Major Announcement: New Forums & More!

Hey guys, I’m really happy and proud to announce our brand spanking new forums at:!  The BBPress boards have been rather lacking in a number of ways and quite ugly, so this is something that has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. Yn5an3 has been hard at work, and the new forum is now up!

This is a proper forum, and it now has all the features you would expect from a proper forum, including private messaging.  In addition, the forum is integrated with, and it has ‘Single Sign On’, so you can just click one button to login, without needing to register for it!  Give it a spin!  It should be MUCH FASTER than the old forums, since it has its own standalone server (total servers RWX now running – four), so even if the main website goes down, the forum will still be up!  It is also fully responsive and therefore fully optimized for mobile and tablet!

With the new forums, there is a new section in particular that I am particular excited about: COMMUNITY CREATIONS.

A lot of people have been asking about collaborating Wuxiaworld or fanfictions or original stories or artwork, and the ‘community creations’ section of the forum is meant for facilitating that!  We’ll go into more depth in a future post, but in essence, translations or original stories that are posted in the forum will have access to advice from translators like myself, and, if after a month or two, they reach a certain level of quality and consistency, they can be ‘promoted’ to the main website, with all the perks that entails, including ad revenue sharing and more!  I view it as a win-win; more readers for some translators, and a ‘new products pipeline’ for Wuxiaworld!  Going forward, translations will have priority for ‘new’ translations on the main website!

There will also be competitions that will be running for forum-posted artwork coming soon, but again, that’s for another post.  For now, just take the new forums out for a spin!  😀

EDIT: The process of moving the old posts from the old forum to the new one is something we are looking at.  It’s a bit tricky, but we will do it if we can!

EDIT 2: The forums will be coming up and down over the next few days as we calibrate things accordingly with the actual volume, but fear not, it will be stable eventually!  😀

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      1. If anyone’s looking for fanfic to read, I suggest Forgotten Conqueror and Age of Heroes. Both have awesome plots, definitely worth your try!

        and New Forums, looking good! Great work everyone 🙂

        1. would´t really say that about age of heroes, it got that classical and dafuq feeling when reading it… but what you said about Forgotten Conqueror is true, really liked how it were written.. but still, for not knowing which ff are good and not, tsk tsk, shame on you yuzu

          PS: so how it go on ur exams, haven’t seen yea on for quite a while or it could have been me being inactive, but still, not answering my facts in toto-bros server, tsk tsk, shame on you yuzu

          1. Hey fake divine dragon! How you been? you know I almost missed you!……………NOPE! juuust kidding! 😛
            my exams aren’t over. they’re at next month. I’m just taking a break cuz there was the danger of brain explosion, now I’m slowing down my pace of studying, it’s almost done anyway.
            only 20+ chapter to read at totobros so I was thinking on visiting there later.
            btw fakey did ya miss me? feeling lonely perhaps? don’t worry I’ll reply to all your comments defiantly! Oh I forgot to add ‘IN A WORST POSSIBLE WAY’ *evil grin*

            aaand Age of heroes is a good story you know, well there are few grammar quirks and some weak characters but the plot is great! btw if you know some other good FFs TELL ME! I’m searching for a new series to read these days 🙂

            PS. VRMMO stories plz! I’m almost fed up with that genre *sigh*
            anyway good see you still trolling around fakey! haha

          2. PFFT, me missing you? nice one.. but at least you are in the mood to make some jokes about stuff that would never happen

            Wait what, then when do yea got ur summer vecation with all da chill and the pointless comments with random people ? well, mine ends next.. boohoo
            -song to explain my current feeling
            Btw, idk but i gotta warn you about the current chapters, they give the dangerous vibe (the one which makes yea wanna stop reading it, maybe cause the chapters getting predictable or something)

            And you trying to be evil? Pfft, don´t joke around.. here´s a song that describes me and my comments

            —- (watch until the end)

            Ooh, you misunderstood me about the age of heroes, i don´t really care about the grammar stuff but more about how some chapters dosen´t make sense, like a kid massacring bandits and dancing around using top classified techniques and none even bats an eye about that…

