Martial World (武极天下) – Index


Synopsis: In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.









Arc 1 - The Seven Profound Martial House

Arc 2 - Rising Star of the Sky Fortune Kingdom

Arc 3 - Adventures in the Southern Wilderness

Arc 4 - Total Faction Martial Meeting

Arc 5 - Subterfuge in Green Mulberry City

Arc 6 - Divine Phoenix Island

Arc 7 - Avenger

Arc 8 - The South Sea Battlefield

Arc 9 - Holy Demon Continent

Arc 10 - The South Sea Demon Region

Arc 11

Chapter 751 – Collapse of the South Sea Demon Region
Chapter 752 – Lin Ming’s Wedding, the Divine Kingdom Prince
Chapter 753 – The Mysterious Girl
Chapter 754 – Jade of the Goddess
Chapter 755 – Swords Drawn
Chapter 756 – Duel of Battle Spirits
Chapter 757 – Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, Feng Shen
Chapter 758 – The Wedding Night
Chapter 759 – The Young Girl’s Mystery, the Forsaken God Clan
Chapter 760 – Wood Spirit Jade
Chapter 761 – Towards the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom
Chapter 762 – White Dragon Jade Row
Chapter 763 – How To Make Money
Chapter 764 – Ancient Jade Bracelet
Chapter 765 – Bid
Chapter 766 – Swindled
Chapter 767 – White Dragon Jade Card
Chapter 768 – Guru Blueway, Destiny Decree
Chapter 769 – Guru Blueway’s Appraisal
Chapter 770 – Opening the Universe Melting Furnace
Chapter 771 – Heavencraft Trading Company
Chapter 772 – Skyflower Stones
Chapter 773 – Malice
Chapter 774 – Xiaoxiao
Chapter 775 – Saber Light
Chapter 776 – Sweep Through All
Chapter 777 – Bronze Battle Spirit Large Success
Chapter 778 – First Battle of the Destiny Decree
Chapter 779 – The Great Battle of Witch Creek City
Chapter 780 – Stepping Onto the Highest Stage
Chapter 781 – The Demon Emperor’s Armor
Chapter 782 – Killing Corpsemancer
Chapter 783 – First Appearance On The Destiny Decree
Chapter 784 – The Crown Prince’s Invitation
Chapter 785 – Let Me See Your Armor
Chapter 786 – Domineering
Chapter 787 – A Stipulation of Ten Moves
Chapter 788 – Slaughter Path Showdown
Chapter 789 – 8000 Mile Black Swamp
Chapter 790 – Heavencraft Xiaoxiao’s Request
Chapter 791 – Refining the Fivefade Void Pill
Chapter 792 – The Gate of Wonder
Chapter 793 – Sky High Reward
Chapter 794 – Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division
Chapter 795 – 300,000 Spirit Essence Stones
Chapter 796 – Lin Lanjian
Chapter 797 – Robbery
Chapter 798 – Unbelievable Speed
Chapter 799 – Sudden Retaliation
Chapter 800 – Blood Washed Jagged Slope Mountain
Chapter 801 – Unstoppable
Chapter 802 – Killing Situ
Chapter 803 – Killing the Elders
Chapter 804 – Asura Divine Kingdom Emperor Uncle
Chapter 805 – The Glory of a Large Success Battle Spirit
Chapter 806 – Grind
Chapter 807 – New Destiny Decree, Title: Death God
Chapter 808 – The Trial of Life Destruction
Chapter 809 – The Second Revolving Core
Chapter 810 – Crisis
Chapter 811 – Killing Party
Chapter 812 – Death Swamp
Chapter 813 – Sea Serpent Gas
Chapter 814 – Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion
Chapter 815 – New Life From Destruction
Chapter 816 – Heretical God Sprout
Chapter 817 – Crazy Bi Ruyu
Chapter 818 – Lightning Tempered Body
Chapter 819 – Argent White Sword and the Lightning Source
Chapter 820 – God Forsaken Clan, Eightfall Thunder Emperor
Chapter 821 – Leaving the Thunder Dominion, Battling the Imperial Scholar
Chapter 822 – The Splendor of Lightning
Chapter 823 – Hacking Apart the Divine Kingdom Imperial Scholar
Chapter 824 – Death Reaper Curse
Chapter 825 – The Asura Divine Emperor Moves
Chapter 826 – Forsaken God Clan, Dimensional Realm
Chapter 827 – Shibai
Chapter 828 – That is Not the Key Point
Chapter 829 – Confrontation
Chapter 830 – However Many Come, I’ll Take That Many
Chapter 831 – Battle
Chapter 832 – The Coming Storm, The Rising Tide
Chapter 833 – Situ Yaoyue
Chapter 834 – Breakthrough, Begin
Chapter 835 – All Treasures Gathered
Chapter 836 – Purple Air Comes From the East
Chapter 837 – Golden Lighting Piercing the Sky
Chapter 838 – Silver Battle Spirit
Chapter 839 – Purple Lion Thunder Source
Chapter 840 – Forming the Spirit Body
Chapter 841 – Successfully Leaving Seclusion, Achieving Life Destruction
Chapter 842 – Peak of the First Stage of Life Destruction
Chapter 843 – Finger as Spear
Chapter 844 – The Day of the Fated Battle
Chapter 845 – In Sharp Opposition
Chapter 846 – Killers of the Asura Divine Kingdom
Chapter 847 – A World Stunning Spear
Chapter 848 – Five Poison King
Chapter 849 – Without Equal
Chapter 850 – An Aura to Wash Away the Clouds
Chapter 851 – Luosha’s Determination
Chapter 852 – Fighting Situ Luosha
Chapter 853 – The Glory of Thunder
Chapter 854 – Admitting Defeat
Chapter 855 – Yaoyue Fights
Chapter 856 – Extreme Violet Domain, Demon Moon Illuminating the Sky


