Lord of All Realms – Index

Lord of All Realms (万域之王) 
by Ni Cangtian (逆蒼天)

Translated by: Alcohol Sword Immortal
Edited by: Deathblade/Zach

Translator’s Synopsis:

In ancient times, there existed giant spirits capable of supporting the heavens. With bodies as enormous as stars, they soared across the universe. Great clan leaders with mysterious blood running through their veins shattered the void and created new worlds. Ancient Qi Warriors crossed a river of stars to enlighten numerous mortal beings. For unknown reasons, an era silently came to an end, all realms were separated, ancient giant spirits disappeared one after another. Thousands of years later, young Nie Tian managed to travel back into ancient times with the help of a drop of blood…

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – An Unstable Situation
Chapter 2 – Lot-drawing Convention
Chapter 3 – The Vilest Event in the History of Nie Clan!
Chapter 4 – Liu Yan’s Confusion
Chapter 5 – Undefeated Record
Chapter 6 – An Unknown Force
Chapter 7 – The Price of Victory
Chapter 8 – Outbreak of a Strange Disease
Chapter 9 – A Foreign Doctor
Chapter 10 – The Fever Subsides
Chapter 11 – The Miraculous Dreamland
Chapter 12 – The Inconstant Nature of People
Chapter 13 – Another Conflict
Chapter 14 – Reappearance of the Strange Power!
Chapter 15 – Interloper
Chapter 16 – The Fire-consuming Animal Bone
Chapter 17 – A Drop of Blood
Chapter 18 – A Bottomless Pit
Chapter 19 – Mine #73
Chapter 20 – Collapse
Chapter 21 – Advancing by Leaps and Bounds
Chapter 22 – An Impasse
Chapter 23 – Not Leaving a Single Trace
Chapter 24 – Burned to Ashes
Chapter 25 – A Different Place
Chapter 26 – The Epiphany
Chapter 27 – A Major Stir
Chapter 28 – The Sectmaster Visits!
Chapter 29 – Strike With Another’s Power
Chapter 30 – Li Fan’s Incitement!
Chapter 31 – Unswayed
Chapter 32 – A Style of Punching!
Chapter 33 – A Command Medallion From Out of Nowhere
Chapter 34 – The Trial
Chapter 35 – The Surging Undercurrent
Chapter 36 – Green Illusion Dimension
Chapter 37 – The Ghost Sect and Blood Sect
Chapter 38 – Fierce Fight!
Chapter 39 – The Inner Conflict!
Chapter 40 – First Display of Talent
Chapter 41 – Iceclaw Monkey
Chapter 42 – Were I Wrong, Take My Life!
Chapter 43 – Settling The Victory
Chapter 44 – Yuan Feng From the Grayvale Sect
Chapter 45 – A Feud Begins
Chapter 46 – Is There More?
Chapter 47 – Days of Incomparable Satisfaction
Chapter 48 – Traces of the Ghost Sect
Chapter 49 – One More Casualty
Chapter 50 – Another Layer of Shadow
Chapter 51 – Signal for Help
Chapter 52 – The Might of One Punch!
Chapter 53 – The Energy Is Seven Times Richer!
Chapter 54 – Help From The Heavens
Chapter 55 – Reversal of the Wheel of Fate
Chapter 56 – Leaving The Team
Chapter 57 – Risky Cultivation
Chapter 58 – Battle of Psychic Power!
Chapter 59 – Slash!
Chapter 60 – A Tremendous Crisis
Chapter 61 – Ancient Underground Palace
Chapter 62 – Drastic Turn of Events
Chapter 63 – The Eighth Level of Qi Refining!
Chapter 64 – Kill!
Chapter 65 – The Real and Unreal Yuan Fengs
Chapter 66 – Like an Unwavering Mountain
Chapter 67 – Giant Shadow in the Void!
Chapter 68 – Blood Cocoon Incantation
Chapter 69 – Back to the Starting Point
Chapter 70 – The Chance to Talk
Chapter 71 – Seizing the Opportunity to Cultivate
Chapter 72 – Patching A Lie
Chapter 73 – You’re the Worst!

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      1. Daoist Beer-Chaser-Blade (Hehehe) I like the first 15 chapters and while I still can control my urge b4 reading it every update, I shall stop with Chapter 20 for now… for the next, well, maybe 1 year(?) so that I can binge read it with panting gaits and reading abandon.

        Man, this is a hooking story if you are in the right “mood” for a read after a very busy day of work.

        Good job on this, story. Hope we won’t see your name and this project in one of the stories in Qidian Int.’s English site. I think my heart will break if a good friend of Master Ren would walk out of the WW Community again.

        This Monkey welcomes you, Translator Daoist, and I am convinced that with my standards of an awesome story, this story wouldn’t disappoint. I’ll be seeing you around!


