LDK Chapter 328

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Chapter 328 – The World Isn’t Fair

Tang Wulin sighed. There’s nothing that can be done then. I’ll just have to help Xie Xie pay off his debts.

“Xie Xie, do you accept your punishment?” Elder Cai asked.

In response to those words, Xie Xie lowered his head. “Yes, I accept it. This was all my fault. If I had striven to be more aware of what was going on around me, Yuanen Yehui wouldn’t have had to suffer such an embarrassment. I’ll accept the punishment.”

Seeing the sincerity in his eyes, Elder Cai nodded, her expression softening. She turned to Yuanen. “Yuanen Yehui, he peeped on you and has admitted to being guilty. However, you were still wrong to injure him in your rage. According to the investigation, if not for the other students stepping in to stop you, you really might have killed Xie Xie. I can understand your embarrassment as a girl, but Xie Xie’s mistake is not worth his life. Moreover, you already injured him heavily, so don’t think about getting revenge on him later on.”

Yuanen Yehui’s breathing grew more ragged by the second, jaws tight and hands balled into shaking fists, though she managed to remain silent.

“Hm?” Within Elder Cai’s eyes shined a perceptive light, a wave of pressure instantly crashing upon everyone present.

“Mn.” Yuanen Yehui finally nodded, tears streaming down her face.

Satisfied, Elder Cai turned to Yue Zhengyu. “As for you, Yue Zhengyu, I know that your Holy Angel clan takes it upon yourselves to eradicate evil soul masters, but Yuanen Yehui isn’t one. She has twin martial souls, with the the main one being the Titan Giant Ape. Moreover, the Academy has even investigated her and judged that she isn’t an evil soul master. Despite being warned by an enforcer previously, you chose to act independently against her. Since you ignored the judgement of the Academy, we cannot pardon you for your actions this time. For your punishment, you will have to clean Spirit Ice Plaza by yourself for an entire month. In addition, you will pay five thousand contribution points to Yuanen Yehui for her mental trauma, understood?”

“I…” Yue Zhengyu still didn’t believe he had done wrong and was reluctant to accept punishment. However, as a member of the Holy Angel clan, he understood just how terrifying the Silver Moon Douluo was. Talking back was not an option for him! He could have broken something with how fast he nodded. “I’ll accept my punishment.”

Elder Cai now directed her lion’s gaze at Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, and Xu Xiaoyan.

“As working students, you should have understood the situation clearly before you acted.  Especially you, Tang Wulin. Don’t forget you are the class president of the first grade. Yet, all of you charged in like idiots. I don’t care what you thought the circumstances were, you all mishandled the situation. Except for Gu Yue who didn’t act, and as such won’t be penalized. Xu Xiaoyan, you’re fined one thousand contribution points, and Tang Wulin, you’re fined ten thousand contribution points. Five of those ten thousand are to be paid to Yuanen Yehui as mental trauma compensation. Understood?”

W-what? Tang Wulin raised his head to look at Elder Cai, eyes wide. Ten thousand? But Xie Xie was fined fifteen thousand for peeping on her! Why am I being fined so much when I didn’t even do anything?

“I don’t accept this!” Tang Wulin blurted out without the slightest hesitation. He would have been fine with a punishment like Yue Zhengyu’s, but it was different when it came to money! First-grade thousand refined metal could be sold for about two thousand contribution points, but that didn’t take into account the material costs. Acquiring the metal to forge took quite a large chunk out of his profits.

Everyone stared at him in shock the moment the words left his mouth. He actually dares talk back to Elder Cai?

“You don’t accept? Twenty thousand then.” Elder Cai said indifferently.

Gu Yue stepped forward. “This isn’t fair.”

Elder Cai sneered. “You should all remember this: you’re in the real world now. Fairness? That’s ridiculous. If you don’t have strength, how can you even think of talking about fairness? If you were a small country and a larger neighbouring country attacked you, would you complain to them about the unfairness? Do you think they would have their army retreat, or fight you in one-on-one battles instead? Come back and talk to me about being fair when you have the strength to stand on the same ground as me. If you still don’t accept this, then you can just drop out.”

Elder Cai got up and stormed out, leaving these words lingering in the air.

Tang Wulin stood there, dumbstruck. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he knew Elder Cai was right. He pinched his thighs as he fought to steady his breathing. In this world, fairness did not exist. No, it could only be achieved through a foundation of strength. The powerful made the rules, not the weak.

