Martial God Asura – A Message From Author, ‘Kindhearted Bee’

Hey guys, as some of you know, a while ago, Wuxiaworld made the rounds on teh Chinese interwebz, on various BBS forums like Tianya and whatnot.  Quite a few Chinese netizens were fascinated and bemused to discover that ‘foreigners’ also liked to read these Chinese webnovels!  There were many comments, but unbeknownst to many of you, it wasn’t just Chinese readers who noticed; it was authors as well!  I’ve been chatting with some of them on and off.  Here, below, is a very special message for Wuxiaworld readers from an author of a novel that you all know and love; ‘Kindhearted Bee’, the author of ‘Martial God Asura’.  After I got the video, I spent about half an hour, an hour translating and subtitling it for y’all.  Enjoy!

This post will be up for seven days.  If you have a question, suggestion, or comment for Bee, seven days from now, I’ll collate and send them over to him and his agent, and he’ll respond to them!

And before you ask, no, I don’t have any others up my sleeve just yet ;)!

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  1. Hello Bee,
    I don’t play LoL and hearthstone but I do play Dota 2. I’m also an otaku like you!
    I’m not as enthusiastic for your novel when update came as compared with others, but I still can’t get enough of yours due to the powerlevel of characters.

    For example, some person who is a genius of geniuses will be #Rekt by a super genius that is the pinnacle of super geniuses called Chu Feng!

  2. Hello Kindhearted Bee,

    I am from Turkey and I follow this website for almost 8 months. I really love MGA. But there is an additional suggestion. Can’t he create his own technique or mix old and new techniques?

    That way it could be more awesome.

    Thank you for your hard-work and wonderful imagination.

    Best regards,

    1. But he did just that when he was fighting the dragon archers.. He merged Sirius tome’s ultimate attack (which at the time was his only long range attack but consumed too much energy to use for that situation) with the Pheonix Lotus attack (his AOE one) and created a ranged AOE attack..

    2. I was just about to type down the same thing when I saw your comment; I want to see him develop his own unique technique that will become his trademark like everyone will remember it whenever they think of him. We are behind by heaps of chapters though so he might have developed one already hopefully.

  3. I think that sometimes less is more
    – The distances covered are too great. Such as the area of influence of his step parents clan. Otherwise each clan would be comparable to a european kingdom.
    – The ammount of cultivation resources that he takes are borderline impossible lets say he takes 1.000.000 pills for 2 monts then he´ll have to take one pill every 5 minutes while refining 24/7. A tad excessive? Even so the amount increases every level though the resouces become more and more scarce. He start to feel like a $-Warrior. Please try to put more ability then luck and resources into it.
    -If a martial god can flip oceans and such; how can there even be any clan standing against the strongest guy out there? I´d like some sort of restriction as in Coiling Dragon. There people can´t easily go back to a mortal plane and even if they do they are restricted. In multiple ways.

  4. Hi Kindhearted Bee
    I got a question and opinion.
    What qualifications need to be to level up spiritism?

    Because Chu Feng is very good or could say among best at spiritism at possible level and its so difficult to level up it to another level.

    I love the story but these that I read always have a romance with main character which slows down progress for power and brings problems. (Always protecting girl). Of course the storys are good but I like more coldblooded and that protagonist can do what he wants without to care much about others too.
    Of course its good to have couple of friends but many times main character provokes stronger enemys and they can not easily kill him and targets his people who are close to him.

    For examble I like also Desolate Era (莽荒纪) in which he got to care a little of others and pursuit a level to be free of fate you could say.

    Regards Dolez from Finland.

  5. Firstly I want say Thank You Bee for writing an Amazing Novel that a person just can’t help being sucked into. And Secondly A Very Big Thank You To All The Wonderful Translators on WuxiaWorld for allowing us the pleasure of reading theses Fantastic Novel ? Much Love and Appreciation All The Way From England ?