28 thoughts on “Martial World (武极天下) – Index” - NO SPOILERS

  1. First!!

    More importantly how good is this novel? Becasue I want to read it but I don’t if I will get into it. Take ATG and ISSTH for example. The start is slow but then the story gets better after 40ish chapters. As for this novel how many chapters does it take for it to finally hit the road? How good is the story line?
    Questions questions questions…..

      1. The story doesnt get intense until 100+ ch I already finished reading and its a good novel so far and TMW is the sequal of MW, so i recommend finishing MW before reading TWM

    1. Hum, it depends on you… I’m really enjoying this story, I’ve read 6XX chapter in a row and I can’t wait to catch up. In my opinion the story is really enjoyable from the beginning. I’ve being caught in after 5/10 chapters… Really, give it a try !

      1. I like this story over the authors other one he has out now “True Martial World” Martial World Story is good. I like how it started out as the broken hearted Martial Artist who finds a OP item that made him into a cultivator that can cross Power realms to destroy his Enemies. Seems like in TMW he went for the super long winded chapters to Milk the money vs. having a good story. I do not mind a chapter or two of “Fluff Material” here and there but to me TMW has way to much Fluff and MW has a good mix of Fluff and story.

        Like I remember a few chapters in TMW that went basically like this…. Yi Yun has but a thought then fluff end of chapter. Yi Yun has but another thought then fluff end of chapter, Yi Yun ponders upon said thought then fluff end of chapter. Yi Yun Voices thought then fluff end of chapter. Yi Yun acts on thought fluff end of chapter. Yi Yun gets ridiculed by on goers for the next 3 or 4 chapters which is all fluff in my book. then boom a chapter of ooohhs and awes as Yi Yun shows he was right though out chapter.

        See what I mean now? Author could have did all that in 2 to 3 chapters with fluff and done a good job. All chapters after like 300 something is basically like what i described above. But unlike MW IMO was not fluffy as the clouds. lol TL:DR other words It’s a good read. XD

    2. It’s really really really really really really really (need I go on?) good. Among the many xianxia novels, this one is super tolerable, you never really get to a point where you look down on the mc for being stupid, and also, the mc is very rational. He’s not like those trigger-prone mc’s and always thinks. And as the story goes on, it gets better and better, really. Though, I’m more of a plot person, so by the time I’m 400 chapters in, I just start scrolling through the battles, skimming them cos I get too lazy to read them all. I mean I know he’ll win.
      Quick thing, the plot armor is strongggggg in this novel, so if people get triggered over that then….. I actually like it when the mc has thick plot armor, just my preference though 🙂

