Legend of the Dragon King – Chapter 172

Apologies for the late chapter once again (I really hate having this happen so often)! Here’s the fifth regular of the week. The sixth and final regular will come in the following day after it has been edited!

On the bright side, I’ll be back to my usual dual monitor setup soon so TL speed powerup!

This is also the final chapter of book 2 and we will be starting book 3 with chapter 173! Look forward to it! Being caught up with the raws, I can assure you all that the hype only grows exponentially.


I couldn’t find a high-res picture of the book 3 cover, but I did find a nice scan of the character art. Take a look!

Xie Xie Character Art


Translator: Ruze
Editors: Moonclipse, Spud

LDK Chapter 172

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