  6. Hallo first i want to thank you for are really great and interesting story, where there are character development and action in a good balance. and for ideas i don’t really have any because the English version is probably behind the Chinese but i have a request, it would be great if you could work together with the person that have translate it to English and release it in books, for i would really like to support you work and have them in physical edition.^^

  7. I love MGA, but really there’s too much talking on the fight scenes.
    I’d really love it if the chapters is prolonged by the detail in the fight, their movements and such instead of people talking.
    It confused me, do they want to fight or to talk. I mean in a fight I’d be beaten down so quickly if i was to busy talking.

  8. [Spoilers Alert]

    Hi hi!!

    I’m an avid reader of MGA. I read the raws with Bing translation. I’ve read almost all released chapters. I like how he’s not super OP versus everyone and still has to concede at times. Makes it more realistic. Oh and please please don’t make it VIP like The Alchemist God. Really good story that’s super difficult to understand with Google translate.

    One thing I do want conclusion is the three girls that he “raped” went to after they disappeared from the East Sea on that “road”. Sorry, this is purely based on what I remember from the translations.

    I’m a big romance fan and I like “happy endings” just as much as the next guy. So I’m looking forward to and ending where he ends up marrying like 7 different girls!


  9. well i dont know if my question get selected
    here my question
    1.well how long Mga will meet the happy endding ? you know the another Author like IET,mars gravity in real life ?
    if yes please tell them they also have so many fans in overseas

  10. Hello Mr Kindhearted Bee,

    I love that the pen name you chose to use is so different than the way MGA is. I have only read MGA for a short time but I would love to see a map of the MGA 9 continents. I have no idea if that’s even possible but it is something that would make me happy. I love the story and have read it every day that I can.


  11. Hello Kindhearted Bee,

    I’ve only read up through the currently translated parts of MGA on Wuxiaworld, but I really love your story and especially the characters like Chu Feng, Zi Ling, and Eggy.

    I like how the main character respected his adoptive family and even went out of his way to help take care of the family that used to hate him after they changed their views of him. This really stood out to me as something unique about our MC and how he treats his family. He was also able to overlook previous grudges which made me very happy and originally got me more interested in the storyline.

    Furthermore, Eggy interested me because she was originally so overbearing towards the MC and she was much more powerful than him, but after he was with her for a while and risked himself to help her, she became a bit fond of him. The translations have just reached the part where Chu Feng was able to release the old monster master from the Asura Spirit Tower, and we learned that the Asura Spirit Tower actually has much higher floors that can only be traversed by martial lords and higher.

    I’m interested by how there are so many factions in the world, and how you kept us in suspense for so long (at least for now in the translations) about what the Divine Lightning actually is and haven’t allowed the Emperor clan to find out about it. And the scene where Chu Feng used that hidden power in his lightning and even scared Eggy because of the amount of destruction that he was able to cause at his relatively low cultivation level, was also intriguing.

    I also liked how you gave Chu Feng multiple abilities and types of powers/strategies to rely on so that his fighting styles and ways to win wouldn’t grow stale.

    If there were one thing that I could hope to see more of in your latest work eventually, once the translation get there, it would be Chu Feng developing his own abilities, techniques, and other types of powers. In my experience, in the Xianxia I have read the MC’s always stand out because of some special power that they are gifted with as well as their powerful secret legacy, luck, tenacity, and connections that they end up making over the course of their lifetimes. But it would also be interesting if a main character ended up also drawing upon the resources he was born with in order to create his own special/unique powers that can be used to overwhelm his opponents simply because such powers don’t normally exist. It would be cool to have the MC be a genius in certain respects after he trains enough.

    Thanks for reading this if you do, and even if you don’t I wish you well and profound luck in your journey as you continue to write the latest chapters of MGA! While I didn’t really like vindictive/revenge-seeking MC’s, Chu Feng was the first such MC that I liked and made me respect such characters. It was his constant switch between vengeance, calm rationality, and kindness to those who were genuine and who treated others with respect and generosity that made me appreciate him so very much.


