LDK Chapter 279

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Chapter 279 – Grandteacher? 

Shen Yi walked over and bowed to the three elders, then stood to the side.  

“The tenth trial is also known as the Three Hall Review. These three elders will evaluate your previous performance in the trials and give you a comprehensive score that will be added to your total,” Shen Yi explained.

Three Hall Review?

But with that Elder Cai who failed us twice here… This trial is…

Tang Wulin glanced at Gu Yue. Though she furrowed her brows, her eyes still shone with a stubborn light.

She’s only short two points! This trial…

The elder in the middle spoke up, his voice deep as he said, “Tang Wulin, come up.”

Tang Wulin hastily stepped forward and bowed.

“Full marks for seven trials and zero for two… Your performance has been remarkable, simply outstanding. You’re brave, wise, and a capable leader. We’ve been watching you the entire time. However, we will hold off on your score until later as we want you to take a makeup trial.”

A makeup trial? Tang Wulin thanked the elder despite his confusion and quickly returned by his companion’s side. With seventy points, he was safe either way.

“Xie Xie,” The grey-haired elder called out.

Xie Xie rushed forward.

“Your talent is slightly higher than average and your situational awareness is poor. However, you have the courage to charge head-first in the face of danger. So, overall, your performance has been satisfactory. You get six points.”

“Thank you, Elder.” Xie Xie let out a breath of relief. He had sixty-one points so he feared getting a negative score the most. After all, his performance in some trials had been quite embarrassing. And yet, unknown to him was that his accomplishments had already surpassed the average.

“Xu Xiaoyan.”

“Your talent is average, but your uniqueness lies in your absolute control with the astrological attribute of your variant martial soul. Not only that, you work well with your team and have a clever mind, undiscouraged by your weaknesses. Your potential is actually quite impressive. So, you get seven points.”

“Thank you, Elder.” Xu Xiaoyan smiled shyly as she returned to her friends. Now she had caught up to Xie Xie.

“Gu Yue.”

Gu Yue went up and bowed.

This time, the grey-haired elder did not say anything. Instead, he looked to the Silver Moon Douluo at his side.

Elder Cai coldly snorted. “Gu Yue, you’re arrogant and insolent. Though you might be gifted, you lack situational awareness and have impacted your entire team with your actions. Not only that, you’re both impulsive and unreasonable. I don’t think you’re suitable for Shrek Academy. One point. Your total is fifty-nine.”

One point? She only gave Gu Yue one point?

Gu Yue raised her head to glare at Elder Cai, biting her lip as she trembled.

The grey-haired elder said, “Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, you have been accepted into the academy. Tang Wulin, you will take the fifth trial again in a moment. Gu Yue, you only have fifty-nine points, so you can go now.”

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan were stupefied.

Fifty-nine points? Everyone shared the opinion that Gu Yue was the most amazing of them four, yet she had only received fifty-nine points. She was just one point shy of making it into Shrek Academy, but that one point meant she was rejected and had to return home now.

When they had first arrived in Shrek City, they all assumed that if only one of them made it to Shrek Academy, it would definitely be Gu Yue! None of them expected this outcome.

Gu Yue’s curled her hands into tight fists but obstinately remained standing there, her face full of pride.

A hand grabbed her shoulder.

She turned around, and her gaze connected with Tang Wulin’s resolute eyes. He gathered her trembling body into his arms, then looked straight at the elders.

“I don’t accept this!”

Zhuo Shi was taken aback. He wouldn’t have been surprised if Gu Yue had spoken these words, but no, it was Tang Wulin who said them!

“Why do you not accept this?”

Tang Wulin said, “Respected elders, may I ask if Shrek Academy is fair?”

A cold smile formed on Elder Cai’s lips. “Nothing is fair in this world. If you want fair, then you need strength. Justice is fought for, not freely and willingly given. Of course, that is under the condition you’re powerful enough to suppress everyone.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. He had never expected such a reply.

He nodded to Elder Cai and gave a slight bow. “Thank you for your advice, I have learned from it. Since this is how things are, I have nothing more to say. Elders, I renounce my Shrek Academy admittance. One day, I will return. One day when I’m strong enough, I will come back to enforce justice.”

