Martial World (武极天下) – Index


Synopsis: In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.









Arc 1 - The Seven Profound Martial House

Chapter 0 Magic Cube.
Chapter 1 Lin Ming.
Chapter 2 Peculiar Stone.
Chapter 3 Soul With No Master.
Chapter 4 Legacy Skill.
Chapter 5 Wager.
Chapter 6 Fighting Barehanded.
Chapter 7 Innate Divine Strength?.
Chapter 8 – Qin Xingxuan
Chapter 9 – Inscription Technique
Chapter 10 – Heavenly Ladies Gathered in the Holy Land
Chapter 11 – Elder Senior Sister
Chapter 12 Qin Xingxuan’s Invitation.
Chapter 13 Inscription, Go!.
Chapter 14 Increasing Strength.
Chapter 15 Overwhelming Symbol.
Chapter 16 Frustration.
Chapter 17 Lan Yunyue.
Chapter 18 Sold.
Chapter 19 Muyi’s Doubts.
Chapter 20 Inscription Skill.
Chapter 21 ‘Inscription Apprentice’ Symbol?.
Chapter 22 Strength and Delicacy.
Chapter 23 Xiantian.
Chapter 24 Understanding.
Chapter 25 World Peace is My Duty.
Chapter 26 Breakthrough.
Chapter 27 Examination, Start!.
Chapter 28 Conspiracy.
Chapter 29 Overturn the Cavalry.
Chapter 30 Beating the General’s Son.
Chapter 31 Regretting Capture.
Chapter 32 Oppress with Others’ Power.
Chapter 33 Strength Trial.
Chapter 34 Dream Trial.
Chapter 35 The Lake’s Jade Platform.
Chapter 36 Lin Ming’s Heart of Martial Arts.
Chapter 37 Invulnerable to Ten Thousand Evils.
Chapter 38 The Exquisite Pagoda.
Chapter 39 Unstoppable Force.
Chapter 40 Break Through the Fourth Floor.
Chapter 41 Fifth Floor of the Exquisite Pagoda.
Chapter 42 The First Place Candidate.
Chapter 43 Refusal to Accept.
Chapter 44 Killing You is Just Right.
Chapter 45 Shatter the Nine Paths of Truth.
Chapter 46 Two Top Quality Pills.
Chapter 47 Lin Ming’s Soul Talent.
Chapter 48 Inscription Master Examination.
Chapter 49 Bright Buddha Plucks the Lotus.
Chapter 50 Obtaining the Materials.
Chapter 51 Ranking Stone.
Chapter 52 Juniors of the Lin Family.
Chapter 53 Provocation.
Chapter 54 Unfair Gambling Bets.
Chapter 55 Fight.
Chapter 56 Large Success of the True Essence Formula’s First Layer
Chapter 57 Ranking War.
Chapter 58 The Ten Thousand Killing Array.
Chapter 59 The Gap Between the New and the Old.
Chapter 60 The Tiger Enters a Flock of Sheep.
Chapter 61 [Spear].
Chapter 62 The Final Grade.
Chapter 63 Divine Weapon Hall.
Chapter 64 Complex Craft.
Chapter 65 The Heavy Spear, Penetrating Rainbow.
Chapter 66 Martial House’s Resources.
Chapter 67 Unknown-Grade Martial Skill.
Chapter 68 Lin Ming’s Wonderful Selection.
Chapter 69 Strength Training ‘Flow like Silk’.
Chapter 70 Icy Pond Waterfall.
Chapter 71 Cultivation Method Complete.
Chapter 72 [ Large Success of the Spirit Cure Symbol].
Chapter 73 [ Viscera Training Time].
Chapter 74 Steady Spear At The Waterfall.
Chapter 75 Day of the Gambling Match.
Chapter 76 Ling Sen, Ta Ku.
Chapter 77 When I Need to Draw it, I Will Draw it.
Chapter 78 Empty Hand Meets The Naked Blade.
Chapter 79 Flood Dragon Goes to Sea.
Chapter 80 Rudimentary Martial Intent.
Chapter 81 Strength Training’s ‘Flow Like Silk’.
Chapter 82 Powers Far and Wide.
Chapter 83 Struggle of the Princes.
Chapter 84 Gathering of Masters.
Chapter 85 Murong Zi, Bai Jingyun.
Chapter 86 The Limit of Killing Speed.
Chapter 87 Sweeping Away All.
Chapter 88 The Final Spear.
Chapter 89 The Result That Defies Heaven’s Will.
Chapter 90 Cloud Prince.
Chapter 91 Challenged at Spear Point.
Chapter 92 Declined.
Chapter 93 Obstacle.
Chapter 94 [Martial Intent Reappears].
Chapter 95 The Effect of a Heart of Martial Arts.
Chapter 96 Instructor Hong Xi.
Chapter 97 Seven Kinds of Martial Intent.
Chapter 98 The Force of Vibration.
Chapter 99 Fast Spear.
Chapter 100 Viscera Training, Large Success.
Chapter 101 Arrival of the Decisive Battle.
Chapter 102 The Focus of All Eyes.
Chapter 103 Gather Momentum.
Chapter 104 Amazing Spear.
Chapter 105 Torrential River Rope!.

Arc 2 - Rising Star of the Sky Fortune Kingdom

Chapter 106 Rise to Fame!.
Chapter 107 The Pass of Desire.
Chapter 108 Grand Banquet.
Chapter 109 The Acacia Faction.
Chapter 110 The Seven Profound Decree.
Chapter 111 Wang Gan’s Calculations.
Chapter 112 Crazy Zhu Yan.
Chapter 113 The Tenth Prince’s Decision.
Chapter 114 Yang Lin’s Gift.
Chapter 115 Zhang Guanyu.
Chapter 116 Maddening Materials.
Chapter 117 Guest Inscription Master.
Chapter 118 Repairing the ‘Superhuman Strength Symbol’.
Chapter 119 Flowers in the Storm.
Chapter 120 Icefrost Guard.
Chapter 121 The Vanished Blood Symbol.
Chapter 122 The Magic Cube Reappears.
Chapter 123 Three Kinds of Martial Skills.
Chapter 124 Violent Wind Tunnel.
Chapter 125 Masochistic Cultivation.
Chapter 126 Zhang Guanyu Moves.
Chapter 127 Despicable Means.
Chapter 128 [Liao Wenyuan].
Chapter 129 Medium-Grade Human-Step Sword.
Chapter 130 One Tael of Star Obsidian.
Chapter 131 Resurgence of Wind and Clouds.
Chapter 132 Let’s See Who Is More Cruel.
Chapter 133 Digging Your Own Grave.
Chapter 134 Small Success of Movement.
Chapter 135 Body Inscription.
Chapter 136 [Altering Muscle Stage].
Chapter 137 The Might of ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’.
Chapter 138 Heavy Profound Soft Spear.
Chapter 139 Two Geniuses.
Chapter 140 Blazing Fighting Spirit.
Chapter 141 Extreme Speed.
Chapter 142 Heavy Profound Soft Spear!.
Chapter 143 True Essence Manifestation.
Chapter 144 Ouyang Dihua.
Chapter 145 Heretical God Seed.
Chapter 146 Sorrowful Bai Jingyun.
Chapter 147 I’ll Waste You Tonight.
Chapter 148 Better Today Than Tomorrow.
Chapter 149 Life Death Contract.
Chapter 150 Pinnacle Movement Ability.
Chapter 151 Measure for Measure.
Chapter 152 Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead.
Chapter 153 Oppressing Aura.
Chapter 154 Qin Ziya.
Chapter 155 Miniature Thunder Fire Killing Array.
Chapter 156 Devouring Lava Fire.
Chapter 157 Flame Essence.
Chapter 158 Thunder Valley.
Chapter 159 Thunder Soul.
Chapter 160 The Power of Thunder and Fire.
Chapter 161 Swallowing the Blood Lingzhi.