  12. We have just recieved a message from a god. . .

    I wonder, how did ideas like cultivation, Xiantian lifeforms ( and other similar realms like the Origin realm from MGA), profound techniques, world spirits and other Xianxia-type stuff come into being? Who started the ideas, where did they come from? Someone please tell me where these awesome concepts come from. I never hear anything similar in American and Japanese fiction novels or comics. Also . . .How can people stretch stories into 1000+ through 2000+ chapters long? Freaking a godly ability, that.

  13. i have to say that one of the most refreshing components of this novel is how ruthlessness the MC is characterized which while some readers may not appreciate, but is an integral part of human nature: savagery… kind of reminds me of comparing JKRowling novels with GeorgeRRMartin… while majority of these chinese novels have simplistic human nature, this is one component of MGA that I really like

    the one thing that i dislike about MGA is how its a tomb raider in the early part of the novels… which is kind of meh =/; surely the MC could have had improvements without raiding the various tombs (like couldnt the secret skills be found elsewhere?)

    huge fan of your works, huge fan of flower translating, appreciate you reaching out to the overseas fans and hope to hear more from you and other authors

  14. Hey. Me again. The dude from the very tiny island of trinidad. Again love this novel. I have nothing much to say about the mc cuz he is Chu Feng and he’s awesome{quote from the miz} but i think it would be really great if you can introduce a character who has an alter ego. That would be really great.

  15. I just wanted to say that i greatly appreciate all the work that goes into the translations on this site, I’ve been reading almost daily for the last few months, it has become one of my rituals to unwind after work. I found my way here from 4chan (by way of a wuxia discussion on the /tg/ section of the board) and have thoroughly enjoyed every hour invested here (much too my girlfriends sometimes frustration). Keep up the great work and thanks again for bringing all of us here some great literature

  16. Hi,

    I think that MGA is a fairly good Web novel, and the story it self is good and can take a lot of unexpected turns, and it has numerous times, but, imo, the way you write it is problematic. There’s like a constant circle of events, chu Feng meets trouble, everyone ridicules him, he acts arrogantly and causes more people to ridicule him, and then amazes everyone and suddenly they shower him with praise. I don’t mean to criticize too much, but basically the last 3 chapters of the translation, aside from the part about the void school, were basically almost entirely useless praise of chu Feng. I feel like what’s preventing your work from being truly great is the need to constantly praise chu Feng, as well as how he is always incredibly lucky and even when he faces adversity it’s obvious nothing would happen because of his impregnable plot armor. Another thing is how shallow most characters are, and the way most of them act, which is basically very arrogant and, again, condescending towards chu Feng, and then chu Feng amazes everyone and suddenly they’re polite. It gives no sense of advancement, because the names might change, and the circumstances are different, but it’s essentially the same, just another way to strengthen chu Feng’s plot armor and praise him. On the other hand, arks like the ones where chu Feng got the secret skills, aside from the parts where he was looked down upon again, because he was a servant there temporarily, and then amazed everyone and got showered with praise and admiration, were really good, and I hope you’ll continue making more arks like them.

  17. Hello Bee!

    I’m from Finland and i really appriciate MGA. Many others have already said what i wanted. For example to combine skills. One of the things that i have noticed is that MGA has a shockingly small amount of people that doesn’t train any martial arts. Often it’s only a special skill that has passed down on generation, and not actually martial arts. But i thought that since MGA’s world is oriantated around fighting couldn’t there be some martial art experts?

    A big shout out to you whom reached out to the overseas community.

  18. Hi,

    I (from Canada) would like to thank you for writing such a fascinating web novel. I have always liked over-powered protagonists, especially a ruthless one in a world where fighting is the norm, and Chu Feng is the perfect example of such a protagonist. This along with the vast world you created have made me re-read MGA countless times. I could go on and on and describe all the things I like about MGA, it really is an endless list, but since I am allowed to ask questions and give suggestions I will do that instead.

