Learn of the Dao of Alchemy! Read ISSTH Book 3, Chapter 234!

This chapter title contains what I would consider a major spoiler. There is a cool moment within the chapter that will not be as cool if you know the chapter title. Therefore, I’ve put the chapter title at the end. If you REALLY want the chapter title before the chapter, simply scroll down to check it out.

Chapter 234: Spoiler Chapter Title
Translator: Deathblade – Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers – Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob

This is the seventh and final guaranteed chapter of the week! Minor translation change….

“Personal disciple” is now “personal apprentice”

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  1. LOVE you guys! first thing i do when i wake up: check wuxiaworld, last thing i do before sleep: check wuxiaworld.. (and about 50-100 refresh over the course of the day) /HUG <3

  2. ive been looking spoiler at forums..
    And at redit you really not giving us full spoiler like ATG.. and thumbs up.. huhuhu..
    Thanks for Everyday Chapter.
    Keep it up.

  3. The plot is very interesting. The MC and the adventures are exciting but the only thing I hate the most is the author drags the storyline by repeating the same thing over and over…..
    I do understand that they get paid per word but I think he’s going overboard. It is a bit too much 🙁
    Sometimes it really upsets me and I want to drop it but I can’t. Lol

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