Arc 3 - Adventures in the Southern Wilderness

Chapter 162 Trap.
Chapter 163 The Moment of Life and Death!.
Chapter 164 Red Lotus Demonic Inflammation.
Chapter 165 Hollow Flame Essence.
Chapter 166 Witch Sisters.
Chapter 167 Sending Sheep Into the Tiger’s Den.
Chapter 168 Playing the Role of the Fool.
Chapter 169 Fatebound Heartcrush Bug.
Chapter 170 Sorcerer Pagoda.
Chapter 171 [Killing the Double Devils].
Chapter 172 Na Yi’s Hatred.
Chapter 173 Low-Grade Heaven-Step.
Chapter 174 Sorcerer Pagoda’s Secret.
Chapter 175 Hungry Ghosts.
Chapter 176 Witch Slave.
Chapter 177 Legend of the Divine Kingdom.
Chapter 178 [True Essence Bone Forging!].
Chapter 179 Three Astonishing Treasures.
Chapter 180 [Confronting Houtian].
Chapter 181 Gravity Cage.
Chapter 182 The Mysterious Seventh Floor.
Chapter 183 Samsara of 100 Lives.
Chapter 184 Reverse Scale Blood.
Chapter 185 Unexpected Fusion.
Chapter 186 Wolf Toxin.
Chapter 187 Eternal Flame.
Chapter 188 Na Shui’s Thoughts.
Chapter 189 Fire Worm Military.
Chapter 190 Samsara Martial Intent.
Chapter 191 Drain Your Soul.
Chapter 192 Lost Vermillion Bird.
Chapter 193 [Killing Chi Guda].
Chapter 194 Sacred Flame’s Flame Essence.
Chapter 195 Prestige of the Saint Beast.
Chapter 196 Thundercrash Mountain.
Chapter 197 Thundergrass.
Chapter 198 Thunder Lizard.
Chapter 199 Second Kill.
Chapter 200 Thunder Attribute Treasures.
Chapter 201 Nest Cavern.
Chapter 202 Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo.
Chapter 203 Near the Summit.
Chapter 204 The Woman In Red.
Chapter 205 Struggle of the Dragon and Phoenix.
Chapter 206 Flood Dragon’s Cave.
Chapter 207 Plundered Treasures.
Chapter 208 Returning With Riches.
Chapter 209 Injured Maiden.
Chapter 210 Healing Wounds.
Chapter 211 Peculiar Young Boy.
Chapter 212 Thunder Soul Evolution.
Chapter 213 Magnetic Birth Stone.
Chapter 214 Life’s Most Unforgettable Experience.
Chapter 215 Absorbing the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder.
Chapter 216 Controlling the Thunder Soul.
Chapter 217 Power of the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder.
Chapter 218 Return to Sky Fortune Kingdom.
Chapter 219 I’ll Let You Struggle In Despair.
Chapter 220 Suppression of Absolute Power.
Chapter 221 Killing Ouyang Dihua.
Chapter 222 The Spreading News of Death.
Chapter 223 Perpetrated By A Xiantian Master?.
Chapter 224 Lin Ming’s Return.
Chapter 225 Start of the Qualifiers.
Chapter 226 Lin Ming VS Jiang Bin.
Chapter 227 Ling Sen’s Strength.
Chapter 228 Fighting Ta Ku.
Chapter 229 Over 10,000 Jins of Strength.
Chapter 230 Martial Intent Showdown.
Chapter 231 Divine Punishment Blade.
Chapter 232 Awakening Thunder.
Chapter 233 Earth-step Treasure.

Arc 4 - Total Faction Martial Meeting

Chapter 234 Profound Sky City.
Chapter 235 Conflict.
Chapter 236 Youthful Instincts.
Chapter 237 Soul Force Genius.
Chapter 238 Jiang Lanjian.
Chapter 239 Let Me Use The Seraphic Pond.
Chapter 240 Mountain Gate Trial.
Chapter 241 A Gathering of Heroes.
Chapter 242 The Martial Meeting Begins.
Chapter 243 Fairy Maiden Qinghong.
Chapter 244 Standing Out as an Amazing Talent.
Chapter 245 A Second to Defeat Wang Mu.
Chapter 246 Hope.
Chapter 247 Out of the Group Stages and Into the Top 100!.
Chapter 248 The Second Round Begins.
Chapter 249 Jingchan Duo.
Chapter 250 Lin Ming VS Bi Tinghua.
Chapter 251 One Willing to Fight, One Willing to Endure.
Chapter 252 Blood Sacrifice Soul Alacrity Law.
Chapter 253 Absolute Defense.
Chapter 254 Digging for Talent?.
Chapter 255 Entering the First Tier.
Chapter 256 The Final Competition Begins.
Chapter 257 Shield of Thunder.
Chapter 258 Strike of Thunder.
Chapter 259 Puppet Faction.
Chapter 260 Allow Me Three Moves?.
Chapter 261 What They Call Disparity.
Chapter 262 Three Moves To Defeat The Opponent.
Chapter 263 Genius of the Spear Path.
Chapter 264 Zhang Yanzhao’s Blood Wave Saber.
Chapter 265 Saber like Tiger, Spear like Dragon.
Chapter 266 Blood King’s Triple Murder.
Chapter 267 Azure True Essence.
Chapter 268 Abyssal Flames.
Chapter 269 Lin Ming VS Jiang Lanjian.
Chapter 270 Concept Showdown.
Chapter 271 Stealing From a Master.
Chapter 272 The Hero of Our Era.
Chapter 273 Sonic Attack.
Chapter 274 Insight.
Chapter 275 Pulse Condensation Breakthrough.
Chapter 276 Tempering Marrow Realm.
Chapter 277 Against the Fire Dragon.
Chapter 278 The Outcome is Clear.
Chapter 279 The Last Day.
Chapter 280 Soaring Strength.
Chapter 281 Entering the Top Three.
Chapter 282 Lin Ming VS Mugu Buyu.
Chapter 283 Puppet Battle Body.
Chapter 284 Evil Fire God VS Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder.
Chapter 285 Unstoppable.
Chapter 286 Closing the Curtains on the Final Act.
Chapter 287 Blue and Black Twin Swords.
Chapter 288 The Peak of All Battles.
Chapter 289 The Limit of Speed.
Chapter 290 The Second Sword.
Chapter 291 The Final Strike.
Chapter 292 Reward.
Chapter 293 I’ll Use My Materials.
Chapter 294 Three Ranks of Human, Earth, Heaven.
Chapter 295 Heaven-step Talent.
Chapter 296 I Do Not Accept.
Chapter 297 Between Cloud and Mud.
Chapter 298 Convincing Strength.
Chapter 299 Heaven Opening Pill In Hand.
Chapter 300 Spear Refining Grandmaster.

Arc 5 - Subterfuge in Green Mulberry City

Chapter 301 Triumphant Return to the Nation.
Chapter 302 Serpent.
Chapter 303 Come Back In 10 Years.
Chapter 304 There Is Always Someone Higher.
Chapter 305 Path of Refining as the Path of Martial Arts.
Chapter 306 Swallowing the Heaven Opening Pill.
Chapter 307 Medicine Strength Washing Marrow.
Chapter 308 Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle.
Chapter 309 Child of Flame.
Chapter 310 Divine Spear Complete.
Chapter 311 Return to the Southern Wilderness.
Chapter 312 Fire Worm Church Leader.
Chapter 313 Exterminating Chi Yue.
Chapter 314 Night of Flowing Blood.
Chapter 315 Sect Destruction.
Chapter 316 Beast Tide.
Chapter 317 Returning Home.
Chapter 318 The Beast Tide Comes.
Chapter 319 Brutal Melee.
Chapter 320 Sweeping Away All.
Chapter 321 Hidden Murderous Intent.
Chapter 322 Beheading the Python.
Chapter 323 Uninvited Guest.
Chapter 324 The Girl in White.
Chapter 325 Beast Tide’s Night Attack.
Chapter 326 Assassin.
Chapter 327 You Cannot Stop Me.
Chapter 328 No Path to Heaven, No Door to Earth.
Chapter 329 The Feeling of Being Ignored.
Chapter 330 Fight.
Chapter 331 Sludge Monster.
Chapter 332 Brilliance of Thunderfire.
Chapter 333 Lan Yi’s Request.
Chapter 334 Moon Seizing Sect’s Hidden Treasures.
Chapter 335 Concealment Technique.
Chapter 336 Sharing Secrets.
Chapter 337 Take Action.
Chapter 338 Speed of Life and Death.
Chapter 339 Barren Mountain Dead End.
Chapter 340 Shattered Crystal Blood Diffusion.
Chapter 341 With Effort, Everything Is Possible.
Chapter 342 Marrow like Golden Soup.
Chapter 343 Broken Bones.
Chapter 344 Thunder Breaking Demon Arts.
Chapter 345 Reborn.
Chapter 346 Location of the Hidden Treasure.
Chapter 347 A Storm Is Coming.
Chapter 348 A Young Girl’s Desires.
Chapter 349 To Inherit.
Chapter 350 Dark Moon Island.
Chapter 351 Entering the Treasure Storeroom.
Chapter 352 Seclusion.