    3. Mars Gravity’s books are always great! I personally loved ATG and his previous works as well which I went through after coming across ATG. Absolutely disliked ISSTH but my personal dislikes were because ISSTH’s protag. would provoke women all over the place but decidedly choose only one. Also, its way too heinous.. or should I re-phrase myself? Its disgusting in certain places. If you don’t like those novels, then you’d most likely dislike this one. I’ve read the entire book— it is harem but he picks all the women that you don’t expect him to (Which is pretty much like teasing the reader). Its quite bloody, lots of killing and fighting going on which is exciting! If you want to read further up, I can give you an in-depth reason on why I dislike it but if you plan on reading this book then you should probably stop reading at this point.

      For example, the sisters who got the cube. You’d imagine that he’d make ties with them but he only meets them. One of them is rescued by him and the younger one is made out to be his non-blood related sibling. The strongest beauty that he meets out in the human-ruled universe somehow turns out to be completely irrelevant to him and he ends up with some spoiled brat who is a demon lords’ descendant. Part-phoenix and part demon, however you’d never expect them to get together because they completely dislike each other. Then the one woman who is from an ‘enemy’ race is always crazy about him but he refuses to give her a chance. Despite the blue girl betraying his feelings, she finally suffers a lot, is betrayed herself in turn– saved by the protagonist; she corrects herself, sacrifices diligently for him but he never picks her up again. Which is disappointing! The absolute beauty he discovers in a coffin who is asleep, and who he touches and falls in love with turns out to be the lover of another guy. So uh, if you enjoy romance, you’d remain unfulfilled because the author makes you think that he’ll choose A.. and ends up picking someone else randomly popping out of nowhere. That’s why I said that he’s a tease. I don’t know if he did this just to make the reader find something unexpected but doing so was personally frustrating. I pretty much read the entire book but gave up on the last few 100 chapters because of this. The coffin girl, cube sisters were the last straw.

  2. now reading chapter 27, so far so good…if comparing ISSTH and ATG with this one
    i think its kinda different, specially the character of the protagonist.
    try reading it, you will get hook for sure..

    1. Lol you read ISSTH… that shit? All he do is pop pills, god bless. Yes though MW is awesomely good. My first and favorite xianxia. I stumbled on it accidently and got me into chinese novels tbh. Still ISSTH??? meng tao don’t even cultivate bruh 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. from ur comment i can see that u didnt read to 100+ chapters in ISSTH, as i did the same thing when it came out(got bored and kinda didnt like the copy pills eat them like candy stuff).

        I gotta tell you the story gets infinitely better after chapter 112 it essentially starts for real there and the whole candy munch theme is gone too.

        after picking ISSTH back up i actually blazed through it. back then i read all the available chapters and it actually is one of the novels i keep up with steadily instead of waiting for 100 or so chaps to come out.

        Tl;dr the start of ISSTH sucks ass and is about pill chugging the rest is amazing. you should try it 🙂

    1. lol did you just say MC doesn’t have awesome skills ?
      how many ch you have read so far, 50/80 ?
      what i thought is the opposite i had read ISSTH about 1k+ ch and what can i say is your oppinion about Martial World MC is completely wrong !
      Martial World MC is making his own awesome skill from remnant and developed it to suit for himself !!

  3. It has a good touch but there is no real “Objective”.
    He just wants to reach a higher realm, No reason to it, Its his martial will.
    It’s not my best but definitely a good read .

  4. Hmmm guys is this novel good enough like atg…? I like cunning and smart mc and the same time stupid(act(?), pervert(?) funny(?)) when its come with a girl…

    1. so far im at chapter 557 and there is practically no romance (due to the MC nature)… its also very serious and doesn’t joke around… the world is dark with gravity and people die pretty ruthlessly… sex slaves, brothels, torture, and other gruesome/inhuman acts are a big part of the world… its a far more realistic world than ATG and ISSTH etc…

  5. Good novel! but the author is in love with everyone thinking the MC is trash and then having the MC own everyone it gets old after 300 chp. Also this novel seems to be going to the same route as all other CN with the MC getting a apperance changing technique and being lame asf, i hope it doesent get to that if it does im dropping.

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