, you won’t be able to catch him now. But none of this matters to begin with. Our main goal here is Lin Lanjian. Even if we don’t have Old Man Good Fortune, there are still several Divine Sea powerhouses with similar enough strength. They should be enough.”

“Humph, I just can’t swallow this insult. Once the plan is completed, I will leave the Temple of Marvels to find him! As for that Lin Lanjian, his strength surpassed my expectations. With his mere second stage Life Destruction cultivation, he actually managed to escape the pursuit of six great quasi-Emperor level ghost slaves, even killing two of them in the process! His strength is no different from that of a dragon!”

The strange demon youth was well aware of just how great the defensive power of the Asura Ghost Slaves he refined was; they were simply like large blocks of divine iron. But two of these tough ghost slaves had actually been pounded to death by Lin Ming’s halberd!

How could he not be surprised by this? This was simply not strength that should be possessed by a human.

The masked man was not surprised. Rather, his eyes began to glimmer with excitement. He licked his lips, saying, “Lin Lanjian dual cultivates in body and essence, and his achievements in the body transformation path are extremely high. For him to arrive at this step in the Sky Spill Continent is already a miracle. But the more spectacular he is, the more he is able to arouse my interest. Rest assured, there is no way that he will be able to escape. Although you weren’t able to capture him, you still forced away that bothersome Old Man Good Fortune from his side. Now that they are separated, there is no way for them to contact each other in these isolated dimensional realms that twist together like a maze. Moreover, Old Man Good Fortune and Lin Lanjian are neither friends nor family, it’s already a great act of benevolence for him to create an opportunity for him to escape. It’s impossible that he would risk his life to return and save Lin Lanjian! That old man treasures nothing more than his life!”

Although Old Man Good Fortune seemed wizened and disconnected from the world, the truth was that what he valued most in the world was his life. Those that feared death were easy to deal with.

The masked man’s lips curved up in a thoughtful smile. He looked at that strange demon youth and said, “I will personally go this time. Stay here and recover from your wounds. The heaven perishing bead contains the Laws of the Great Dao. If you leave behind scars of the Great Dao in your body then it will be difficult for you to recover from them. I alone will be enough. As long as it is in this world, with Lin Lanjian’s cultivation, there is no way for him to escape my grasp!”


At this time, within this dimensional realm that looked like the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, Lin Ming looked at the distant divine thunder tree that pierced into the skies, his heart filled with shock.

Although danger was abound, Lin Ming still didn’t search for a shortcut to leave the Temple of Marvels. Since he saw this sort of divine tree only several dozen miles away, he certainly had to go and take a look. Perhaps this was a lucky chance that would give him the opportunity to make a turning point!

Lin Ming opened the Gate of Wonder, travelling 10 miles in a single step. In just a few blinks of the eye, he had arrived in front of the divine tree.

As he truly saw this divine tree up close, Lin Ming was stunned. This divine tree was thicker than a pagoda and towered upwards for several tens of thousands of feet!

Looking up, this divine tree looked like a column that supported the heavens, shooting straight into the skies!

Lin Ming found that the so-called ‘crown’ of the tree had no leaves, but instead was replaced by a tangle of roots. This was a strange tree that kept itself rooted in the skies.

These roots were as thick as pythons. They looked like Azure Dragons that circled around the tree, gripping their thick claws into the billowing dark clouds, sucking in the power of thunder!

The power of thunder was absorbed by the divine tree. As it passed down, it caused the entire divine tree to sparkle with lightning, looking like a descending god!

Under these twisting roots, there were actually fruits hanging that were four or five feet wide. These fruits sounded extremely large, but placed on this massive divine tree they only looked like little dots. If Lin Ming didn’t look carefully then he would have easily passed over them. Lin Ming began to carefully count them. This divine tree had absorbed a massive amount of the power of thunder for countless years, and yet it only bore a total of 12 fruits. He sighed as he thought of just how difficult it must be for these fruits to be bred!

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes as he looked on. These 12 fruits all had strange lines on them, like bolts of lightning that crawled all over the skin of the fruits. Moreover, each line on these fruits was different, mysterious, enigmatic, profound… and filled with a faint flavor of the Great Dao.

“This is…” Lin Ming was dumbfounded, suddenly remembering the chaos stones he had seen in Timeworn Phoenix City. Those chaos stones had been formed at the creation of the universe and then slowly evolved over the countless years. Those chaos stone recorded the vicissitudes of the universe, having been marked by chaos energy, a type of energy that preceded all other types of energy such as the five main elemental energies, primal chaos energies, and so forth. They also contained the power of the Source Laws and were a worldly treasure. As for these lines of thunder, there were similarities!

“These lines should be marks of the Great Dao that have been naturally left behind through tens of thousands of years by the circulation of the power of thunder from the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion. Although they are inferior to the mystical chaos stones, they still deeply reflect the mysterious Concept of Thunder!

“Just these lines themselves are a priceless treasure, much less the fruit!”

When Lin Ming had crossed into Life Destruction, his body had been tempered by the power of thunder and every cell in his body had been activated by it. His compatibility with thunder was already inestimable. However, Lin Ming’s comprehension of the Concept of Thunder had remained low throughout.

Even though he had meditated on the Thunder Concept jade slips left behind by the Eightfall Thunder Emperor, the Eightfall Thunder Emperor was still someone from the Sky Spill Continent after all. No matter how excellent he had been, in this continent with its limited inheritances, there would always be many flaws and omissions in the system of Thunder Laws that he established. It was simply incomparable to the God Transforming Mirror at Timeworn Phoenix City that recorded the Concept of Fire. But now, these 12 fruits would be able to make up for Lin Ming’s weakness!

“The Sea of Miracles seems to have a 100,000 year history. If that is true, then the history of this Temple of Marvels must surpass 100,000 years. Perhaps it has existed for 120,000 years, and each of these 12 fruits represents the results of 10,000 years!”

As Lin Ming realized this, he took a deep breath, suppressing the excitement in his heart. Riches always came with danger. Even if he were being pursued by enemies right now, none of them were able to dampen his determination to pick these fruits!

Lin Ming moved towards the divine thunder tree. As he reached 10 miles away, he felt all of the hairs on his body stand erect. This was because of the powerful electrical field that emitted from the tree. Around the entire divine thunder tree there was an invisible force field. Because the energy was too intense, the force field naturally twisted, causing the formation of ionized particles in the air that contained a deep power of thunder.

If a martial artist that wasn’t strong enough were to approach this force field then they would be immediately incinerated to ash. Even a high stage Life Destruction martial artist would have to consume a great deal of energy to maintain their bodily protective true essence to move within this electric force field.

However, this was not a problem at all to Lin Ming. He had a thunder-attribute body and every cell within him had been tempered by the power of thunder, leading to him having a great affinity with it. In addition, his understandings of the Concept of Thunder were also decent enough. After entering this thunder force field, he actually felt like he was a tiger in the mountains or a fish swimming in the sea.

All the pores throughout his body opened, relaxed as they vigorously absorbed the pure power of thunder. “This is a wonderful power of thunder. If I could train here then the results would be incredible!”

Lin Ming took a deep breath and looked up at the 12 thunder fruits in the skies. His feet moved as he shot upwards!

As Lin Ming approached these thunder fruits, he could increasingly feel the inherent mystical Concepts and Laws within them!

The stems of these fruits were as thick as an arm and extremely tough. Lin Ming took out the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, and with his great two million jin strength and silver battle spirit poured into the blood halberd, he cut down the first fruit!


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