Arc 6 - Divine Phoenix Island

Chapter 353 Divine Phoenix Island.
Chapter 354 Parasol Tree Pavilion.
Chapter 355 Entering the Sect.
Chapter 356 The Birthday Banquet Begins.
Chapter 357 To See Blood.
Chapter 358 Skill Competition.
Chapter 359 Fury.
Chapter 360 Don’t Worry.
Chapter 361 Surrounded by Six Sects.
Chapter 362 Close Contact Combat.
Chapter 363 Special Body.
Chapter 364 Trap.
Chapter 365 I’ll Take All Comers.
Chapter 366 The Same Trick.
Chapter 367 Saint Rank Talent.
Chapter 368 Disdaining All Heroes.
Chapter 369 Battle Marathon.
Chapter 370 Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky.
Chapter 371 What Can You Do To Me?.
Chapter 372 Spear Dancing In the Clouds.
Chapter 373 Legend of the Saintess.
Chapter 374 Metal Essence.
Chapter 375 Spear Potential.
Chapter 376 Pale Youth.
Chapter 377 Demon Region’s Saint Son.
Chapter 378 Purple Air Dawns from the East, A Pair Of Dragons Will Struggle.
Chapter 379 Spit In Your Face.
Chapter 380 Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder.
Chapter 381 Netherworld Emperor’s Descendant.
Chapter 382 Thunder Soul Clash.
Chapter 383 Great Desolate Blood Halberd.
Chapter 384 Tempering Marrow VS Devil Arts.
Chapter 385 Battle of Kings.
Chapter 386 Action First, Consequences Later.
Chapter 387 Confrontation.
Chapter 388 Alliance.
Chapter 389 Celebration Party.
Chapter 390 Absorbing the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder.
Chapter 391 New Thunder Soul.
Chapter 392 Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.
Chapter 393 Drops of Blood, Entering the Mystic Realm.
Chapter 394 Concept of Fire.
Chapter 395 Fallen Star Flame.
Chapter 396 Subdue.
Chapter 397 Ancient Phoenix Main Hall.
Chapter 398 Bloodline Test.
Chapter 399 Realm of the Gods’ Language.
Chapter 400 Final General Level Smelting Trial.
Chapter 401 Seven Days.
Chapter 402 News of Death.
Chapter 403 Endless Trial.
Chapter 404 Strange River.
Chapter 405 War Begins.
Chapter 406 Transfer Order.
Chapter 407 Rescue Letter.
Chapter 408 Exit.

Arc 7 - Avenger

Arc 8 - The South Sea Battlefield

Chapter 438 – South Sea Wartime Alliance
Chapter 439 First Class Soldier.
Chapter 440 The Killing Hunt Begins.
Chapter 441 Blood Drinking Seal.
Chapter 442 Fire Ax.
Chapter 443 Spiritual Forest.
Chapter 444 Zombie Guard.
Chapter 445 Behead.
Chapter 446 Demon Emperor’s Letter.
Chapter 447 Might of the Halberd Arts.
Chapter 448 Blood Springs.
Chapter 449 Ancient Battlefield.
Chapter 450 The Ancient Array Opens.
Chapter 451 The World is About To Collapse.
Chapter 452 Hidden Death Traps.
Chapter 453 Ten Breaths of Time.
Chapter 454 The Title of Blood Demon.
Chapter 455 I Was Impulsive.
Chapter 456 Nirvana Dragon Root.
Chapter 457 Ancient Transmission Array.
Chapter 458 A Storm Is Stirring.
Chapter 459 Gathering of Lords.
Chapter 460 Breaking through the Void.
Chapter 461 Main World.
Chapter 462 Different Laws.
Chapter 463 Sorry, Please Make Way.
Chapter 464 Demon God Imperial Palace.
Chapter 465 Bloody Wilderness.
Chapter 466 Complete Suppression.
Chapter 467 Killing Strike.
Chapter 468 Nameless Manual.
Chapter 469 Arrogance.
Chapter 470 Fight.
Chapter 471 Renowned Name.
Chapter 472 Tragic.
Chapter 473 Slaughter.
Chapter 474 Continuously Killing Three People.
Chapter 475 The Traitorous Trio.
Chapter 476 Opening The Array.
Chapter 477 Lei Jingtian Approaches.
Chapter 478 Escape Symbol.
Chapter 479 Wait For Me There.
Chapter 480 I Will Walk My Life With You.
Chapter 481 The Desperation of Mu Qingyi.
Chapter 482 Crazy Plan.
Chapter 483 White Light.
Chapter 484 Into the Imperial Palace.
Chapter 485 Exposed.
Chapter 486 Trap Puppets.
Chapter 487 Toxic Gray Frog.
Chapter 488 Opening the Demon Emperor’s Medicine Garden.
Chapter 489 Two Spiritual Roots.
Chapter 490 Xuan Wuji Destroys the Array.
Chapter 491 A Vow to Break the Array.
Chapter 492 Cosmic Melting Furnace.
Chapter 493 Terrifying Red Light.
Chapter 494 Opening the Ancient Array.
Chapter 495 A 10 Mile Distance.
Chapter 496 – Under the Heavens, Who Can Stop Me?
Chapter 497 – The Second Nirvana Dragon Root
Chapter 498 – Entering the Cave Once More
Chapter 499 – Old Dog
Chapter 500 – Receiving the Furnace
Chapter 501 – The Great Escape
Chapter 502 – Absorbing the Nirvana Dragon Root
Chapter 503 – Refining the Dragon Root
Chapter 504 – Tempering Marrow Large Success
Chapter 505 – In the Rain
Chapter 506 – Your Thunder Soul Isn’t Too Bad
Chapter 507 – Irresistible Power
Chapter 508 – End of the Road
Chapter 509 – Disenchanting Dream Light
Chapter 510 – Ten Year Period
Chapter 511 – Departing