            Well, imma not really a fan of VRMMO stories, probably the reason i stopped reading zhan long at chapter 100-200 or something.. but i can recommend the classics, who knows.. maybe you have missed them? the only or some of the few VRMMO stories i liked in are
            -Don´t fear the reaper
            -Jack of all trades

            ooh, and ofc.. you gotta try this one
            called, umm.. forgotten the name but it were quite good.. been the shooting star ff those last couple of weeks

            PS. sorry, i forgot about this
            tsk tsk, shame on you yuzu for stopping ur studying marathon

          3. Those are the recommendation for Yusu (and others)
            Original fiction; The Zombie [email protected] don’t let the title discourage you. A really cool fiction…and a bit long (genre…fantasy, maybe?) ongoing.
            Another original;Earth’s Core by Lonahora- f*ck’ A. The posting of the series is a bit slow but it can be tolerated. Can be found at royalroadl but it’s better for the author if you go to his ad supported site @lonahora[dot]com (It’s in English but if I were to classify it, ill name it xiaxian) ongoing.
            Japanese translated WN; The Man Picked Up By The Gods Translated by NeoTranslations…genre, transported into another world, comedy…
            If you like those I can recommend more.

    1. will probably be imported later.. since the site is under wordpress, it shouldn’t be that hard importing old posts.. i just dont know for sure cus i haven’t seen the site’s theme and dashboard but with WP’s functionality, it should be easier compared to other platforms..

          1. Oops now i accidently posted in the wrong section and cant edit/remove my post. Ren please help before its to late :O..

  1. Wow, quite amazing. It’s a great ideia. The forum was not that good, and specially the ideia about fictions. Though people seems to misunderstand, there is a great deal of good novel writers on places other than japan ,China and Korea. I see a lot of people who look down on works by people from outside such country’s,but that did not even read then. See Ridick for example, a great xianxia(i think, forgive me if i used the wrong ) . This is a great chance for autors from other places find a place among the great masters from china,etc. on the heart of the readers.
    Congratulations for the opening of the forum.

    1. Ehh, I liked the first volume of Riddick, but then I feel the story got worse and worse. It’s hard to explain, I just couldn’t read it anymore. I do love the idea of a new place to post stories, RR’s getting a bit iffy with their pay4earlyaccess and their support of “The Group”, so hopefully people will start using this a lot.

        1. They’re apparently implementing a system for authors to earn more money on their books. If they set it up, you’d have to pay money to get the chapters like, say a week earlier, while if you didn’t pay you’d have to wait the week. I think it’s stupid considering its an amateur site, if people really wanted to earn money they could sell it on Amazon, and most of the ones good enough to do that already are, (and there’s like 5 of them, tops). I feel there’s going to be crappy novels asking for money, when they really have no right to be asking for it IMO. An amateur site should be used for increasing your skill and asking for feedback, not to earn cash.

          If you don’t know what “The Group” is, it’s the new “official” review team for RR. Unfortunately the majority of their reviews are just bashing on the works without giving any ideas to get better. The most I’ve seen them give on a story is 3.5 stars, and I’ve only seen them give a proper review once out of the multiple I read. A few authors have left the site or just straight up dropped their works because of them already. And for some reason RR is supporting them.

          1. It’s really that bad? I’ve been inactive there for so long…I just sometime jump the to see if some of my old favorite became active again…
            Those of my favorites that still post (must of them) there have opened their own site so I just visit them at their individual site to support them…and yes not all the authors migrated, but my reading list is so long that once a moth is enough of visit for them…

  2. Now i know Ren is alive
    It’s time to ask when the next chapter released?
    I put an all-nighter and i’ll bot sleep until i read the next chapter >.<

    Btw the old forums gone? ._.

  3. Hey Ren, a quick question about the original stories section. Do we make a thread for a single series, or a thread for each new chapter, or what? I’m just a little confused on how it works and was curious if you’d be able to clear that up.

      1. Thanks for clarifying. Was a little lost on that. Also a couple more question if you don’t mind. Can we post links to our websites if we have them up? Do we post the chapter in the thread? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just really excited right now.

        1. You can post links to your website, but also the text of each chapter! What I don’t want is to see what some people have done to SPCNET; just treat it as a place for advertising their website rather than posting any content.

