Legends of Ogre Gate (魔界传奇) – Index

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Dreams and poems are the stuff that legends make
But in the end, legends are little more than people

In some tales, Sunan and Bao are heroes. In other tales they are martyrs. In some songs they become gods. In other songs they die horrible deaths. In all stories, they are heroes, lovers, legends. After a thousand years, it can be difficult to separate the myth from the reality, to extract the fact from the fantasy. This is the true story of Sunan and Bao, who became the legends of the Ogre Gate.

Map of Qi Xien during the reign of the Demon Emperor

Table of Contents – (Spanish)

Spanish Translation here

Prologue: Time
Chapter 1: A Brush
Chapter 2: Five Spades
Chapter 3: Benches
Chapter 4: A Sissy to Fight
Chapter 5: Crunch
Chapter 6: Finger Nails
Chapter 7: A Finger
Chapter 8: Hail of Arrows
Chapter 9: Under the Pillow
Chapter 10: That Spot
Chapter 11: Cats and Rats
Chapter 12: Disdain of the Ogre
Chapter 13: Lessons Not Learned
Chapter 14: Rooftops
Chapter 15: It Has To Work This Time!
Chapter 16: The Only Question
Chapter 17: Crazy!
Chapter 18: The Whole Bowl
Chapter 19: Girls Younger and Skinnier
Chapter 20: Like a Grape
Chapter 21: I REFUSE!
Chapter 22: Wu-Sunan
Chapter 23: We’ve Got Company
Chapter 24: You Really Shouldn’t Have Done That
Chapter 25: Protect Daolu!
Chapter 26: Metalsmith
Chapter 27: An Eye
Chapter 28: Confident
Chapter 29: Scouts
Chapter 30: Tree Protectors
Chapter 31: Delicacies
Chapter 32: Anything!
Chapter 33: Three Pieces of Paper
Chapter 34: Blue
Chapter 35: A Jade Bottle
Chapter 36: Perhaps
Chapter 37: Sit Down
Chapter 38: Dianxue v. Cathartic Attacks
Chapter 39: Wind
Chapter 40: Poetry and Dreams
Chapter 41: Urgent News
Chapter 42: Qinggong
Chapter 43: Surprise!
Chapter 44: City Walls
Chapter 45: A Golden Spear
Chapter 46: A Message
Chapter 47: Explosive Flight of the Dragon and Phoenix
Chapter 48: A Zhen Bird
Chapter 49: Two Boxes
Chapter 50: Meteor Hammers
Chapter 51: Sulfur. Saltpeter. Charcoal.
Chapter 52: Doors and Padlocks
Chapter 53: The Timeless Master
Chapter 54: Council Meeting
Chapter 55: Two Knives
Chapter 56: A Vial
Chapter 57: The Shan
Chapter 58: An Ancient Character
Chapter 59: Scroll Painting
Chapter 60: An Offer
Chapter 61: Chrysanthemum Lake
Chapter 62: Zun Shan
Chapter 63: A Debate
Chapter 64: Flying Crocodiles?
Chapter 65: The Speaker
Chapter 66: Ping
Chapter 67: A Letter
Chapter 68: Bronze Drum
Chapter 69: Footprints
Chapter 70: Fierce Fighting
Chapter 71: Sending A Message To The Demon Emperor
Chapter 72: Zhizhu Coral
Chapter 73: Magistrate Zhou and Kang Zhenya

Note from the author: I’m very proud to bring you Legends of Ogre Gate, which is set in the universe of the tabletop RPG Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. It elaborates on the mythology and legends of the game, and is not based on any particular game campaign or session, although the prologue does feature one of the characters I created when playtesting the game. Many of the characters and major plot points in the story are described in the game rulebook, which means that some spoilers are available for those who purchase it. However, spoilers of any type are forbidden here on wuxiaworld, so please, no spoilers in the comments! I really hope you enjoy the story!