Arc 9 - Holy Demon Continent

] Chapter 512 – Laws of Space and Time
Chapter 513 – Giant Demon World
Chapter 514 – Slap Yourself 50 Times
Chapter 515 – Get an Inch, Want a Mile
Chapter 516 – Qing He
Chapter 517 – The Third Thunder Soul
Chapter 518 – Rebel
Chapter 519 – Blooming Blood
Chapter 520 – Step Onto the Killing Path
Chapter 521 – The Six Elders
Chapter 522 – Polaris, Blood Slaughter Steppes
Chapter 523 – 12 Winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo
Chapter 524 – Muk Gu
Chapter 525 – Murder in the Streets
Chapter 526 – Soaring Red Light
Chapter 527 – Robbers
Chapter 528 – Polaris City
Chapter 529 – Polar Skysplit Tower
Chapter 530 – First Victory
Chapter 531 – Battle
Chapter 532 – Unchallenged
Chapter 533 – Seven Star Heavenly Demon
Chapter 534 – Remembrance
Chapter 535 – Threaten
Chapter 536 – Skysplit Tower’s Second Floor
Chapter 537 – Shattered Soul Domain
Chapter 538 Strength of a Four-winged Heavenly Demon.
Chapter 539 – Three Straight Wins
Chapter 540 – Top Grade Practice Area
Chapter 541 – Enlightenment Once More
Chapter 542 – Another Step Further
Chapter 543 – Fey King Battle Body
Chapter 544 – Measure for Measure
Chapter 545 – Bloody Battle
Chapter 546 – Great Harvest
Chapter 547 – Enhanced Concepts
Chapter 548 – Eighth Stage Life Destruction
Chapter 549 – Muk Gu’s Suggestion
Chapter 550 – Xing Tian
Chapter 551 – Decided Battle
Chapter 552 – Middle Xiantian Realm
Chapter 553 – Fighting Xue Man
Chapter 554 – Supernatural Strength
Chapter 555 – The Power of Conception
Chapter 556 – Xing Tian Declares War
Chapter 557 – Ancient Tome
Chapter 558 – The Match Begins
Chapter 559 – Concept of Annihilation
Chapter 560 – Blood Demon Descends
Chapter 561 – King Emblem
Chapter 562 – Road of Emperor
Chapter 563 – The Eight Inner Hidden Gates
Chapter 564 – Nameless Divine Pill
Chapter 565 – Gate of Healing
Chapter 566 – Into the Third Floor
Chapter 567 – Concept of Thunder
Chapter 568 – Self-created Style
Chapter 569 – The First Match
Chapter 570 – The Wonderful Effect of Concepts
Chapter 571 – Demonic Gold Insects
Chapter 572 – Extreme Attack Speed
Chapter 573 – The Road of a Martial Arts Master
Chapter 574 – Late Xiantian Realm
Chapter 575 – Termination Emblem
Chapter 576 – Crush
Chapter 577 – 87 Slaughter Points
Chapter 578 – The Origin of the Black Glass Bead
Chapter 579 – The King’s Cage
Chapter 580 – Qualification Trial
Chapter 581 – Purple Comet, Penetrating Rainbow
Chapter 582 – Titled Asura
Chapter 583 – Give You One Day to Leave
Chapter 584 – Opening the Cage
Chapter 585 – Heavenly Demon Force Field
Chapter 586 – Chaos Prison
Chapter 587 – Perhaps, Him Alone In 10,000 Years
Chapter 588 – King’s Cage, 100 Days
Chapter 589 – Crisis
Chapter 590 – Betting It All
Chapter 591 – Break Through the Eight Inner Hidden Gates
Chapter 592 – [
Chapter 593 – Asura of the Heavenly Demon Martial Intent
Chapter 594 – Return With A Blood Sacrifice To This Spear
Chapter 595 – Sacrifice To My Saber
Chapter 596 – To Use Fingers As a Spear
Chapter 597 – No Backing Down
Chapter 598 – Three Continuous Matches
Chapter 599 – Fighting Kai Yang
Chapter 600 – Instant Death
Chapter 601 – Saber Light Domain
Chapter 602 – Another Killing
Chapter 603 – Battle Spirit
Chapter 604 – Why Don’t You Come Down and Play With Me?
Chapter 605 – Force Field in Full Bloom
Chapter 606 – Contract Beast – Isolation Dragon
Chapter 607 – A Beautiful Spear
Chapter 608 – Becoming A High Lord
Chapter 609 – High Lord Heian’s Inheritance
Chapter 610 – You Either Leave Or Fight
Chapter 611 – Skysplit Tower’s Tower Master
Chapter 612 – The Only Way Out Of This Desperate Situation
Chapter 613 – Demonshine, Go!
Chapter 614 – The Eternal Demon Abyss Erupts
Chapter 615 – Entering the Road of Emperor
Chapter 616 – Battle of Wills
Chapter 617 – One Light One World
Chapter 618 – A Shining Will
Chapter 619 – Lin Ming’s Choice
Chapter 620 – Prime Emperor Force Field
Chapter 621 – Blooming In Splendor Through Competition
Chapter 622 – Forming a Battle Spirit
Chapter 623 – Exit
Chapter 624 – Entering the Eternal Demon Abyss
Chapter 625 – A Gathering of Elites
Chapter 626 – The Door In Space
Chapter 627 – Evil Being
Chapter 628 – Bloody Lands
Chapter 629 – Transformed Demon Bone
Chapter 630 – Capturing the Demon Bone
Chapter 631 – Departing Alone
Chapter 632 – Swallowing the Blood Demon Bone
Chapter 633 – Impacting the Bottleneck
Chapter 634 – Forming the Revolving Core
Chapter 635 – The Revolving Core Changes
Chapter 636 – Battle Spirit Protection
Chapter 637 – Power of the Revolving Core Realm
Chapter 638 – Three Thousand Boundless Worlds
Chapter 639 – Living Sacrifice
Chapter 640 – 10,000 Year Corpse Grass
Chapter 641 – The Eternal Demon Abyss Erupts Again
Chapter 642 – Straying Into the Forbidden Zone
Chapter 643 – Are We Out?
Chapter 644 – Quietly Approaching the Great Maw
Chapter 645 – Closed Energy Field
Chapter 646 – The Yellow Springs River
Chapter 647 – Ancient Beast
Chapter 648 – Corpse Devil
Chapter 649 – Two Spears Till Death
Chapter 650 – Great Lucky Chance
Chapter 651 – Heaven-step Demon God Bone
Chapter 652 – Goddess
Chapter 653 – Murder
Chapter 654 – Peak of Ten Wings
Chapter 655 – Black Hole Revolving Core
Chapter 656 – Opening the Goddess’ Sarcophagus Once More
Chapter 657 – Leaving the Forbidden Zone
Chapter 658 – Killing the Monsters
Chapter 659 – The Return of the Polaris Tower Master
Chapter 660 – Invincible Aura
Chapter 661 – Glory of the Battle Spirit
Chapter 662 – Sentence You To Death
Chapter 663 – Heaven-step White Spear
Chapter 664 – The Tide Turns
Chapter 665 – Achieving 12 Wings
Chapter 666 – Spear Through the Black Robed Man
Chapter 667 – Planting the Slave Seal