          1. Okay, thank you very much for taking the time to answer. I’m pretty freakin’ hyped about all this, especially since I have a couple short story ideas as well as my main series.

          1. Nope! Just keep in mind what the readerbase here is for though. Err, only restriction is nothing pornographic xD

  4. Btw this is somewhat off-topic but I’ll ask anyway, what’s the difference in fanfic and original work? they both mean the same thing, a new story? isn’t it??
    I mean there was two threads for them in Community Creations, so I’m kinda confused

      1. ooh! so it’s like sequel or something, hmm well I was confused since at RRL all originals and FFs are mixed up all under Fan fiction thread 🙂
        Btw there’re no genre restrictions right? like only wuxia and xianxia at WW forum??
        cuz one of my friends has a nice one but it’s not wuxia neither xianxia, it’s a slice of life kinda story. So is it okay if I tell her to post it here?

          1. They probably only want moar cd chapters…

            PS. don´t lie yuzu, we all know that you don´t have any friends, so were it you who wrote it?

          2. Yeah like I have time to write stories! well I like to give it a try but I think no one’ll be so bored to read mine. *siiiigh*

            I posted the prologue for Niki’s story in my blog it’s called ‘Grey’ it’s a great story but more of a tragedy so not my favourite!
            btw I’m the lord editor for it! bwahahaha! 😀

  5. I’m not a huge fan of Fanfics/OC going on the front page. I don’t mind people making it or posting it on the forums but I’m not crazy about seeing it pop up here and on aho-updates when I’m looking for releases. Japtem and RoyalRoad both focused on translating but added in the original stuff and eventually they became 99% fanfics and OC. If they do make it to the front page I’d much rather it be in a daily roundup kind of post by RWX that has all of the OC updates for that day. That way they get their recognition but there doesn’t become a massive amount of posts pushing translations down if there becomes something like 50 partnered series. I understand they wont be doing daily releases but if 50 do 1 a week that’s 7 posts a day and there’s only 10 post spots on the front page.

    1. There will be major renovations going on to the front page as well in the coming time period! In addition, I will be tightly curating the OC’s that make their way to the site proper! 🙂

  6. Neat! Maybe I’ll give the original stories board a shot 😉
    By the way, what’s going on with that old system you had put up that tallied the number of comments someone had made and turned it into a level system? It slowed down the site a lot if I remember 😛
    With the addition of the forum, are there going to be any updates on that?

  7. Thank you soooo much Yn5an3 and Ren…this is extremely exciting. The changes on WW are so awesome and it’s really hard to expect when things will come out and what sort of changes will occur. You guys always keep me on my toes!

  8. About age of heroes, it gets better after that part (growing up arc) and I really like the recent chapters,the things about war strategies, battles, some political games and so on. I did say there are some weak points in characters (afterall MC’s bit weird) but I like those types of stories

    Ah I already read ‘don’t fear the reaper’ and it’s good not like all those VRMMO stories, other ones I’ll check them out, thanks!

    PS. Internet is slow and I’m using my phone now so YOUTUBE BYE BYE! btw tsk,tsk, shame on you fakey! not even missing this princess when she’s away, no wonder you have no friends! hmph!

  9. Awesome! Glad to see a Fanfic section 🙂

    Now if I can only write a story I’m satisfied with..

    Well.. maybe some day XD Now, off to check out the forums 😀

  10. Hi, I have been a lurker for so long; After all these new translators with all these new and exciting projects came onboard i thought i should show my appreciation, so here iam posting about it.
    If you’re looking at new series to translate here is my little suggestion “傲世九重天 (Transcending The Nine Heavens)”.
    Nightbreeze was translating it but he stopped at Chapter 7; I So want to read further’ just hoping that you could pick it up.

  11. Hey RWX,

    (Just to let you know the Jetpack plugin that allows wordpress users to log in is broken. Well at least for me it is)

    Secondly I was wondering if the forums would be an applicable place to post chapter releases of projects which are currently established. (Basically another place like the forums at “”) Otherwise, the updates which you are working on look great! look forward to the front page rework and other exciting changes that are coming to the site.


