Lunch chapter coming late today

Hi guys, since a number of y’all get nervous if the chapters come late without warning, FYI the lunch chapter might be delayed today, because we are having a working lunch event, so I won’t be able to translate during my lunch break today. That being said, today should be an early release day, so while the lunch chapter might be late, it should still be a 3 chapter day. Cheers!

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    1. Well, there is technically a relationship. It may be minor like Executor said but the events in CD is what created the ST universe. I’d say more but I don’t know if there is a spoiler tag here. has some great wuxia and xianxia novels including ST (which had an update today, YAY!) if you are looking for more. Oh and if you like CD and ST then check out Swallowed Star. It’s by the same author and is fairly interesting. I personally like CD and ST more but it is still good.

  1. Lol when I notticed it was twelve I was like oh no he manned, I was so scared “sniff”. I felt like have to go hunt you down with meh rifle


    Was suprised though

  2. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms here. Have to be patient, patient, patient, patient… argh! the wait is killing me.

    On another note, how will his fame shake the world? I mean yeah, becoming a Saint peak-level expert at the age of 27, while being a ninth stage Arch Magus, who came to a draw after fighting the prodigy Olivier, is more than enough to cause a commotion around the world. But that doesn’t ‘shake’ the world. Of course, it will have something to do with the WG, and I want to know. Gosh, someone spoil me. Send me a message or something… 😛

          1. imagin a cone with the top and bottom those north and south seas and the sun and moon orbits it like it was roling

  3. Haha, Ren you should slow down a little and give yourself some time, it looks like you are not going to be able to clear the queue for more than a few minutes ever again until you finish CD XD.

  4. *coughs out blood* Ren! He lied!


    He only said chaps would be late..

    *more exaggerated coughing with blood leaking down the corner of the mouth*

    Who knew after his last post warning us of the chapter going to be out late, 8 hours later the 1st chapter of the day has yet to appear..

    i..cannot hold out much longer..

      1. I’ll see you in Re;Monster’s world my friend.. lets hope we can become Rou’s cronies or least a powerful underlings.

        With the little bit of time i have left.. i’ll search up on any useful things that can come in handy for the new world..(for the sake of the story plot where every MAIN Character conveniently has many knowledge of useful things)

        i don’t have much time to learn how to make guns or learn marital arts of many different kinds. so.. any suggestions?

        @kuro: Suxs to just wait there and only be used once is a while or if yr lucky you’ll get fingered frequently~

        PS: when you’re dead.. as a spirit you can’t type on the dam keyboard!

          1. My wolf pack deserted me after my insisted need for chapters they got mad at my fidgeting after which I got an ulcer & died.

            Reincarnation was forestalled I can’t reincarnate till God changes his mind but he said I took the cookie so he sent loli sama to teach me their own version of the pecking order but it sucks cause I’m an s and Every time I try to do something yandere throws a hideyoshi at me and I can’t help but cry so I re read Id and cry some more cause I’ll never see the ending

  5. ugh… Guys!
    Lets all just go read Legendary Moonlight Sculpturer(i miss Weed’s salesmanship scam) again or Mushoku Tensei(i miss my 3 waifus) or Stellar Transformation(i miss.. uhh.. i’ve got nothing..) OR all 3 of them!

    That’ll take a while and by then we would have more then enough chapters waiting for us!

    Ohh.. now dats a great idea hehe..

    1. Go read Ark then. Turtle is really fast working on it and his translation is super! I always get a new chapter coming there.. Oh btw, LMS progress bar is already 90% since yesterday, im sure it’s gonna come out anytime, you guys should go there and keep refreshing xD

      1. Speaking of LMS, lets try what the players in the auctions did by starting the auction by adding 1 to the bid, lets try it by whoever visits the page can add 1 dollar to the qeue! (Withdrawal symptoms worsening, dont pay attention to me guys, *splurts blood*)

  6. What if Ren has met a woman at his work lunch thing and now they are moving to Antarctica where he will never release a chapter of coiling dragon again. T.T Damn my hyperactive imagination.

  7. For all we know, Ren might be reading all this, laughing at us, while sipping wine and translating. Then later he will double post or triple post Q_Q. (Such wishful thinking)

  8. Wheres the chapter Ren!! *coughs blood*

    Even though I’ve been reading ahead the direct chinese RAWs using google translate…the quality of your work is so worth the read.

    P.S. I cant wait for you to reach book 12!!

  9. first i want to say thanks for the chapters and thanks to the people that donate and such i actually really enjoyed these books read them all in 3ish days and was one of the best ones i read so far so once again thank you very much

    1. Henrik, it is a bug with the mobile theme that sometimes it comes up when it should be on the desktop version. Sadly, we’ve yet to be able to find what is causing it 🙁

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