Arc 10 - The South Sea Demon Region

Chapter 668 – Returning to the South Horizon Region
Chapter 669 – News of Divine Phoenix Island
Chapter 670 – Young Girl Incense Burner
Chapter 671 – You Are Lin Ming?
Chapter 672 – Soul Search
Chapter 673 – Mu Qianyu’s Message
Chapter 674 – The Fifth Opening of the Magic Cube
Chapter 675 – Xuan Yuqie Makes Her Move
Chapter 676 – Revolving Core Mu Bingyun
Chapter 677 – Fighting the Giant Leviathan
Chapter 678 – Lin Ming’s Counterattack
Chapter 679 – Severely Wounding Xuan Yuqie
Chapter 680 – Subdue
Chapter 681 – Mu Qianyu’s Worries
Chapter 682 – Counterattacking the South Sea Demon Region
Chapter 683 – 10,000 Mile Raid
Chapter 684 – What Is There To Discuss?
Chapter 685 – Today My Only Goal Is To Kill
Chapter 685 – Pillage
Chapter 687 – Paying Respects to the Divine Kingdom Crown Prince
Chapter 688 – Towards the Yin Yang Profound Palace
Chapter 689 – Meeting Once Again
Chapter 690 – Kiss
Chapter 691 – A Night Of Tender Warmth
Chapter 692 – Negotiations
Chapter 693 – Conflict
Chapter 694 – Absolute Disparity
Chapter 695 – All Daggers Drawn
Chapter 696 – Broken Blade
Chapter 697 – Hall of Flowing Blood
Chapter 698 – Threaten
Chapter 699 – Traveling Far and Wide, Only To Find It So Easily
Chapter 700 – Divine Kingdom Crown Prince
Chapter 701 – Come, Let’s Go And Pick Them Up
Chapter 702 – Xing Ji Arrives
Chapter 703 – Xing Ji, Who Nearly Vomited Blood
Chapter 704 – The Terrifying Defense of the Giant Leviathan
Chapter 705 – Returning Home
Chapter 706 – Reaching Black Hole Revolving Core
Chapter 707 – Xuan Wuji Leaves Seclusion
Chapter 708 – Breaking Through To Middle Revolving Core
Chapter 709 – Opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates Again
Chapter 710 – The Death God Comes At Night
Chapter 711 – Sweeping Through The South Sea Demon Region
Chapter 712 – Thorough Slaughter
Chapter 713 – To Those Who Remain In the South Sea Demon Region, Death!
Chapter 714 – Name of the Death God
Chapter 715 – King Level Smelting Trial
Chapter 716 – Warriors of the Ancient Phoenix Clan
Chapter 717 – Qualify
Chapter 718 – A Shocking Trial Ground
Chapter 719 – Timeworn Phoenix City
Chapter 720 – Ancient Phoenix Totem
Chapter 721 – Test of Laws
Chapter 722 – Perceiving the Source of Fire
Chapter 723 – In Stark Opposition
Chapter 724 – Burning Heaven Totem Stone
Chapter 725 – Chaos Stone
Chapter 726 – God Transforming Mirror
Chapter 727 – The Red Woman
Chapter 728 – The First Concept – Sea of Burning Fire
Chapter 729 – Breaking Through the First World
Chapter 730 – A Strike To Shatter the World
Chapter 731 – Fusing Concepts, Creating a Move
Chapter 732 – Nine Layers of the Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle
Chapter 733 – Second World of the God Transforming Mirror
Chapter 734 – Heaven-Step Fire Essence
Chapter 735 – Peak of the Middle Revolving Core Realm
Chapter 736 – Leaving Seclusion
Chapter 737 – The Final Test
Chapter 738 – Blood of the Ancient Phoenix
Chapter 739 – 50 Breaths
Chapter 740 – Reverse the Chain of Stars
Chapter 741 – Trading for the Phoenix Blood
Chapter 742 – Late Revolving Core
Chapter 743 – Return to the Sky Spill Continent
Chapter 744 – The Bloodstained Deep Sea
Chapter 745 – Fighting Xuan Wuji
Chapter 746 – The Disparity Between Them
Chapter 747 – The 100,000 Mile Chase
Chapter 748 – Chase Through the South Horizon Region
Chapter 749 – The Death of Xuan Wuji
Chapter 750 – Returning to the Dimension

Arc 11 - Asura Divine Kingdom

Chapter 751 – Collapse of the South Sea Demon Region
Chapter 752 – Lin Ming’s Wedding, the Divine Kingdom Prince
Chapter 753 – The Mysterious Girl
Chapter 754 – Jade of the Goddess
Chapter 755 – Swords Drawn
Chapter 756 – Duel of Battle Spirits
Chapter 757 – Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, Feng Shen
Chapter 758 – The Wedding Night
Chapter 759 – The Young Girl’s Mystery, the Forsaken God Clan
Chapter 760 – Wood Spirit Jade
Chapter 761 – Towards the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom
Chapter 762 – White Dragon Jade Row
Chapter 763 – How To Make Money
Chapter 764 – Ancient Jade Bracelet
Chapter 765 – Bid
Chapter 766 – Swindled
Chapter 767 – White Dragon Jade Card
Chapter 768 – Guru Blueway, Destiny Decree
Chapter 769 – Guru Blueway’s Appraisal
Chapter 770 – Opening the Universe Melting Furnace
Chapter 771 – Heavencraft Trading Company
Chapter 772 – Skyflower Stones
Chapter 773 – Malice
Chapter 774 – Xiaoxiao
Chapter 775 – Saber Light
Chapter 776 – Sweep Through All
Chapter 777 – Bronze Battle Spirit Large Success
Chapter 778 – First Battle of the Destiny Decree
Chapter 779 – The Great Battle of Witch Creek City
Chapter 780 – Stepping Onto the Highest Stage
Chapter 781 – The Demon Emperor’s Armor
Chapter 782 – Killing Corpsemancer
Chapter 783 – First Appearance On The Destiny Decree
Chapter 784 – The Crown Prince’s Invitation
Chapter 785 – Let Me See Your Armor
Chapter 786 – Domineering
Chapter 787 – A Stipulation of Ten Moves
Chapter 788 – Slaughter Path Showdown
Chapter 789 – 8000 Mile Black Swamp
Chapter 790 – Heavencraft Xiaoxiao’s Request
Chapter 791 – Refining the Fivefade Void Pill
Chapter 792 – The Gate of Wonder
Chapter 793 – Sky High Reward
Chapter 794 – Asura Divine Kingdom Branch Division
Chapter 795 – 300,000 Spirit Essence Stones
Chapter 796 – Lin Lanjian
Chapter 797 – Robbery
Chapter 798 – Unbelievable Speed
Chapter 799 – Sudden Retaliation
Chapter 800 – Blood Washed Jagged Slope Mountain
Chapter 801 – Unstoppable
Chapter 802 – Killing Situ
Chapter 803 – Killing the Elders
Chapter 804 – Asura Divine Kingdom Emperor Uncle
Chapter 805 – The Glory of a Large Success Battle Spirit
Chapter 806 – Grind
Chapter 807 – New Destiny Decree, Title: Death God
Chapter 808 – The Trial of Life Destruction
Chapter 809 – The Second Revolving Core
Chapter 810 – Crisis
Chapter 811 – Killing Party
Chapter 812 – Death Swamp
Chapter 813 – Sea Serpent Gas
Chapter 814 – Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion
Chapter 815 – New Life From Destruction
Chapter 816 – Heretical God Sprout
Chapter 817 – Crazy Bi Ruyu
Chapter 818 – Lightning Tempered Body
Chapter 819 – Argent White Sword and the Lightning Source
Chapter 820 – God Forsaken Clan, Eightfall Thunder Emperor
Chapter 821 – Leaving the Thunder Dominion, Battling the Imperial Scholar
Chapter 822 – The Splendor of Lightning
Chapter 823 – Hacking Apart the Divine Kingdom Imperial Scholar
Chapter 824 – Death Reaper Curse
Chapter 825 – The Asura Divine Emperor Moves
Chapter 826 – Forsaken God Clan, Dimensional Realm
Chapter 827 – Shibai
Chapter 828 – That is Not the Key Point
Chapter 829 – Confrontation
Chapter 830 – However Many Come, I’ll Take That Many
Chapter 831 – Battle
Chapter 832 – The Coming Storm, The Rising Tide
Chapter 833 – Situ Yaoyue
Chapter 834 – Breakthrough, Begin
Chapter 835 – All Treasures Gathered
Chapter 836 – Purple Air Comes From the East
Chapter 837 – Golden Lighting Piercing the Sky
Chapter 838 – Silver Battle Spirit
Chapter 839 – Purple Lion Thunder Source
Chapter 840 – Forming the Spirit Body
Chapter 841 – Successfully Leaving Seclusion, Achieving Life Destruction
Chapter 842 – Peak of the First Stage of Life Destruction
Chapter 843 – Finger as Spear
Chapter 844 – The Day of the Fated Battle
Chapter 845 – In Sharp Opposition
Chapter 846 – Killers of the Asura Divine Kingdom
Chapter 847 – A World Stunning Spear
Chapter 848 – Five Poison King
Chapter 849 – Without Equal
Chapter 850 – An Aura to Wash Away the Clouds
Chapter 851 – Luosha’s Determination
Chapter 852 – Fighting Situ Luosha
Chapter 853 – The Glory of Thunder
Chapter 854 – Admitting Defeat
Chapter 855 – Yaoyue Fights
Chapter 856 – Extreme Violet Domain, Demon Moon Illuminating the Sky
Chapter 857 – A Bitter Fight
Chapter 858 – Cage of Darkness
Chapter 859 – Ancient Phoenix Saint Body
Chapter 860 – Great Desolate Blood Halberd
Chapter 861 – Suppressing Yaoyue
Chapter 862 – Dropping All Pretenses
Chapter 863 – All Parties Involved
Chapter 864 – The Side of Morality and Principle
Chapter 865 – Two Conditions
Chapter 866 – Divide the Void
Chapter 867 – The Miracle of Time Laws
Chapter 868 – Unapproachable
Chapter 869 – The New Destiny Decree 