      1. Ok, so then could I theoretically post chapters there that are also released elsewhere? I know WuxiaWorld itself has a policy where chapters get posted on WW first (or something along the lines of that), So could I post identical chapters at the same time on the forums?

        Sorry for the questions, I edit/manage some LN projects and I always enjoy grabbing new readers. (or at least spreading the word a bit :P)


        1. Yep, absolutely! As long as it’s not a situation where you throw up five or six chapters, then just put up a link and say ‘come to my website if you want to keep reading’ ;P. It doesn’t have to be ‘exclusive’ to Wuxiaworld, but it does have to be ‘inclusive’.

      1. You have to log into, and after that, click the option that says “Log in with wuxiaworld”. That way, your user will be transferred for the first time. After that I think you can log in with the email/user combination.

        We are working to make things clear with certain aspects of the forum, and one of those that needs changes is the authentication module.

        Thanks for your work, btw. xD

        1. It’s my pleasure 😀

          I see an option “Or you can…” but nothing underneath it. Is it google-related? Since I’m behind the Great Firewall, a lot of google things are blocked. I guess I should fire up my VPN and see if that helps…

          1. If you are logged into WW, that “Or you can…” option should display something like “Log in with Wuxiaworld: Deathblade”, and your user avatar. You only need cookies, AFAIK, so it should be there for you (More work incoming T_T). Can you try with the “remember me option” enabled in WW?

            The VPN won’t help you, because the Single Sign On only uses a request to WuxiaWorld itself. If that works let me know anyways.

            But yeah, that’s one of the changes I want to make. It’s useless to have that text showing with no options, among other things.

            If the problem persists, I’ll set up your user manually, and you’ll be able to log in with your email.

          2. I’ve done all of that. Plus I logged in and out, refreshed, etc. Still not working and not seeing anything besides “or you can…” My guess is it’s something to do with the Great Firewall. Anything internet-related here in the mainland is a headache times 10,000. My vpn isn’t working at the moment, so I couldn’t check that route. I’m curious if Xiao Lai has had any similar problems….

            Incidentally, mainland China really is weird. For example, the site stats will never load for me at home, on any computer. But at work (which is a couple miles away) they will load.

            Urggghhh. Life in China……

          3. The forum performs a call to a certain url from Wuxiaworld when you click the sign in options. If it is successful, then the “Log in with Wuxiaworld” button appears. Maybe, as you say, that call is being blocked by the firewall. I would really like to know, if that’s the case, how much money are they expending to get enough computing power in order to accomplish that. xD

            Just let me know if the VPN fails, and I’ll create your user.

  12. Thank you Ren and Yn5an3 (and congrats for the additional server, LOL) for the new forums…and my recommendation for the for the old database, leave it as is. You can corrupt(/cloture) your new database quit easily by trying to migrate..
    Instead of migration, you can archive(it’s easy..) your old forum and make it accessible to others…

    1. Thanks.

      I also think that the best course of action is to start with a fresh forum. It’s not really possible for me to assure that a migration wouldn’t cause all kinds of problems with the new forum. And the amount of time it would take is not exactly insignificant. We’ll see, after the new forum is running and all the bugs are squashed, if it is worth the work and the risk it entails.

      1. Speaking from pure experience.
        It will cloture(and can quit possibly corrupt) your database.
        Well…there is a way not to clutter the DB, but it’s bothersome…if you won’t use some tool for the migration and manually retype the DB (done it once myself xD) you can import the DB without corrupting/cloturring, LOL. NOT SOMETHING I RECOMMEND. *sigh*

        Ps. Is quit the right word to use here? Because I think not, but can’t remember the right spelling for the word….
        Ps2. Thank you for the behind the scenes work that you do, we(as in the readers) don’t thank you enough, so again. Thank you 😉

        1. I like working here (and the novels xD). I really appreciate your words. 😀

          Yes, I know that can be a lot of work. Specially considering how posts and options are stored in wordpress. The worst part is the results are not guaranteed. That’s why I’m not a fig fan of moving the contents from BBpress to Vanilla (the new forum).