    Until the currently translated chatper (485) and various spoilers I have seen, Chu Feng hasn’t met the world spiritist who created the Asura ghost tower. I assume he would be someone who came from or went to “beyond the day” (not sure what the right translation is, but people call it this on the spoiler forums) and consequently should have easily lived for thousands of years. It would be nice for Chu Feng to meet this person. But if you have other plans for this then that is also fine; I would just like the person who built it show up in the story.

    Secondly it would be cool for Chu Feng to take a disciple in the nine provinces. I would definitely like to see the girl Niuniu (chapter 295-296) get Chu Fengs inheritance. On that topic it might be nice for Chu Feng to create some martial techniques and create some sort of test, like the Asura ghost tower or the place in the monstrous beast mountain, that a person has to pass to acquire the techniques. This doesn’t have to be restricted to the nine provinces, the east sea and holy land also work. Won’t he be strong enough to make secret skills now?

    Thirdly it seems a lot of people want Chu Feng to stop being so over powered all the time, but in my opinion it should stay that way. The series won’t be “Martial God Asura” if it didn’t have Chu Feng beating people up left, right and centre.

    I would once again like to thank you very much for this amazing novel. I am sure that the process of writing MGA, especially since you normally write at least 2 chapters everyday, is mentally taxing and as I have no way of directly helping you, I would like to say I really appreciate what you’re doing. I hope you take care of yourself and keep writing this wonderful novel called Martial God Asura.

    ******PS: Thank You RWX, for doing this. Obviously, this addendum is not meant for the Author, heh.******

  19. Wow, I’ a full week late on this post so probably nobody will notice my comment but anyway :

    First of all, thanks “Kindhearted Bee” (sorry I don’t know much chinese so I will call you that ^^) for even sending a message for us “overseas” fans ! 😀 So few chinese authors would do it as thir fanbase is obviously mainly chinese. It makes me (us) feel special ! 😀 Many thanks from France !

    Then, congrats on writing this successful novel. As you asked for feedback, please don’t take offense on the parts I liked less, as I read them anyway and the story still is very cool ^^
    First of all, like many, I think the cultivation resources, even with the lightning in his dantian are way too numerous (I mean in the beginning he already needed hundreds to gain levels, now it’s several millions… In two more realms it will be trillions… a bit much maybe?)
    Second of all, though i like chu feng’s ruthlessness, at times he clearly goes waaaaaay overboard (see the battle of the families arc ; chapters 85-96). I mean he litterally kills people who did not offend him or anything. He just kills them anyway. That’s much closer to the actions of a bad guy.
    Third, this is directed to all xianxia writers as it only gets more frustrating with time : either describe completely the “intoxicatingly beautiful” females (i mean, why are they pretty ??) or do not mention their beauty. I mean having slender legs does not make a woman incredibly beautiful. It makes her a woman with slender legs, like many many of them. Describing them with “exquisite” faces does not mean anything. I mean WHY are they exquisite ? maybe a bit more description of the physique of the characters could help a lot.
    Finally, like mentionned many times, Chu Feng gets stronger ONLY through luck and awesome techniques he encounters totally at random. It would be nice if he actually had creativity and talent regarding techniques and fighting. Like creating his own techniques using what he knows, having good battle sense instead of ONLY very thick and powerful energies inside his body. Instead of relying on external power sources (eggy, the lightning beasts, the flying techniques noone can apparently match, the secret skills…), he could rely on his own abilities a bit more and he would be perceived as even cooler because he would be trying harder than he is (he feels lazy at times. I mean he doesn’t need to try and everything works out for him anyway). I mean he apparently has talent as world spiritist (though the rules on how to break through levels as world spiritist are never mentionned or explained… for now)… but does not work on it a lot yet he outclasses hard-training world spiritists ? Why ? Is that pure talent ? Then why is it that nobody with incredibly high cultivation talent can face him ? There HAS TO BE somebody else who can have asura sirits before being a Martial Lord right ? Yet I feel we won’t see one and Chu Feng will be amazing because he contracted one asura spirit while being young.