Tang Wulin turned towards Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan and sternly said, “You two don’t need to follow me, this is just mine and Gu Yue’s business. You should stay and properly cultivate.”

Xie Xie chuckled. He stuck his hands into his pant’s pockets and, as if he hadn’t heard Tang Wulin’s words, casually strolled over. “Since my talent is only average, it seems Shrek Academy doesn’t think too highly of me. Captain, are you trying to ditch me? No way. Back when you defeated that Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear and avenged me, I swore I would follow you for the rest of my life. I can only become strong by following you. I like your plan. We’ll return when we have the strength to demand justice.”

He arrived next to Tang Wulin and placed his hand on his captain’s shoulder.

“I never wanted to be a soul master anyway, it was my old man that forced me. The pressure here is a bit too high for me. Let’s go back now.” Xu Xiaoyan also stood beside them. Speaking as if this was a trivial matter.

“You guys…”  Tang Wulin was at a loss for words.

He turned to Shen Yi. “Teacher Shen, my apologies. I’m afraid we aren’t qualified to be Shrek students. It was once my dream, but now my dream has shattered. May I ask where Teacher Wu is?”

Emotions warred within Shen Yi’s heart as she stared at them.

At that moment, the grey-haired elder said with a gloomy expression, “Good, you’re all really stubborn. That stubbornness must have been taught to you. Very good, nicely done. Now leave. You can all get out now.”

His cold words stunned the four that were preparing to leave.

Shen Yi sent them a meaningful look as she quietly explained, “This elder is senior brother Wu’s teacher as well as your grandteacher. Hurry up and pay your respects.”

Grandteacher? Teacher Wu’s teacher?

Tang Wulin’s heart thumped. He tugged on Gu Yue’s sleeve then bowed to Zhuo Shi. “I pay my respects to grandteacher.”

Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan quickly followed suit. Nudged by Tang Wulin, Gu Yue was the last to bow.

Zhuo Shi’s expression lightened a few shades, but his voice was as cold as before. “Do you guys think you’re something amazing, renouncing everything for the sake of your companions huh? You fools. Each and every one of you are fools. Why did you even come here? Was it to show off your stubbornness? Your pride? Do you not know what effort is? All you know is how to fight, but not how to beg? Did Wu Zhangkong teach you his stubbornness? It really is just as they say: like teacher, like student. You’re all a bunch of stubborn fools.”

The corner of Shen Yi’s mouth twitched as she silently cursed. Aren’t you the one who taught senior brother? Don’t your words apply to yourself too?

“Grandteacher, may I ask you a question?” Xu Xiaoyan asked in a cute voice.

“Hm?” Zhuo Shi eyes shifted to her.

Xu Xiaoyan’s eyes welled, then reddened as she choked back sobs. “Grandteacher, is this grandma more amazing than you?”

Her question completely blindsided Zhuo Shi, and he was left unable to answer. He sneaked a glance at Elder Cai. “We’re about equal.”

Tears escaped from the corner of Xu Xiaoyan’s eyes before it began to stream down her face. “Grandteacher, it’s said that once a teacher, forever a father. We’ve treated Teacher Wu like a father, and Teacher Wu definitely treats you like one too, so you’re our grandfather. How can you let your grandchildren be bullied when you’re such a powerful Title Douluo and a battle armor master? We would have had enough points to pass the exam long ago if it wasn’t for this grandma. Is it because you are afraid of her, you don’t speak out when your granddaughter is being driven out?”

Zhuo Shi was stunned. He was famed for his old-fashioned ways and stubbornness throughout Shrek Academy, and he had a stern expression that cowed all the inner court students into submission. Yet, he never expected the girl before him to speak such words.

“Me, afraid of her?” He inadvertently let slip his thoughts.

Xu Xiaoyan, throat stifled with emotion, said, “You’re not afraid of her, yet you don’t care when your granddaughter is being driven out?” After a dumbstruck moment, Zhuo Shi said, “That’s right! Why wouldn’t I care if my granddaughter is being driven out? Cai Yue’er, what are you trying to pull? Why are you bullying my granddaughter?”