  1. Yeah… so this is like Emperor’s Domination ?
    MC know all is gonna happen , flowless cultivation etc..

    I’m more into A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
    No OP power up , reincarnation

    1. This is nothing like ED there’s no reincarnation/has memories of things that happened long ago and he has practically no knowledge of what he is and in the beginning he’s kinda on the dumb side in fact the only thing that is similar to the two novels is that both mc’s are brutes that like to fight with their fists.

    2. Your assumption is far off the mark. The MC has no knowledge / secret foresight in any shape or form. The novel starts during his childhood like age 10 or so (some scenes as a baby). In regards to the going back in time thing, its more like a realm that early on he visits once for like a chapter or two, gaining some insights but nothing groundbreaking. It is the opposite actually, so Emperor’s Domination has a difference of Heaven and Earth.

    1. Oh!! I just checked it, its just a different name on Novel updates, It is harem and a bad one at that. Damn!! I am in search for a good one. Would have loved if DB-Sama picked A will Eternal instead of this. Please!!

      1. DeathBlade is still translating AWE, it’s his friend, BeerBlade, that’s working on this. If anything DB will just be helping a bit from the sidelines.

      1. Dude, you should talk with Daoist Brother “Immortal Fapping Machine” and Fellow Daoist “Right-Handed Cultivation” you guys are practicing the same Dao in your names.


        I love this community.

        There are a lot of Daoist Names here that will make you laugh and smile.

  2. Welcome! Thanks for picking this up! I’ve been so looking forward to this being picked up again, especially with it coming to WW. I expect you’ll have great success here, so, thanks again!

  3. Sweet someone finally picked this back up now I just need to wait till it gets back to chapter 119 where It left off on xianxiaworld before their mass release of unedited/untranslated chapter posts.

  4. i dropped it before at WD/XW because translation was bad, and 20+ chapters were missing here and there.
    glad that WW picked it up and HYPED THAT THEY ARE STARTING FROM THE BEGINNING!!!
    there are so many such novels, i can only hope that WW picks up more of them in the future !

  5. Thank you!!! Truly thank you!!!

    Stopped this at chap 150 something when I realized that some chaps were missing!!!!
    #CatWait #HeavensHaveEyes!!

  6. If i am not mistaken this novel should also be called king of myraid domains? I read a translated a version of it on a website which had 150+ chapters, why don’t you start from that point instead from the beginning?

      1. What? No, because they could just bring the already translated chapters over instead of starting over. I did read in some earlier comments that the older translations are poor/missing chapters. That’s probably the real reason.

  7. Welcome to WuxiaWorld alcohol sword immortal/beerblade
    king of myriad domains was on my list to read this month but removed it because there was some chapters missing in xianxiaworld(and it was dropped ) but now it came to WW with a translator who is a Sword Immortal and boost himself with alcohol. Interesting!

      1. Then you should add the monicker ‘Drunken Sword Immortal’ or so xD

        you shoult visit sometime for a good Irish/Scottish whiskey, comes really good with a pipe or a cigar.

        e.g. Isle of Aran, Ledaig (Isle of Mull) etc.

  8. finally…. now comes the decision of whether I should read the whole thing again in case something changed or just wait until 126 where I’m stuck ~_~

    1. That was a choice I was pondering over, but I decided I’d re-read all novels that were under 200 chapters no matter how good or bad the previous translation was if another translator starts it over. They tend to change lots of terms that they believe would fit it better, and after only that much it wouldn’t be that hard to re-read.

  9. It’s an interesting series. A bit too slow starting but I’m sure it’ll pick up soon enough. Any information on the release schedule for this? Is it a daily release? I noticed it’s not in the list on the front page.

    1. It is on the front page man. I’ll keep a minimum of one chapter a day, and try to speed up in the future.

  10. This is a really good novel but it has another name on another website. It is called King of Myriad Domain. Although I am happy it was picked up here because the translations were dropped before.

  11. This book looks really good! Got my attention caught like a deer stuck in headlights. If possible can someone let me know what the update schedule is like for this? Thanks in advance!

    1. I can guarantee one chapter a day with my current speed, and I’ll try my best to increase if you all like it:)

  12. Doesn’t this also go as ‘The King of the Myraid Domains’? Was translated up to like 150 before they just used some google translate software or something and kept doing that until like 200 or something. Ended up dropping it around there because they didn’t even bother editing for grammar and left the original chinese between each line >.>

  13. Ohh! I read the bad translation on another site for this and hated it… maybe with an actually good translation this might be better 🙂 Will give it another shot

  14. Just fyi in case I’m not actually being stupid today, but this index page was seemingly impossible to find. In the end I had to visit other story indexes to see what the addresses on this site usually look like, then manually type in /loar-index just to find it. Am I missing something obvious? :/

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