Arc 12 - Schemes of the Ancient Devil

Chapter 870 – Myriad Spirit Pill
Chapter 871 – Sea Serpent Crystal
Chapter 872 – The Bronze Ghost Coffin
Chapter 873 – Opening the Gate of Pain
Chapter 874 – Comprehending the Laws of Time
Chapter 875 – Second Stage Life Destruction
Chapter 876 – All Heroes Gathered
Chapter 877 – Entering the Temple
Chapter 878 – The Link Between the Sea of Miracles and the Eternal Demon Abyss
Chapter 879 – Top Grade Spirit Vein
Chapter 880 – Master of the Bronze Ghost Coffin
Chapter 881 – Furious Battle
Chapter 882 – Divine Tree
Chapter 883 – Twelve Dao Fruits
Chapter 884 – Saint Artifact Treasure
Chapter 885 – Unreasonable
Chapter 886 – Two Years To Take Your Head
Chapter 887 – Electric Violet Kirin Clan
Chapter 888 – Electric Violet Inheritance
Chapter 889 – Masked Man
Chapter 890 – Ancient Devil
Chapter 891 – Seize
Chapter 892 – Bringing About One’s Own Destruction
Chapter 893 – Narrow Escape
Chapter 894 – Preparation is the Key, Third Stage of Life Destruction
Chapter 895 – The Third Thunder Concept
Chapter 896 – The Capture Order
Chapter 897 – Target: Road of Emperor
Chapter 898 – Unstoppable
Chapter 899 – Once Again Into the Road of Emperor
Chapter 900 – Tempering the Battle Spirit
Chapter 901 – Secret of the Road of Emperor
Chapter 902 – 10,000 Ghost Soul Devouring Array Formation
Chapter 903 – The Goddess In Ice
Chapter 904 – Reforming the Shattered Core
Chapter 905 – Departure, the Prime Emperor Force Field
Chapter 906 – If You Are Chaos, Then What Am I?
Chapter 907 – Three Force Fields Superimposed
Chapter 908 – Massacring Emperors
Chapter 909 – Sixth Opening of the Magic Cube
Chapter 910 – Fusing the Three Great Force Fields
Chapter 911 – I, Prime Emperor
Chapter 912 – Becoming the Steppes Master
Chapter 913 – Strange Black Bead
Chapter 914 – Returning to The Sky Spill Continent
Chapter 915 – Old Friends, Wrath
Chapter 916 – Taking Control
Chapter 917 – Kill, Kill, Kill!
Chapter 918 – Ten Steps To Kill One Person
Chapter 919 – Whitedemon Arrives
Chapter 920 – Massacre
Chapter 921 – Transcendent Divine Might
Chapter 922 – Fighting Whitedemon
Chapter 923 – Refine the Soul
Chapter 924(A) – Settling the Cycle of Karma
Chapter 924(B) – Settling the Cycle of Karma
Chapter 925 – Merciless Indifference
Chapter 926 – The End of Whitedemon
Chapter 927 – Once Again Battling the Purple Lion Thunder Source
Chapter 928 – Swallowing the Thunder Source
Chapter 929 – To Another Level
Chapter 930 – Dark Clouds
Chapter 931 – Inescapable Net
Chapter 932 – Postcelestial Dao Diagram
Chapter 933 – Lin Ming Returns
Chapter 934 – Counterattack
Chapter 935 – Command the World
Chapter 936 – Erase Them All
Chapter 937 – Failure at the End
Chapter 938 – Nine Furnace Great Array
Chapter 939 – Complete Massacre
Chapter 940 – Fighting Yang Yun
Chapter 941 – Insight Into Weakness
Chapter 942 – Coiling Martial Divine Furnace
Chapter 943 – Heaven Punishment Divine Thunder
Chapter 944 – Yang Yun’s Death
Chapter 945 – Ashes to Ashes
Chapter 946 – The Highest Under the Heavens
Chapter 947 – Grandest Event Since Ancient Times
Chapter 948 – Incarnation of the Jade Slip
Chapter 949 – Towards the Divine Realm

Arc 13 - Enter the Ancient Phoenix Clan

Chapter 950 – Phoenix Cry Palace
Chapter 951 – Contention
Chapter 952 – Nine Divine Shifts
Chapter 953 – Saint Artifact Pavilion
Chapter 954 – Deliberately Creating Difficulties
Chapter 955 – Huang Yuehong
Chapter 956 – The Rules for Obtaining a Saint Artifact
Chapter 957 – Phoenix Blood Spear
Chapter 958 – Obtaining Treasures
Chapter 959 – Towards the Phoenix Blood Spear
Chapter 960 – Test
Chapter 961 – Break the World
Chapter 962 – Totem Stone
Chapter 963 – Silver Perfection
Chapter 964 – Saint Spear in Hand
Chapter 965 – Blinding Spear Light
Chapter 966 – Talent and Treasure That Arouse Envy
Chapter 967 – Ready to Fight
Chapter 968 – To Cause a Stir
Chapter 969 – Fairy Feng’s Summon
Chapter 970 – Top of the Storm
Chapter 971 – You Only Have Yourself To Blame
Chapter 972 – Making Enemies
Chapter 973 – To Provoke and Ignore
Chapter 974 – Ninefall Huo Yanguang
Chapter 975 – Nirvana Altar
Chapter 976 – Glory of the Phoenix Blood Spear
Chapter 977 – Third Level of the Concept of Fire
Chapter 978 – Overpower
Chapter 979 – Can Only Be Described As Miserable
Chapter 980 – Phoenix Plume Blood in Hand
Chapter 981 – Sixth Stage Life Destruction
Chapter 982 – Perfect Dantian
Chapter 983 – The Gate of Opening Which Enhances Perception
Chapter 984 – Movement of the Magic Cube
Chapter 985 – Strange Protective Charm
Chapter 986 – Opening the Gate of Opening
Chapter 987 – Enhanced Perception
Chapter 988 – The Smelting Trial Begins
Chapter 989 – Fire Spirit Star
Chapter 990 – Hell of Fire
Chapter 991 – Origin Energy Impact
Chapter 992 – Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron
Chapter 993 – Phoenix Heart Blood
Chapter 994 – Trial by Fire
Chapter 995 – Hells of Flame, Second Level
Chapter 996 – If You Want To Bet Then Bet Yan Littlemoon
Chapter 997 – Dare
Chapter 998 – Training Within the Hells of Flame
Chapter 999 – Burn the Body
Chapter 1000 – Concept Large Success, Blue Lotus Domain
Chapter 1001 – Smelting Trial Rewards
Chapter 1002 – Totem Tower
Chapter 1003 – 100 Foot Royal Skyseal
Chapter 1004 – The 12 Chaos Stones
Chapter 1005 – Lin Ming’s Choice
Chapter 1006 – Lotus Blooming Step By Step
Chapter 1007 – Phoenix Blood Essence
Chapter 1008 – Gold Battle Spirit
Chapter 1009 – Headquarters Envoy
Chapter 1010 – Requirements for a Drop of Phoenix Blood Essence
Chapter 1011 – Lin Ming Leaves Seclusion
Chapter 1012 – To Find a Foil
Chapter 1013 – Illusionary God Combat Array
Chapter 1014 – Lin Ming’s Turn
Chapter 1015 – The Origin of Burning Heat
Chapter 1016 – Another Breakthrough
Chapter 1017 – Bloom For Me, Heretical God Sprout!
Chapter 1018 – Fusing the Three Concepts
Chapter 1019 – Hells of Flame’s Seventh Level, The Domain of God
Chapter 1020 – Seventh Stage Life Destruction
Chapter 1021 – Ten Thousand  Flames Burning Sun
Chapter 1022 – Sevenfall Phenomenon
Chapter 1023 – Perfect Sevenfall
Chapter 1024 – Sacred Flame Testament
Chapter 1025 – Rushing the Illusionary God Combat Array
Chapter 1026 – Kill Them All
Chapter 1027 – How Hard Could This Be?
Chapter 1028 – Source of Phoenix Blood
Chapter 1029 – World of Will Projection
Chapter 1030 – The Power of Laws
Chapter 1031 – The One Thousandth Person
Chapter 1032 – Old Sorrows, New Hate
Chapter 1033 – Intense
Chapter 1034 – Scorching Blood VS Phoenix Blood
Chapter 1035 – Concept of Manifestation
Chapter 1036 – To Complete the Thousand Slaughter
Chapter 1037 – Phoenix Blood Essence
Chapter 1038 – Absorbing the Phoenix Blood Essence
Chapter 1039 – The Thoughts of God
Chapter 1040 – End of the Smelting Trial
Chapter 1041 – God Beast Mystic Realm
Chapter 1042 – Ancient Dragon Clan
Chapter 1043 – 12 People
Chapter 1044 – Can I Go With You?
Chapter 1045 – Together
Chapter 1046 – Black Coral
Chapter 1047 – Bizarre Enemy
Chapter 1048 – Asura King
Chapter 1049 – Supreme Dragon Bone
Chapter 1050 – You Two, Fuck Off!
Chapter 1051 – The Great War Begins
Chapter 1052 – Grandmist Battle Armor
Chapter 1053 – Sneaky
Chapter 1054 – To Play Both Sides
Chapter 1055 – Opportunity
Chapter 1056 – Dragon Bone In Hand
Chapter 1057 – Crazy Dragon One
Chapter 1058 – The Strong Asura King
Chapter 1059 – Change In the Dragon Bone
Chapter 1060 – White Light
Chapter 1061 – Revival After 50,000 Years
Chapter 1062 – Mo Eversnow
Chapter 1063 – Another Dual Cultivator
Chapter 1064 – The Bad Luck Dragon One
Chapter 1065 – The Wicked Cannot Be Saved From Their Sins
Chapter 1066 – Treasures of the Dead
Chapter 1067 – Leaving the Mystic Realm
Chapter 1068 – Marriage
Chapter 1069 – Secret of the Magic Cube
Chapter 1070 – Absorbing the Dragon Marrow
Chapter 1071 – Crossing Eightfall
Chapter 1072 – Display of Strength