But he couldn’t stomach the thought of having to pay twenty thousand points! My punishment is even worse than Xie Xie’s! Who’s trying to provoke who here!

Filled with grief and indignation, Tang Wulin led his companions back to their room. Not a hint of joy were on their faces.

“I’m so sorry! Wulin, I’m sorry I got you caught up in this. Just let me handle your twenty thousand point punishment! I’ll work hard and earn enough points to pay it all off!”

Tang Wulin let out a bitter laugh. “Who are you trying to trick? That’s twenty thousand points! In any case, we’re brothers! Don’t even mention something like that. We’ve all suffered a loss this time, so in the future, we have to be more careful.” With his blacksmithing skills, Tang Wulin could make the most money of them all.

Before they had left, Shen Yi had called him over and whispered a few words into his ear. She advised him that Elder Cai’s strictness stemmed from his title as class president.

The class president represented the entire class when they interacted with teachers. Naturally, their status was high among their peers. For that same reason, class presidents were punished more harshly than other students for the the same mistakes.

After Shen Yi pointed this out, Tang Wulin understood the significance of his position and error. He knew now that there was nothing he could do but accept his punishment.

Xie Xie forced a smile out. “It’s my fault for being too curious. If I had just come back and asked you, none of this would have happened. I still need to thank you for saving me. If not for you guys, I might have really been cut down by Yuanen Yehui. By the way, why do you think she hides the fact that she’s a girl?”

“I think it’s because of her martial soul,” Tang Wulin said. “Her main martial soul is the Titan Giant Ape, and it probably has a lot of influence over a girl’s body. Maybe she’s afraid of people mocking her for it. Then there’s her Fallen Angel martial soul, which makes it easy for others to mistake her as an evil soul master. So it’s likely she hid her gender to protect herself. In any case, she’s amazing! Both of her martial souls are peak-level existences. It’s no wonder that she’s the class representative for the second grade. I don’t think I can stand against her at all.”

“So what if she transforms into the Titan Giant Ape?” Xie Xie muttered. “That’s just during battle. Isn’t she still really pretty during other times?”

Hearing his hushed words, Tang Wulin raised a brow. “Alright. No need to think so hard about it. Let’s head to bed early.”

While Tang Wulin had some idea what sort of circumstances Yuanen Yehui had, he decided not to look any deeper. It would be rude to pry into someone else’s secrets after all. Considering the formidable natures of both her martial souls and her talent, which surpassed even Wu Siduo’s, he assumed her abilities had certain restrictions. If that wasn’t the case, then Tang Wulin was clueless as to why her second martial soul didn’t also have three soul rings.

After climbing onto bed, Tang Wulin jumped into meditation. He focused on circulating soul power throughout his body via the Mysterious Heaven Method. In his dantian formed a whirlpool of soul power, sucking in more of that energy and dispersing it among his body. His blood essence coursed through his meridians, hastening the circulation. Although his martial soul and soul power improvement rates were both slow, his cultivation speed kept pace with those of powerful martial soul users.

At the first signs of light breaking through the horizon, he switched to practicing his Purple Demon Eyes. Following that was breakfast with his friends.

He caught sight of Xie Xie and frowned. Although Xie Xie had been treated the night before, he was still pale from the blood loss. On the way to class, Xu Xiaoyan teased him for peeking at what he shouldn’t look at and that his injuries only served him right. Gloom hung around Xie Xie, making him seem like a shadow of his former self. It was as if he carried a heavy burden in his heart.

“What’s going on, Xie Xie? Are you still thinking about what happened yesterday?” Tang Wulin nudged him with an elbow.

“Yeah.” Xie Xie raised his head and looked straight into Tang Wulin’s eyes. “Wulin, do you think I acted horribly yesterday? A girl would obviously be angry if someone peeped on her, right?”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “Of course. You saw her naked. So, you should quickly earn enough to compensate her. But be careful if you run into her again. Absolutely do not do anything to anger her. She was really trying to kill you yesterday, you know?”

Xie Xie nodded in silence.

Soon, the four found Wu Zhangkong waiting for them in the lecture hall. He continued where he had left off in the previous lesson, diving into the basics of mecha making. The topic had intrigued him since childhood so he listened with rapt attention, enjoying the intermission before thinking of his staggering debt again.