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  1. These brats… they still don’t know they’re being played…

    I bet those old folks are just having a blast fooling with them… I mean, would they even think of secretly giving bonus points if they really wanted them to fail???

    hahaha.. this is just funny… having the reward, but pretending to not give it…

    But I feel like they’re giving the silly girl a lesson… their words towards her were on point after all…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    1. I don’t necessarily agree. Who knows if the elders changed their mind after they were”stubborn and prideful” yet again, and now are actually ready to kick them out? But, then again, I call bull on that whole opinion in the first place. They’re only protecting each other out of compassion and love. Obviously such things will be a bit unreasonable at times, but it’s also the important thing in what will make them stronger than any other, their loyalty to each other and unwillingness to back down when any of them face injustice.

      I just want someone to beat the elders up a good round or two >.>

      If Xu Xiaoyan hadn’t gave me some comic relief, I’d have jumped into this novel and have done it myself! xD

      1. The elders don’t actually seem to want to sabotage them though (I mean, they talk about loyalty, morals and team work, yet would be okay if the group abandoned their friends???).

        Gu Yue is just too arrogant. She offended a Title Douluo and an examiner, putting her friends at risk. It’s obviously just trying to teach her a lesson.

        I mean, they planned to give bonus points if the kids needed it and had a plan for an extra test that gives bonuses to the team… and she’s only a single point off from passing….

    2. Yeah, it seems like they this make up test was the plan from the start, I guess things just got a bit muddled along the way with them going to leave, and Xu Xiaoyan’s taunts.

      This probably would be the best way to teach Gu Yue a lesson, since she obviously won’t be too bothered by anything that happens to herself (probably because of her position in the spirit pagoda, whatever it is), but she’d probably be bothered by the rest of her team suffering because of her.

  2. People thinks its funny that these geezers are playing with their dreams and feelings, i can somehow understand that since we’ve read that hag is willing to add points if they ever needed them.

    But what about from the point of view of the kids? Just because they somehow “offended” some old hag that’s not mature enough for her own age. All their efforts, deserved rewards, lifelong dreams have been for naught. Sure Gu Yue appears arrogant to them when she did that thing in front of that hag, but that’s just how she is, especially since its her Wulin that’s been “hurt”. Any girl in love would react strongly to that, needless to say for the headstrong Gu Yue.

    All that she done is express her discontent to that hag and refusing to accept said hag as her master and what did they get? 0 points for 2 rounds for no acceptable reason, despite that they still persevere and this is what they get at the end. I’m surprised how someone like that could be an “elder”. Ohh how arrogant Shrek is now. how i missed Tang San’s era’s Shrek.

    That’s why i’m very much supportive of Wulin’s idea of leaving Shrek and go to another school, get strong enough then make them regret for the rest of their foggy lives and established a new school that can rival theirs, but i ultimately know that’s not where this is heading, despite how interesting it is if that happened.

    All in all I’ve just been dissatisfied with the supposed to be “elders” of the now almighty Shrek. They’re supposed to beg to get accepted when they deserved to be accepted to said school? Bullsh*t Grandpa.

    1. I 100% agree. I’m extremely unsatisfied right now. These elders are going to have a long way to go towards making up for this failure imo. Tang Sans elders were amazing, and so were many of the ones in Duolou 2. However, there were a few block headed fails made by many of the teachers at times, so I can give them somewhat of a chance.

      Right now, this gradma is blaming Gue Yu for being like herself, and Zhuo Shi is blaming the group for being like him… it’s driving me insaaaane! Classic example of most peoples pointing fingers at others for a weakness that is even stronger within themselves *Face-palm*

      1. I agree. I’m getting tired enough of this whole bullshit admission process that I think it would be a better story if they did in fact leave. Their achievements would be much more impressive if they were done despite not going to the school. Their long-term goal could be to make a rival academy to unseat Shrek as the top institute.