Arc 14 - Ninefall
Chapter 1073 – True Martial World
Chapter 1074 – Carefree Island
Chapter 1075 – Entering the Sect
Chapter 1076 – Riverbliss Jadeheart
Chapter 1077 – Reunion
Chapter 1078 – His Skin Is Not of Ordinary Thickness
Chapter 1079 – To Make Things Difficult
Chapter 1080 – Simulation Mystic Realm
Chapter 1081 – Perish Together?
Chapter 1082 – Easily Passing
Chapter 1083 – The Sad Brother Liu
Chapter 1084 – Resource Struggle
Chapter 1085 – Traitor
Chapter 1086 – The Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the Sixth Gate
Chapter 1087 – Dragon Bone Relics
Chapter 1088 – Six Gates Opened
Chapter 1089 – The Red Wilderness
Chapter 1090 – Purple Mountain
Chapter 1091 – The Enemy Raid in the Storm
Chapter 1092 – Entering the Sandstorm
Chapter 1093 – Ambush
Chapter 1094 – Counterattack
Chapter 1095 – Lure the Enemy
Chapter 1096 – Cut Them Down
Chapter 1097 – I’ll Cut It Off
Chapter 1098 – Reap the Spoils From The Wearied
Chapter 1099 – Sitting Back and Waiting
Chapter 1100 – Sweep Away the Fallen leaves
Chapter 1101 – If I Were You, I’d Have Already Killed Myself
Chapter 1102 – Collect the Spoils of Battle
Chapter 1103 – Sudden Attack
Chapter 1104 – What Do We Do?
Chapter 1105 – Aren’t You The Best Evidence?
Chapter 1106 – Highest Elder
Chapter 1107 – Heroic Sacrifice
Chapter 1108 – Confrontation
Chapter 1109 – Crazy White Brook
Chapter 1110 – The World’s Most Aggrieving Matter
Chapter 1111 – Face Even More Swollen
Chapter 1112 – The Power Behind The Throne
Chapter 1113 – Mo Riverbliss’s Ambitions
Chapter 1114 – Ninefall Approaches
Chapter 1115 – Ten Severing Dao
Chapter 1116 – Attacking Ninefall
Chapter 1117 – Ninefall Realm
Chapter 1118 – Surging Origin Energy Clouds
Chapter 1119 – Where Lies the Limit?
Chapter 1120 – Double Phenomenon
Chapter 1121 – The Riddle of the Magic Cube
Chapter 1122 – Perfect Spirit Body
Chapter 1123 – Five Element Grand Tribulation


59 thoughts on “Martial World (武极天下) – Index” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. First!!

    More importantly how good is this novel? Becasue I want to read it but I don’t if I will get into it. Take ATG and ISSTH for example. The start is slow but then the story gets better after 40ish chapters. As for this novel how many chapters does it take for it to finally hit the road? How good is the story line?
    Questions questions questions…..

      1. The story doesnt get intense until 100+ ch I already finished reading and its a good novel so far and TMW is the sequal of MW, so i recommend finishing MW before reading TWM

    1. Hum, it depends on you… I’m really enjoying this story, I’ve read 6XX chapter in a row and I can’t wait to catch up. In my opinion the story is really enjoyable from the beginning. I’ve being caught in after 5/10 chapters… Really, give it a try !

      1. I like this story over the authors other one he has out now “True Martial World” Martial World Story is good. I like how it started out as the broken hearted Martial Artist who finds a OP item that made him into a cultivator that can cross Power realms to destroy his Enemies. Seems like in TMW he went for the super long winded chapters to Milk the money vs. having a good story. I do not mind a chapter or two of “Fluff Material” here and there but to me TMW has way to much Fluff and MW has a good mix of Fluff and story.

        Like I remember a few chapters in TMW that went basically like this…. Yi Yun has but a thought then fluff end of chapter. Yi Yun has but another thought then fluff end of chapter, Yi Yun ponders upon said thought then fluff end of chapter. Yi Yun Voices thought then fluff end of chapter. Yi Yun acts on thought fluff end of chapter. Yi Yun gets ridiculed by on goers for the next 3 or 4 chapters which is all fluff in my book. then boom a chapter of ooohhs and awes as Yi Yun shows he was right though out chapter.

        See what I mean now? Author could have did all that in 2 to 3 chapters with fluff and done a good job. All chapters after like 300 something is basically like what i described above. But unlike MW IMO was not fluffy as the clouds. lol TL:DR other words It’s a good read. XD

        1. Ah, that’s common in these stories, but that is also because they just write the stories as they go… and when mistakes and sh*t are made, then they usually keep them (or ignore them) and try to meet a daily/weekly amount of chapters…

          Now, almost ALL web stories suffer from that (especially Chinese ones), but TMW is more noticeable since it’s a caught up series (so we get it at around the same time the Chinese do).

    2. It’s really really really really really really really (need I go on?) good. Among the many xianxia novels, this one is super tolerable, you never really get to a point where you look down on the mc for being stupid, and also, the mc is very rational. He’s not like those trigger-prone mc’s and always thinks. And as the story goes on, it gets better and better, really. Though, I’m more of a plot person, so by the time I’m 400 chapters in, I just start scrolling through the battles, skimming them cos I get too lazy to read them all. I mean I know he’ll win.
      Quick thing, the plot armor is strongggggg in this novel, so if people get triggered over that then….. I actually like it when the mc has thick plot armor, just my preference though 🙂

    3. Mars Gravity’s books are always great! I personally loved ATG and his previous works as well which I went through after coming across ATG. Absolutely disliked ISSTH but my personal dislikes were because ISSTH’s protag. would provoke women all over the place but decidedly choose only one. Also, its way too heinous.. or should I re-phrase myself? Its disgusting in certain places. If you don’t like those novels, then you’d most likely dislike this one. I’ve read the entire book— it is harem but he picks all the women that you don’t expect him to (Which is pretty much like teasing the reader). Its quite bloody, lots of killing and fighting going on which is exciting! If you want to read further up, I can give you an in-depth reason on why I dislike it but if you plan on reading this book then you should probably stop reading at this point.

