Martial World on Wuxiaworld + Chapters 751 & 752 released!

Hello everyone. Some of you may already know me from Gravity, but I’m Hyorinmaru, the translator for Martial World!

After a few weeks of discussions, Martial World and I have now both moved to Wuxiaworld for both personal reasons and other reasons!

I am excited to meet everyone here and hope that all of you will enjoy this novel just as much as I do. There are some errors in the chapters right now but i’ll be going through all of them and they should be ok by tonight. Please leave a comment on the chapter if there’s any problems!

The schedule will be the same as before; 2 per day + donations chapters.


Chapter 751

Chapter 752

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  1. kinda surprised at first that i saw hyorinmaru post here, but then thinking about it does it makes any diffence i love reading MW and i am really greatfull for hyurinmaru’s hard work translating this novel.
    i was a big fan of MW since it first came out so i was just really happy that it was not droped.. thank you again hyorinmaru for the translated chapters and welcome to WW!!! you a legend man!

  2. TBH I really just hope this doesn’t screw with the community. Definitely has the APPEARANCE of poaching but there’s probably more to it. I really don’t want this to make things fractured…. Really love the solidarity that’s been built…..

  3. Wow, I really like this. I have been reading martial world on gravity tales for a while but I was too lazy to make an account to comment. Hope your problems weren’t too bad (though I guess they were if they made you switch).

  4. Welcome Hyorinmaru Thanks for joining.
    I have been reading Martial World on GT. One of my favorites. I am really happy to see that I will be able to read again.
    By the way how will it be are you going to keep the Arc structure or just chapter numbers?

  5. OMG !!! what sorcery is this so thats why your where gone in gravity for almost 2 days got worried thought u quit the novel thx god your back and welcome to wuxiaworld hyorinmaru

  6. Yay! I tried reading it before and liked it but i couldnt handle having so many novels on one site and suddenly having to read one novel on another site.
    Now that it’s on wuxia, i can read it again!

    Thank u!
    I do hope there wasn’t too much drama that made u move but im still happy u moved

  7. Wow im shocked! I was like visiting gravity since weekend to check for new chapters of MW since its the only novel that i have read on that site and then only to be surprise to find you here on my favorite site! Thats fvcking awesome! Haha i dont need to switch site reading now lol
    -though im not saying i wont ever read at gravity since i know there’s tons of other good novels there, i found you there right? –
    Anyways welcome to wuxiaworld!

  8. I wonder if ever Dragon Marked War God, Peerless Martial God, World Defying Dan God, Chaotic Sword God, and Ancient Strengthening Technique move to this site? and if ever will you guys be able to take over Imperial God Emperor? The editor isnt even active anymore last seen him update an episode last january IGE is good Novel i really like it but the translator doesnt update anymore

    1. I always like when posts have names of new novels. Tracked them down and read.

      However, updates on the site seem to far between.Most of the translations haven’t been updated in days.

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