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Hey guys, we just got an email and are aware of Chrome saying there’s malware on WW.  Looking into it now, although they weren’t able to pinpoint a page in specific.  *mutter*  Will hopefully resolve this shortly.  My best guess is that one of the ads delivered just so happened to deliver something dodgy to one of Google’s crawlers.  Will figure it out.  Thanks for your patience.  This primarily impacts users of Chrome and Firefox.

All cleared up. Google just cleared us.

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  1. Sorry for all the trouble guys. One of our ad networks had their SSL certificate revoked. That’s the reason we are being flagged as malware by google. The risk for you is very low.

    There is no malware present in wuxiaworld. But google likes to put a big red screen in front of end users, while telling the developers nothing about the actual issue.

      1. That’s ad ware, malware is something meant to harm. If you go to any manga reader, there’s a ton of that, and none is flagged as malware by Google.

        A simple redirect is only [damm] annoying. I’m kinda tired of them, but I can only hope Ren finds a better ad network.

        1. Just got an ad on my Android that said my phone was infected and redirected me. Setting aside that I’m on a tablet, this is a probable case of ransomware, a form of malware. For reference the site was

  2. Dang! I got this on my e-mail when i got this post: Be careful with this message. It contains links to websites hosting malware. T.T i hope u get it fixed without too much trouble

  3. should be either one of the ads or some ppl just dont like the attention u get with ur website which is a rly despicable act

    well u can disable protection from chrome if u r confident in ur adblock/ antivir but i rly wish, those google geniusses would start implementing a possibility to specifically disable warnings for a website without disabling the general protection

  4. Any chance the ads can be fixed so that if I’m reading on mobile it doesn’t immediately switch from safari to the app store as soon as I’m opening the page? Anyone have a solution to this? Sometimes I literally can’t read on mobile because it will continuously open the app store.

    1. When my adblocker stopped working for a while I found that if your internet isn’t too fast you can stop the page the moment you see the main text appear and prevent the ads from loading and moving you to different page.

    2. This is a problem that I continuously come across. I usually let WW load halfway on my mobile and immediately cancel once the text loads to prevent any redirects to the app store.

    3. For me (on Chrome mobile) I wait to see when the text of the chapter pops up, and then force stop the loading of the page. It allows me to read it without loading the ads fully, and I can still navigate the page.

  5. I am using FF and I got the big site block screen due to risk of malware. Basically it is ether some questionable add, or mass reporting as Aeval Sear’Asha sad. Ether way it is not a big deal really, just annoying.

    1. The fun thing is Google did a check on over 300 pages and they found nothing so that begs the question why is the site flagged as a Malware site? only reason is mass report.

      “What happened when Google visited this site?
      Of the 315 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2015-09-14, and suspicious content was never found on this site within the past 90 days.”

  6. If you have your site code backed up you might want to upload it again. If someone hacked your host somehow they could have uploaded malicious code via a java script or such.

  7. Yes, indeed there is\was a malware somewhere, i got something when i browsed it on my android phone.
    Until i cleared cache, with JScript enabled, viewing any post redirected to play market when page finished loading.

    There is an annoying spam with requests to allow incorrect SSL certs as well, like for * domain(right now) or some other ad-related domains(before).

  8. i’ve got so much protection that this doesn’t even affect me, moble browsing is different though, i get forcefully transferred to different pages constantly and its a big pain.

  9. There really are a lot of terrible mobile ads on here. Won’t stop me from using the site, but it’s really annoying at times. Keeps asking me to install different software, uber, this, that. Very very annoying to be transferred to download something.

  10. Ren, I see a as being part of the links under my Firefox. There were some malware sites trying to ride on this Clicking this link brings one to another webpage called You may wish to check on this. Not sure if this is the cause.

    1. Lijit is just an advertising network that has a couple hundred agencies. I’m guessing one of the Lijit/Sovrn agencies has a bad ad that made it in. Emailed them in case it is.

  11. The malware is an ad that redirects to (although that may not be the only one), this is basically harmless besides messing up your browser big time

  12. I also think it came from ads, because only some pages are flagged, not all of them.

    The main page, this one and CD chapter 44 seem fine, while ATG 155, MGA 408 or SkyFire 66 are blocked.

    None of the entities that block the site are giving anything helpful to pinpoint the problem either, and they block the final page instead of sending a comprehensive warning to the site owner about exactly what triggered the block.

    Worse thing is that none of those blocks are actually ever helpful if you are just a bit careful while browsing.
    They are supposed to have the same thing for fishing, but given how much emails and fraudulent ads there are about WOW fishing, bank site fishing, or even tax site fishing (yes, I received one of those, but for the wrong country, that was hilarious), and that they are only flagged after monthes of existence, so this whole system is really flawed.

    By the way, for those that want an indicator that’s more helpful, I’d recommend to get WOT on whatever browser you have, it’s user driven, with quite a lot of people, and you get all sorts of informations, like intrusive ads, malware, child safety, fishing…

    Anyway, I hope it can clear up fairly soon, because it is bound to hurt traffic from a lot of people that actually trust those “malware alerts”.

  13. I’m also on the mobile app. And it still very annoying when you are forcefully redirected away from the page you want to read and dumped into the App Store. By the way this has been happening for a week now….

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