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  1. Elder Cai is complete bogus. I can already tell the straws the author is going to have to clutch to to make her sympathetic to the audience and not some two-bit villain.

    This entire scenario is bogus, I bet Yuanen isn’t even that hot. Hardly deserves a death sentence, her punishment should be vastly worse than Xie Xie’s.

    1. Gah im hating this bi$ch cai more and more. It was obviously a mistake and xie xie was heavily injured and yet he has to pay a fortune. Peeping vs assault, battery and attempted murder. Who was worse? And yet she’s clearly biased. Heck she even nearly ruined the #1 black smithing genius through sheer stupidity but received no punishment. Gah get rid of this bi$ch quick.

      1. you’re going to get upset with the rest of the chapter n what see says , but the thing that’s annoying is she was going kill him which is Against the rules and what I got her kicked out but she didnt care and she still kind of doesn’t but She should be thankful that they stopped her bullshit

        1. Yeah, you were right. You know I don’t recall anything like this in any of the other DD series I read, the author really dropped the ball. Wulin straight up admits he should have let the girl murder Xie Xie, and tells him he ought to make up to her for the grave, horrendous, Hitler-esque war crime of seeing her naked.

          This is your brain on feminism.

          1. it wasnt even peeping, he thought someone broke in and saw her by accident. peeping is when you’re sneaking around trying to see someone not when you bust in on a suspected intruder. especially when shes literally hiding her gender, like seriously?

            also saying “you should have understood the situation before acting” she was literally trying to kill someone. whats he supposed to do ask her to explain while she’s furiously trying to kill someone and ignoring everything else?

          2. It isn’t feminism. In the ancient world and China, there was the idea that women couldn’t sleep around or get their body viewed or it’d be a great shame. Seeing a naked women now isn’t as big of a deal as it was back then (and in China).

            These guys often use Ancient world standards over modern world (men can sleep around and it’s okay, but a woman must keep herself pure and untouched until marriage and only be seen by the husband).

            In fact, it’s actually the opposite of feminism… so seeing a women naked was a worse crime than in our modern world.

      2. He saw her by misunderstanding and that’s crime, even if he didn’t do anything wrong, he just was in wrong place at wrong time. She can kill him on her whim and that’s ok. Typical Misandry. But that’s actually how it’s work in real life too. Just try to imagine school director (especially school director who’s feminist) solving the argument between the man and female student.

        Who was wrong? Yuanen was wrong. She was lying to them and couldn’t control her emotions. And Shrek was wrong because didn’t tell them anything. This is the source of the problem. But no wonder Elder Cai is supporting her. They are the same.

    2. To be fair, viewing a woman’s body in Ancient China was considered worse than it is in modern times. It’s a culture that values honor and goes against shame much more highly than modern times. And for women, it was considered a huge shame for their naked body to be seen by a man who isn’t their husband.

      So considering how seeing a women naked is worse in this world than our modern world and shame is regarded more seriously in this world than our modern world, I’d sorta see Xie Xie’s punishment a bit (not completely).

      That’s why women often try to kill MCs when he sees their naked bodies. Seeing them nude is worse in than in our world and honor is greater to them too.

      But Wulin’s punishment was BS… he actually saw his friend being attacked. He can’t be blamed in that situation.

      1. For God’s sake! He’s a blacksmith prodigy! And almost all most powerful students are his friends. They should leave for another school. Elder Cai should be punished by other for losing them. She is so childish and stupid, that I can’t believe she has this position. It’s bad writing. It isn’t how teaching works, as a teacher myself, I can tell. Students should compete. But a teacher should be fair and keeps rules. But what are her rules? That as long as you are a girl, you can kill whoever you want and they even pay you for this!

        It teaches Yuanen irresponsibility and teaches Wulin that he should Just think of himself and LET HIS FRIEND DIE. What about teamwork? Bulshit. Just leave!

        1. Wrong, it apparently wasn’t the fact that he protected his friend, but as class rep, didn’t try to stop them both and figure out the situation, instead suddenly picking a side.

          Also, all the best people aren’t his friends, and other than 3 people (only one being a great talent) nobody is willing to leave the greatest academy with him.

          And let’s be realistic, Shrek doesn’t need him as much as he needs them. It’s basically a sorta investment, but they’d still get peak blacksmiths without him,and it’s only the super MC powers (that they won’t know about) that will really help him surpass a limit he should never logically surpass.