      For example, the sisters who got the cube. You’d imagine that he’d make ties with them but he only meets them. One of them is rescued by him and the younger one is made out to be his non-blood related sibling. The strongest beauty that he meets out in the human-ruled universe somehow turns out to be completely irrelevant to him and he ends up with some spoiled brat who is a demon lords’ descendant. Part-phoenix and part demon, however you’d never expect them to get together because they completely dislike each other. Then the one woman who is from an ‘enemy’ race is always crazy about him but he refuses to give her a chance. Despite the blue girl betraying his feelings, she finally suffers a lot, is betrayed herself in turn– saved by the protagonist; she corrects herself, sacrifices diligently for him but he never picks her up again. Which is disappointing! The absolute beauty he discovers in a coffin who is asleep, and who he touches and falls in love with turns out to be the lover of another guy. So uh, if you enjoy romance, you’d remain unfulfilled because the author makes you think that he’ll choose A.. and ends up picking someone else randomly popping out of nowhere. That’s why I said that he’s a tease. I don’t know if he did this just to make the reader find something unexpected but doing so was personally frustrating. I pretty much read the entire book but gave up on the last few 100 chapters because of this. The coffin girl, cube sisters were the last straw.

      1. Hyup!

        The second paragraph…. just reading it already stole my interest.

        I hate stories of MCs that doesn’t have balls when it comes to women, is indecisive, and a coward of a frog when face to face with a love interest.

        I want an MC that has a definite focus on women if it is included on his story.

        Perhaps my model main character is Yun Che’s guts but I am a man myself and seeing gayish attitudes like these MC who doesn’t have the courage to admit romance in their system and only focus on Martial Cultivation is defintiely lame in my eye sight.

        So yeah…

        I hated TMW for being a conceitedly LUCK-centered story, and doesn’t even admit it unlike ATG that indeed had the qualification to be [LUCKY] because Yun Che was born with it and was explained by other characters who had the credibility to do so.

        Unlike some stories who say that the MC is lucky, with those words spoken only by minor characters who doesn’t have the credibility to speak so, after reading this summary, I also dislike this now.

        In conclusion, I just hate MCs that doesn’t have guts to admit romance in their system and is too afraid to actually chose a path of Heart… or at least a path where he fulfill the needs of a man.

        Generally, I’d blame this on the author.

        Why the fack write a possible love/harem interest but don’t even have the ability to write it completely? Whether it’s intentional or not, I already lost interest in reading it. Teasing ain’t good for me and it only gets the readers with my kind of temperament and attitude frustrated.

        I might as well launch a campaign to bash the author if I get frustrated so yeah, I won’t drink this poison and do stupid chits.

        This warning here is enough.

      2. “Then the one woman who is from an ‘enemy’ race is always crazy about him but he refuses to give her a chance”
        What are you referencing to?I’m sure something like that never happened in the story

  2. now reading chapter 27, so far so good…if comparing ISSTH and ATG with this one
    i think its kinda different, specially the character of the protagonist.
    try reading it, you will get hook for sure..

    1. Lol you read ISSTH… that shit? All he do is pop pills, god bless. Yes though MW is awesomely good. My first and favorite xianxia. I stumbled on it accidently and got me into chinese novels tbh. Still ISSTH??? meng tao don’t even cultivate bruh 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. from ur comment i can see that u didnt read to 100+ chapters in ISSTH, as i did the same thing when it came out(got bored and kinda didnt like the copy pills eat them like candy stuff).

        I gotta tell you the story gets infinitely better after chapter 112 it essentially starts for real there and the whole candy munch theme is gone too.

        after picking ISSTH back up i actually blazed through it. back then i read all the available chapters and it actually is one of the novels i keep up with steadily instead of waiting for 100 or so chaps to come out.

        Tl;dr the start of ISSTH sucks ass and is about pill chugging the rest is amazing. you should try it 🙂

        1. True that. The first book of ISSTH actually got me bored but i held on because i was curious how everyone loves it. Plus, it has 1500+ chapters and is completed which is a major plus. I started to get really hooked by book2. Even the translator said the book2 was a great one. RN i’m in book8 but i’m starting to slow down. I think i just need more variety in order to rekindle my love for ISSTH. After i read it Invincible, WMW, SOTR became trash for me. And take note. I loved those 3.

    1. lol did you just say MC doesn’t have awesome skills ?
      how many ch you have read so far, 50/80 ?
      what i thought is the opposite i had read ISSTH about 1k+ ch and what can i say is your oppinion about Martial World MC is completely wrong !
      Martial World MC is making his own awesome skill from remnant and developed it to suit for himself !!

  3. It has a good touch but there is no real “Objective”.
    He just wants to reach a higher realm, No reason to it, Its his martial will.
    It’s not my best but definitely a good read .

  4. Hmmm guys is this novel good enough like atg…? I like cunning and smart mc and the same time stupid(act(?), pervert(?) funny(?)) when its come with a girl…

    1. so far im at chapter 557 and there is practically no romance (due to the MC nature)… its also very serious and doesn’t joke around… the world is dark with gravity and people die pretty ruthlessly… sex slaves, brothels, torture, and other gruesome/inhuman acts are a big part of the world… its a far more realistic world than ATG and ISSTH etc…

    2. If you like mindlessly repetitiveness then yes read this. It literally follows the same exact pattern every arc. Enter sect, tournament arc, lucky encounter, defeat enemy of arc, repeat. I got about 500 chapters in and it’s just stupid. He does the same things over and over except in different cultivation “realms”. Not worth the time. Unoriginal story and just bad writing.

  5. Good novel! but the author is in love with everyone thinking the MC is trash and then having the MC own everyone it gets old after 300 chp. Also this novel seems to be going to the same route as all other CN with the MC getting a apperance changing technique and being lame asf, i hope it doesent get to that if it does im dropping.

  6. Twas fine, its not as eye catching as ATG,or as eye-gluing as BTTH
    Chapter 2 till a hundred was quite a slow pace. I wont deny that I skipped some cultivation parts since I kinda found it boring( dont fry me plz)
    But story wise, I like it
    Battle scenes, I actually like it, Pretty ruthless too, makes my blood boil once n awhile.
    Ability wise, Nie Li,Xiao Yan and Yue Chen r still considered more OP(Well not to mention Ji Ning)
    Character wise, I think Lin Ming is the most mature and realistic character I’ve encountered among all Wuxianovels I’ve read.
    overall i give it a 7/10

  7. What’s the status on this? completed or ongoing? I am currently reading ATG and not too sure if ATG is completed or not so i don’t want to pick up anymore Incomplete LN for the time being since i am reading Tower of Babel and a few more on other sites that are also ongoing.
    Someone please clarify if this is completed or not please.

  8. How are donations managed??? When u donate, does the Donation Bar automatically updates??? or Does it need moderation from the Translators???

  9. Love this Web Novel story , it make interesting for read it
    But there still 1000+ chapter more needed to translate…
    ~Yeah i know there no sponsor for this web novel so the translator not Tl so quick~
    But it still quick for everyday update
    Thank you for update everyday ^_^

  10. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME AND TELL ME WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MARTIAL WORLD AND TRUE MARTIAL WORLD? I want to start reading one of them but is there like some sort of sequence or the like?

  11. It’s a super awesome novel with good storyline. Start is slow and becomes slow every dozen chapters. Mostly because the author feels the need to re explain the same things over and over again. I think there were around 2 chapters where the story didn’t progress because of this re explaining and sometimes you can skip whole paragraphs. But if you ignore that, it has high release rate and a great story.

    1. You can’t say this is a good storyline and then proceed to explain why it isn’t lol This is bad writing. The same exact things happen every single arc. You can literally read the first 250 chapters and then just copy paste what kind of events happened to the next arc and slap a different cultivation level on it. This is just a bad novel.

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