      2. They didn’t have “failures”.. people are just too babied. Think about it; what Gu Yue did was actually super dangerous. She offended a random title douluo that could easily kill them all and she also didn’t think about how that woman was the examiner for the exams they’re taking.

        It was even stated that while morals and teamwork are important, power is what is over all king.

        These kids need to understand this lesson while young and in a safe environment. Think about it, just a random act of saving someone nearly got them killed once. They live in a super dangerous world.

        So where do you think it’s better to get these lessons? During a life and death battle where they are facing odds they cannot deal with, or with this old people who aren’t actually going to do sh*t???

        Remember, they’re actually teaching them.

        1. It seems to me that they’ve already received lessons like this over and over again. They’ve never been that arrogant like I said, but a very good example that stands out among the powerful by being not so. Gue Yu’s issue isn’t arrogance, it’s love. Love is blind, especially for young ones knew to this. She is more stubborn than others which led to the situation not being able to end in simple apologies, but I find that this old ladies stubbornness was equally to blame, if not more so, for reacting the way she did without realizing that this is just a young girl in love. We also don’t know Gu Yues background, which is likely something special. She deserves her pride, and doesn’t wear it badly in my opinion, rather, more and more graciously.

          Sure, this lesson will be helpful to hammering home some points, but I still feel like these teachers have been floundering around with way more pride causing harm than the students. Sure, they’re strong and are welcome to be prideful, but not to the point of it getting in the way of things that would benefit the school and themselves. She easily canceled any opportunity of having an awesome disciple by acting rather childish in my opinion. She could have just kicked out one of the highest potential teams they’ve had in a long time.

          I just get a strong impression that these teachers could use the same lesson that they’re supposedly teaching. Offending a Titled Douluo in this way shouldn’t be considered so much as a dangerous thing, but more so a disgrace on their part for bullying the youth. The exact example has been used to cure the wrath of a Titled Douluo a few times before in Douluo stories. Acting against promising youth like this for such a small offense is just disgraceful. If they REALLY are just pretending, acting up a play here a great deal in order to teach a lesson, then I can look into forgetting all this, but I’m pretty certain it’s not all that nice and neat. I’ll respect them when they show that they’re deserving of respect.

        2. Aren’t these kids renown for being the least babied? They always had the harsh realistic lessons right? Just look at what Tang Wullin just went through with losing all his money at the auction, which also came under question, if such lessons could have been taught more skillfully. All this might not be that big of a deal, but it could still be much better from my perspective.

          1. I was talking about viewers complaining about these “harsh” tests and lessons…

            Frankly, this test, while pushing them down, will also help stimulate their potential. This is a lesson done because of one students arrogance. And there was no real harm; these tests are done in a way where they would actually get in (which is one of the greatest honors in the world… in fact, in this world, it’s one of the greatest things done).

            And the real problem isn’t arrogance (since almost everyone in these novels are arrogant), but WHEN she’s arrogant. There should be a time and place. Not in a time where she and her friends are being tested and desperately need to get in and not against a person who could kill her with a slap.

            What teacher Wu did on the other hand was stupid, because Tang Wulin was ignorant. Kid didn’t know anything about auctions… if he really knew how this stuff worked and then made such a stupid move, then letting him screw up once in a while would be fine.

    2. Here is the thing, this is a world of power. It wouldn’t be unusual for that lady to destroy someone for what Gu Yue did. Not only that but her random words also put her team at risk.

      Imagine if there was someone who WASN’T as kind as the old lady, but at the 70th rank or above… they’d be killed…

      They are teachers and are teaching lessons even now.

      We are too spoilt by our modern world’s systems that we forget how cruel life could be.

      And frankly, that hag could easily kill them OR sabotage their lives, yet stupid little girl acted rude towards her and offended her.

      That arrogance is DANGEROUS.

      In the end, this is a world of battle and slaughter, with limited law and high anarchy.

      So where do you think it’s better to learn this lesson?? In a test with no actual risk to their lives… or in a dangerous world only after all her friends are dead?

      And frankly, with how arrogant she is, would she have even listened normally? So what if any girl in love would do it?