    Basically compared to other xianxia that I’ve read, Chu Feng is a bit more… anti-hero-like : bad temper, achieves everything through luck and few efforts, kills thousands of people throughout the series… Yet people and “exquisite-faced girls” like him because… plot asked for it. Plus it feels like he likes to control and possess everything (like Su Rou and Su Mei are HIS, though they’ve known each other for a year or so, and then he failed to protect them. Then got another girl in Zi Ling. But I already now they won’t mind though he f*cked up over and over again.

    I understand that in xianxia, the basics is having the hero look cool.
    But compared to many other xianxia, this specific “hero”… is made to look cool for not many reasons. I feel like he is lacking and waaay less likeable than Linley for instance who is described as indeed being a genius, but still works hsuper hard to reach the pinnacle of power. While Chu Feng got there while doing nothing except listening to Eggy.

    The introduction of the new lands in the recent chapters is kind of exactly what this series needed : it’s time to go to the next level. This part is really rather exciting, but I guess I’ll see how it goes.

    Well, that was a freakishly long comment. Anyway, this is only my opinion, other people may feel the other way around.

    Thanks a lot for this series kindhearted bee, I still love it ! :p
    And congrats Ren, the community’s influence grew HUGELY thanks to you and your never-ending efforts ! 😀 😀 thanks for translating these work and good luck on carrying on ! 😀

  20. I noticed that most feedback comments and suggestion aims towards the main character, so I’ll touch on something different. 🙂

    When reading MGA and other stories made me think about the universe, how people behaves and characters that has leading roles.

    The world is often described as a world where as power means everything, and unlike our real world, physical strength does not matter. Any female is not weaker then any male. But I still notice that all elders and leaders tend to be male. (Not counting female only factions.)

    What I’m talking about is that in a world where humans have cultivated for millions of years(?) shouldn’t the male dominance be non existent? I would love to see a female as a Patriarch or other top figure and even being married or in love with a male with lesser strength than herself.

    This also opens up a whole new ray of characters and personalities. Hell why not even go further and having the MC find himself in a place where it’s female dominance! 😀 Where the boy MC walks through town with intense lustful gazes that even makes his hair stand on end. xD

    So to summarize: The feedback and idea is that this universe should maybe be more gender neutral? That girls does not always likes to have a man protect her, but instead cares more about other qualities? And also gives way for interesting characters and breaks away from the mold. ^^

    I should note that I understand that this novel is based around Chinese culture and i do not condemn it or Kindhearted bee in any way. I love this story and wrote this feedback from my personal view. And I am happy that Kindhearted took notice to the English readers and let’s us have a voice 😀 You sir have my utmost respect.

  21. Hello, Kindhearted Bee! Thank you for taking the time to respond to us, really appreciated it. Like many readers here, I did enjoyed MGA to a certain extend; however, after reading up to chapter 300-ish, I feel that it has becoming dull and very repetitive. Many readers have pointed out the Pros and Cons of MGA, and I would like to voice my opinion about it, too!

    To start off, I feel that the story of MGA does not have any character(s) development or any tangent background to a character. Since the novel title is Martial God ASURA, I was hoping you would include an explanation of the word “ASURA” or a background story that can be related to Chu Feng. Chu Feng was introduced as a boy that is being bullied by people around him; he does not have the power to do anything, so he cannot. That is fine. But as soon as he gets his power, he started massacring people. Why? Why does he need to kill defenseless people, old, young, people who have no cultivation base? Is it because of the “ASURA” bloodline or something related to ASURA that causes him to behave that way? Killing everything including chickens and dogs? How can a boy who does not know about killing prior to his power up of cultivation base, be willingly to kill anyone that offends him so easily. Is there a back story or explanation to how that can happen? He went from 0-100 real fast. When I read of his massacre, those are the questions I have and I never got an answer to it. Minor characters around Chu Feng, besides Eggy, do not hold up either. They are either against Chu Feng, ridicules him, or in favor of Chu Feng. Nothing else.