          And again, you replied, but did you read my comment? About how seeing a woman naked is worse in ancient cultures than in our modern culture?

          Think about it, how common is it for women to try and kill people who see them naked in these stories? And in Japan (with a similar culture) think of all the anime where girls who get their panties seen that state “I can’t get married anymore”…

          These are worlds where seeing naked women is much much much worse than it is in our modern world. For them, if a female slept with another man and she doesn’t marry him, her entire life and reputation could be ruined. But if a man is known to sleep around and be a playboy? Nothing happens to them and they might even be viewed as lucky.

          For a female, the situation is something that could culturally ruin them. So for them, trying to kill the male that saw them is considered normal. It hurts their honor and to them, honor is a much much much bigger deal than in our culture.

          And this is a world where killing isn’t completely unacceptable.

          You got to keep in mind the culture for some of these things rather than just seeing the situation itself. There are some implications that are more easy to understand based on their culture more than the situation itself.

          You are using a Western perspective to understand an Eastern problem…

          1. I reread this and I saw you comment. I can understand, that there may be a difference in culture, but logic is universal. And even more, this is fiction, where woman can be very powerful without a man, applying to medieval logic is wrong. For example, you can’t hit woman, because woman body is much weaker (40-60%) and healthy adult man can easily kill the average woman, even by accident. You can’t say the same about powerful soul master.

            But even so – she was trying to kill someone over the accident. It is school. They encourage her to do this in the future. It’s irresponsible. They job is to keep order but in reality they are making impulsive, powerful irresponsible beings. They are training emotionaly unstable, entitled bitch with potentially powerful dark master ability, that’s eager to kill children over accident. Are they even sane?

            Wulin was acting right because this was a battlefield. He can’t wait, he had to stop them first. He made brave, most logical decision. You want to tell me, that letting to kill your friend is ok because BY ACCIDENT he saw some naked girl. I don’t know culture where this is ok. Even more – normal Xianxia MC will kill hundreds of people to save his friend, but the author makes Wulin sincerely fill guilty for saving his friend (recent chapters). That’s bullshit.

        2. Yah, but in normal Xuanxia, MC also feel guilty for seeing females naked. And in the end, it’s not about power, but shame in this case. If the friend makes the mistake and then the wronged party tries to kill them, MC normally don’t kill the wronged party.

          If a male sleeps with multiple females, he’d be looked up to. But if a female sleeps with multiple men, she’s a slut. That’s how this stuff goes.

          And for being class rep, even though it’s a dangerous situation, it’s still his responsibility to stop the fight and see what is going on rather than automatically picking sides. That is his responsibility and job that he CHOSE to accept.

          And they didn’t encourage her to kill him (they said it themselves that she shouldn’t just kill), but at the same time, being seen naked is a HUGE shame to a woman in these novels.

          In these novels, if a man sees a woman naked, even by accident, the woman almost always trys to kill the man…. because of how great the shame is too them.

          It’s the shame factor that’s causing all the problem. So from the standpoint of Chinese culture, what he did (even by accident) is really bad. It’s the shame factor, not the power factor.

          And not all logic is universal. Remember, this is a land where killing is much more normal and accepted than in our world. So you are viewing something as insane using OUR modern world logic.

          And you used a power argument for an honor argument. In fact, punishing Wulin for not keeping order was what happened.

          And Xiexie got punished for his carelessness and stupidity. And she only got away with a scolding because she already suffered a humiliation (which is much worse in their culture than it is in ours).

          Also, he actions were just a retaliation. She got away with only a scolding and warning because she was already humiliated, meaning she did not need more punishment.

  2. Is Yuanen possibly had 2 genders? Coz when the angel guy went at working student’s dorm at first time Yuanen is the one whom he had asked . Hmmmmm . Something’s fishy 🙂

    1. Honestly sounds like his downstairs brain talking. I’m about 80% sure he fell for her after that peep and beating. Everybody else knows that he’s not really in the wrong, Elder Cai included, she’s just being a bitch. Therefore it could only be his dick talking there.

  3. so Wulin gets heavily punished for attempting to stop a student from murdering another student “because he should have assessed the situation beforehand” what the heck is that? and then his punishment gets doubled because he protests how ridiculous it is and then it is revealed that he is treated harsher because he is the class president…..are we sure its not because elder cai is so “stubborn” and she has it out for their whole group?

