Legend of the Dragon King – Chapter 144

Hi readers~

Here’s the final regular chapter of the week.

Looks like I’ll have some time to get some sponsored chapters out this week… Pls don’t add more to the queue. ;_;

Translator: Ruze
Editors: Spud, Hafoza

LDK Chapter 144

4 thoughts on “Legend of the Dragon King – Chapter 144” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Actually, this donation bar has been accumulated through several weeks (three or four weeks I don’t know…), and the translator didn’t clear the queue each week, so it ended up like this.

      He is too busy to clear the queue each week, so he is suggested to pick up the habit and try to complete regular and sponsored chapters each week to keep up to date. (Please note that he has currently other Chinese novels to be translated along with this LDK story, so that is why he is feeling getting strangled.)

      1. Actually, I actually only translate LDK right now. I do work on other novels in other capacities (not translating) and do other stuff that brings you guys more quality chapters (of other novels) though.

        But yea, I’ve actually just fallen behind due to the demon known as exams (which are still ongoing for me ;_;).

        1. All the best with your exam Hyperdimensional Space Vampire…I cant wait till you can do the regular translation for LDK ? Personally I enjoy reading it because the developement is getting better and better on every chapter ? thank you for your hard work..hehe

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