      And frankly, just because it’s hard and painful doesn’t make it bad.

      The weak shouldn’t show arrogance to the strong… that’s basically a death wish…

      And you are the one that stated that they basically had their hopes and dreams and hard work with Shrek. This is the most prestigious place in the world.. getting in is basically one of the top honors allowed, so begging isn’t a bad thing.

      Not just that, but begging for a friend… that’s a good thing even.

      Yes, it’s tough from the kids point of view, but tough love is sometimes a good thing.

      1. I just feel like your completely leaving out the who concept of honor among cultivators. This world isn’t so wild and crazy as you make it out to be. People don’t slaughter each other for small offenses. Titled Duolou especially don’t go around slaughtering children. The only danger her was that these kids might lose there chance to go to this school, yet I’d blame that 100x more on the teachers than kids at this point. They’re already 100x more mature and less arrogant than most kids. Smashing these kids dreams like this over the slightest little error is just ridiculous, when they’ve likely outperformed the vast majority of other applicants throughout history. There’s much better ways to give them the message that yeah, you’ve got something, but stay humble. That’s my main deal.

        It’s already been said that this grandma is renowned as going bonkers and causing problems, why? Because she’s overly stubborn and arrogant, more so than Gu Yue imo, and being strong doesn’t mean that this weakness no longer has an effect on her. Being overly hard on Gu Yue is only going to force her to into being more stubborn. This is not how you teach her a lesson to get her to change her mind, only instead ferment the idea that she will want nothing to do with this old grandma in the future, even if she’s a Titled Douluo.

  3. these elders are retarded, if they hadn’t just had all those other tests maybe testing their comradery or whatever would make sense but them all quitting was literally the most obvious thing ever. especially when they literally already quit originally when tang wulin wasnt going to make it in the time

    1. No, they aren’t retarded; they’re teaching these brats a lesson because they aren’t often acting smart enough.

      For crying out loud, in a world of POWER, an idiot girl offended a TITLE DOULUO.. frankly, that’s like offending a King during times of the kingdoms… no, it’s even worse….

      And that could have endangered her entire team… but she never once thought of it… not to mention a fact that she threw away one of the luckiest chances in the world to do it.

      But if they just let that go, she might do it again with people that aren’t that merciful.

      I mean, they planned to give bonus points to the kids that needed it and only kept her a single point off.

      Besides, would they want a group of people who’d abandon their own comrade?

        1. In a school that trains people to be better fighters… during a TEST…

          And the person was actually being quite careful. Plus, the thing is, she’s still being too arrogant.

          Whether right or wrong, it’s not unusual for higher class people in history to kill those of lower status… and this is a world where the higher class people also have powers close to gods…

          That was an EXTREMELY dangerous thing to do. To teach her a lesson at this point in time would be better than to teach her later.

          And while people don’t slaughter for no reason, if offended, then they will slaughter. Especially if the person is a talented child.

          Remember, in the 1st book, The Ape and people from 7 Glazed sect wanted to kill Tang San at 1st BECAUSE of his talent.

          And in the end, power is considered more important than honor. Even if a Title Douluo killed a brat who offended them, people would think the brat was stupid, not look down on the Title Douluo.

          Besides, this was a Title Douluo KNOWN for being crazy… we learn she’s not really that bad… but these kids didn’t know that… yet she actually did actions that offended this person.

  4. Lol I like Xu xiaoyan.
    Honestly their decision to only give gu yue one point is fair bc she has no respect, I mean no matter how good you are I wouldn’t want you if you don’t show respect for me

  5. The whole shrek academy is a bit played out in this series by now. Would make for a very interesting twist and better story if the kids left to join another new academy and dethroned shrek in the competitions. Sadly, I don’t think this will happen as it seems the author is married to the concept of Shrek academy. Favorite book in the series is definitely the 1st one. We have a humble academy with few students and few teachers fighting against all odds to prove they are the best and deserve the title “Academy of Monsters.” Now it’s just riding tail coats of the most established academy, when at one point Shrek had nothing. Please, let the kids leave and start elsewhere!!!

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