Lord of All Realms Chapter 38

Here comes the new chapter.

Wanna see how Nie Tian handles a fight in the Green Illusion Dimension?

Check this one out.


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I need to buy a laptop, so I can work when I go to my wife’s hometown. Her cousin is getting married…

Don’t know which brand to pick. Help me my lords. (It’s only for work use)

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  1. I personally think that Lenovo has some pretty great laptops, though they might be on the expensive side if you’re not planning to use it too much. Honestly, just look for a laptop that is pretty sturdy so you can keep it around for a while. Also, thanks a ton for the chapter.

  2. I would recommend Dell or HP, Lenovo tends to have a ton of unnecessary software installed on them when bought, as well as they’ve had security issues in the past. I personally use an HP laptop. The HP Pavilion series is a solid line of laptops with the lowest going down to around $400 USD.

  3. Any brand with quad core 2.1(5) processor and either integrated intel hd 5xxx series or gtx 950-960, medium budget laptops but they are all built nicely and should last a long time while providing optimal preformance. As for prefered brands it would be acer, asus and toshiba. You can go for low budget laptops but just make sure it has a minimum of 2.1 quad core processor and 4gb of ram otherwise prepare for slow preformance after you instal a bit more than necessary programs.

  4. Hi,
    I beleive you should ignore the brand because most computers this days have pretty much the same hardware…
    Just look for a laptop with a long span warranty for the internal parts.
    If it is work related i’ll recommend a laptop with an ssd hard drive, about 4 gb ram and i3 or i5 proccessor.

  5. I’d go for a Macbook Air. In my experience, apple laptops generally have more longterm stability and reliability than others, and the Air is in their medium price range, built for lightness and mobility.

    I also believe amitn’s advice up above is worth consideration.

  6. you could try a Chromebook, fairly sturdy, and although they can only do work processing it seems as though that is what you need it for. They are also very cheap and portable. However they do have the one downside that you need an internet connection otherwise google docs (they don’t have MS word) goes a bit funny.

    If you have pretty much constant internet access then get a Chromebook, otherwise some dell/hp laptops are quite good for the price

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