    1. Yea she’s 100% biased and has it out for them. She really needs to watch it though, realistically they need Shrek academy but going by their personalities, if she keeps pushing it they should just drop out.
      Plot armour will handle the rest, after all if Elder Cai keeps doing this he’s actually going to be in danger of dying from the seal anyway so plot armour would still have to get to work.

  4. Honestly, I’ve always kind of had an issue with the whole super arrogant characters never knowing when to take a step back but this is way worse. I mean come on just quit and go to the second best academy, this Elder is straight up torturing these kids and everyone acting like its totally cool. Where’s the Blacksmith Association to call out Cai on almost ruining a blacksmith prodigy over a childish grudge? Forget the Association where’s the internal enforcement against Elder Cai? I’m fine with unfair treatment, arrogant antagonists, and vindictive actions in these novels, it’s pretty much a necessity in the genre, but the main characters not having the self respect to leave and go somewhere else after being treated so awfully is just infuriating. If it was just the one time I’d probably have been OK with it but if this keeps happening I might just stop reading. Thanks to the translator though you are a baller.

    1. This time, the main character can’t do anything… leaving is losing way too big of an opportunity…

      That said, this time, it isn’t cool. Before, even though it was a lesson, it wasn’t like anything bad actually happened to the kids… they just thought it was bad (they lost a chance for 20 points, but were getting secret extra credit without knowing)

      This time, the punishment is too much. I get it for that brat that keeps on going “evil soul master” but for an accident, Xie Xie getting punished that much is a bit too far, and Wulin saved his friend from being killed, so he wasn’t in the wrong…

      She might secretly give help again or whatever… but still… this is a bit much…

      In fact, even Wulin’s teacher when he was buying that treasure, rather than explaining the situation made him needlessly suffer…

      That said, it should be noted that seeing a woman naked in older times and in ancient China was considered a lot worse than now.

      1. You definitely have a point about losing far to big an opportunity by leaving Shrek but I feel like that is really only true if Shrek is truly by far the best academy. To be honest my complaint about not leaving is really based on the assumption that there is another Academy that is actually fairly competitive with Shrek but is always a little behind. I just feel that the way these novels usually go there’s gonna be an arc at some point where there is a competition between academy’s and another Academy proves to be almost as good as Shrek. If that doesn’t happen then it really wouldn’t have been worth it to leave Shrek but if it does then Wulin and his friends would have likely been able to leave Shrek for the alternate academy and not only be accepted but receive far better treatment as I’m sure that any school attempting to truly compete with Shrek would be happy to take in and groom students with such potential, especially when it means weakening their competitor. Tang Wulin is even more important to the any Academy as Zhou Shi even considers the fact that Wulin’s ability means he could definitely become a Divine Blacksmith which would allow Shreks battle armors to be upgraded improving their overall power. As far as Cai saying that what happened in the trials was a form of test to improve the students is a stretch. The author straight up say’s Cai had to be brought back to Shrek because she’s not a righteous person and was stirring up all kinds of trouble. With her personality and prior actions as evidence any organization that doesn’t punish her for nearly crippling an important future resource as important as a divine blacksmith shouldn’t have been able to last as long as they have. If this is the way Shrek’s been run, allowing pettiness to risk the well being and potential of future generations without consequence, then it’s really good that the school has secondary plot armor because most organizations would have collapsed with such leadership.

  5. Okay, I didn’t liked this unfair treatment towards allies, is okay if its animosity from a enemy of sorts but clearly unfair treament to allies is even more infuriating, the elders and teachers should really consider the “what if” scenarios.

  6. I hated this chapter! Its pissing me off so much. Elder Cai must really hate Xie Xie. Oh you almost killed him well heres 150000 contribution points, but that was bad don’t do it again ;). Oh you guys tried to save him well your in trouble now because that was bad so prepare to lose loads of said contribution points. I mean come on and everyone is like oh this makes sense i don’t see anything wrong with this. Please Wulin and friends leave the stupid academy or at least say something like you’ll remember this slight.

  7. Alright guys, think of it this way – Elder Cai probably has some story behind her rampaging. She’s the typical xianxia MC who does anything to get what things going in her best interests – but since we have another MC perspective, we don’t support that. It’s true though – in novels like these – the strong beats the weak. She’s instilling a fundamental meaning to them. Since the readers expect more of a wuxia and well-written storyline with more fairness, it comes off more as a shock that Elder Cai is a typical xianxia MC/villian.

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