          If it’s finally migrated, all the work would be done by hand, because as you’ve said, automated tools are programmed to fit the most general case, and that means they won’t be really selective with the information they pick. I prefer not to think in the amount of time it would take me T_T.

          In regards to the meaning of cloture, I’m not a native speaker, but I don’t recall having heard it before. I get what you wanted to say anyways. 🙂

  13. Umm so the text portion of the fourm when i was on it was not mobile friendly…. You cant even cooy and paste on an i phone… It would be nice if this could be looked into 🙂
    Thank you and great job!

      1. Copy paste function is disabled on the mobile forums. (using windows phone if that helps)

        As much as I would love to donate you an Iphone for testing, my budget doesn’t allow for it. (Hence the windows phone :P)

      2. O.o I lied, it does work… Idk I just kept zooming in and out… maybe its just a windows phone thing.

        *Chucks phone out the window and runs away*

        It wasn’t me… I swear!


    1. That was my fault, actually. Can you check again to see if the options show up? You may need to delete cache (ctrl + f5) to get the correct page.

      There are other changes planned. But I need time to correct the bugs first.

      1. so it was you the eater of food threads!! who deleted my thread about food… how could you!!! have yea no shame and respect for all da holy food!! sniff sniff, that thread were my life #cry

  14. hmm so my account here on does not work on the forum….i try to sign in there and it says launguage string failed when it makes me request a password….but it works fine onhere….going to confirm this for mobile…..but as of right now i cannot use fourms 🙁

      1. Clicking the same option, “Log in with Wuxiaworld”, after the first time should log you in automatically without further interaction.

        Can you paste here the error message you got on the previous try?

        And if that does not work, after setting up the account, you can just use your email/password to log in again.

        1. Edit: it works just fine on my iphone, but i cant use the text editor to fine edit..

          ” your account does not have a password assigned to it, click here to reset your password…

          So i click put in my email adress and hit request new password!

          ……and a red box pood up that says language string faild to load: tsl

          1. That’s a problem with the mail server settings, thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to solve it ASAP.

          1. I plan to modify that later on. I have my hands full with other bugs.

            Thanks for notifying us 🙂

    1. Can you elaborate a little bit? I can’t help you unless I have more information to identify the problem.

      For example, post into a comment the error message it shows.

        1. Hmmm… that’s a good one. I don’t really believe there shouldn’t be any problem, since the SSO timeout should only happen in the event this site went down. Did it happen again today?

          If so I’ll try to debug the damm thing, but I’d be seriously happy if it is not necessary. T_T

          1. Yea, its happened today. I’ll try once again. If its still isnt working, i’ll tell u asap

          2. Wait wait, don’ try again tomorrow just for my sake. I’ll have a look at it, maybe there’s something strange going on with you user when you try to log in.

          3. -_____-” ten so times still failed. Shud i register a new one? But i’m a lazy one when it comes to creating account.

          4. xD Only if you are in a hurry. I’ll try to log in with your account. I’ll replace your password for some time ok? I’ll send you an email when I’m finished. Of course, that’s if you agree. After testing, I’ll restore your current pass.

            Just as a note, I can not see the pass itself, only the hash that resumes it, so I have no means to know your password.

  15. So it seems that even though im logged into the website im not logged into the forum and when i try to log in the forum it says that the username doesn’t exist and i can’t even reset my password from the forum side…Can you help with this

    1. Maybe the email with the link to reset the password is in the spam folder. Google really likes to send our emails to spam, it doesn’t matter how many security measures we add.

      Did you use the “Log with Wuxiaworld” option?

      1. When i tried to reset the password it stated that the email address i used wasn’t in the database but its ok now because im able to log into the forums…so whatever you did fixed it

  16. Hey when im using my mobile phone to access wuxiaworld then a couple seconds later a paulgrenwood pop-up virus shows up and its only on this site on my phone sooo i dont know is it the site or what. normally you wouldnt ask the site because the problem would be your phone buuut i used a CM Security and cleaner master app to check if anything wrong and found nothing.

    1. never mind

      got freaking mad because could not read on wuxiaworld and resetted the´whole thing. there was on it anyway besides youtube and wordpress :p

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