Martial Soul Contest Top 7 Voting!

In order to accommodate for how shitty the voting was set up last time, there will be one last vote on the top 7 martial souls! The vote on the top 7 will run for 48 hours.
All participants should watch their Wuxiaworld forum inboxes. I will be messaging winners first, and winners will only have 3 days to claim their prize before I move on to the next in line. Only after confirming the winners will I announce the results.

Here are links to the martial souls:

Nine Tailed Fire Fox

Ashura Bow

Midnight Soul Flame

Yin-Yang Snake Emperor

Black Sun

Flaming Void Dragon

Eternal Star

Vote here

11 thoughts on “Martial Soul Contest Top 7 Voting!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Wow mine ended up in the top 7 and I never voted suppose i made it better then i thought

    thought i really should finish it lol adding the 8th and 9th spirit rings now

  2. well well… congrats for the top 7. it’s my first time joining an event, thanks and i learned a lot..
    i will be waiting for the next contest, hoping i’m gonna make it to top 7.. hehe

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