    The story usually goes, Chu Feng offends someone, they underestimates him, ridicules him and try to kill him, then he gets an unexpected power up, and he start to kill them. People around him “realized” how powerful he is and spectators are in shock, his name is sounded throughout the regions. And the process is repeated again. This happens every time. The first instance is at Chu Feng’s home, where they had the martial art competition. Then back at Azure Dragon School where he accepted the 1 year duel. Then back at the City Gates where he found the Emperor Tomb. Then again once more where he meets Gu Bo at the tower. And now again at the wedding ceremony of Zi Ling, the same events and scenario keep happening with expandable characters for Chu Feng to show off his might. It is very repetitive.

    If I were to compare MGA writing style to something, I would say, you are the Michael Bay of novel. In Michael Bay’s movie, you see a lot of actions, explosions and it is very cool and eye catching. In MGA, you have a lot of fighting, actions, also very eye catching. But that’s all there is. There is no story. Just like a Michael Bay’s film, bunch of actions but no real story line or characters. That is what I feel when reading MGA. After a while, I felt the story becoming dull, and so I stop reading after 300 chapters. I am sorry if this sounded harsh, I really do not mean it that way. I just don’t know how to convey my comments otherwise.

    I think the idea and premise of MGA is very interesting. But the story, characters and the way it delivers is very lacking. I know you have already written about 2000 chapters of MGA, and so it is hard to change anything within the story now. But I hope for your next novel, you can expand on those points and deliver us something as great as MGA! Once again, I would like to apologize for comparing novels. But I have read I Shall Seal the Heavens by Ergen, translated by Deathblade, and the characters are extremely well developed. You know their personality, what they do and don’t, what they like or dislike. How they interact with people and so on.

    Once again, I enjoyed your novel, and I think the idea for MGA is very interesting; it caught my attention when I first read into it. But atlas, it could not help me continue reading it.
    Sometimes, less is more.

    If I were to rate MGA:

    Story: 6/10
    Actions: 7.5/10
    Characters: 5/10
    Developments: 4/10

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  22. Hello kind-hearted bee.
    I came to know about wuxiaworld a year back and have been reading here ever since. Here is where I read MGA first and I loved it absolutely. But the translation here is so far behind than the raws that I had to look for other alternatives. Being in a neighbouring country of China where not many Chinese websites are available, I was stuck with machine translations. I have read all the chapters published till today and I regret not being able to understand some due to translations. But I still love MGA. And I have a couple of suggestions that if you could consider about them, I would be highly grateful.
    1. The chapters are quite small and don’t give much matter if released once a day. If possible, could you please publish 2 chapters per day or 4 chapters every alternate days?
    2. The way the current arc is progressing, it doesn’t give any excitement to us readers. The character that is constantly harassing chu feng needs some work. I am sure you must have a reason for doing that. But we all love chu feng and don’t want him to be pushed around.
    With love.

  23. Hello Kindhearted Bee, it is nice to view you. I came to let you know that I really like reading your novel Martial God Asura, the novels I’ve enjoyed reading so far were Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformations and recently yours Martial God Asura, which in my opinion is the best of them. I consider it sometimes fun and sad, it sometimes do touch my feelings, it is a good story, I like it so much that I had read it twice from the beggining on Wuxiaworld and even reached the point to read the machine translated raws up to the current chapters (which is horrible to read, need a lot of guesswork and yet I just get a general idea), but anyway I like your novel, I hope you are getting well compensated for working on it and hope it can become more sucessfull and interesting.

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