Legend of the Dragon King (龙王传说) – Index

The Legend of the Dragon King (龙王传说) by Tang Jia San Shao



Following the advancement of soul technology, the humans of Douluo Continent conquered the ocean and discovered two new continents. After being hunted by spirit masters excessively, the soul beasts are nearly extinct. After countless years of lying dormant, the King of the Soul Beasts has awakened in the Great Star Dou Forest. It will lead its remaining clansmen in taking vengeance against humanity!

Tang Wulin is determined to become a powerful Soul Master. However, when he awakened his martial soul, it was actually a…

Incomparable talent. The battle of the Dragon King. The Legend of our Dragon King hereby begins.

Legend of the Dragon King contains NO major spoilers for Douluo Dalu or Peerless Tang Sect. Events in the other two novels are only mentioned in passing.


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Book 2


Book 3

70 thoughts on “Legend of the Dragon King (龙王传说) – Index” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. I can manage it if I use a text to speech app and use it to correct some of the more atrocious mistranslations, like translation lightning dragon (Lei Long) as Brontosaurus.

  1. Well this is easier for me then going going back and finding the site for LDK every few months and binge reading the couple of chapters that where released thanks bud!

  2. This is awesome!
    I hope DD and UTS will be in wuxiaworld.
    I really love them.

    I’m also following this on manhua/manga.

    More power to wuxiaworld and to its translators.

      1. To be fair, DD’s translation was indeed pretty bad when it started (first few chapters),
        but bagelson just got better and better, and we now had 100+ chapters with a near perfect translation.
        Admittedly, it was pretty hard at start, maybe you didn’t read the latest chapters?

  3. A good portion of DD and all of UTS is divided into chapter parts, so to be fair, UTS has at least 80 chapters done. TJSS doesn’t make shorter chapter parts than actual chapters. If you’ve noticed, DD full chapters are immensely long, because Bagelson combined the chapter parts into full chapters. Only in the later stages does DD just become long ass full chapters (in raws).

      1. I’d just read the manhua. It’s pretty much the same, only minor difference. An the pacing of the story is good. Especially for the UTS. They even have the DD God Realms translated some chapters (the third book I think). As for this, the manhua just started months ago. Only UTS and DD got a good update in manhua. But for DD, the translated novel is far ahead of the manhua.

      2. I’d be careful of the manga for DD. It keeps the essentials to the story while changing/adding details resulting in the story feeling more silly than it should.

        1. Same is true for UTS and LDK. Think of the target audience for the manhua to be ten years younger than the target audience for the original. Less grit, less blood, less sex, more silly.

  4. I dropped this because it was being translated at a slow pace at radianttranslations (2-3 chapters per month). I hope there is at least 3 chapter per week. Otherwise it should just stay at RadiantTrans instead of coming to WW.
    I’m not trying to be mean. But I’d rather have no translation then slow/irregular pace…

  5. I am a big fan of TJSS and I am from mainland China. Actually, I also subscribe 龙王传说 in QiDian. Do you guys need any help of Chinese vision? I’d like to revise, edit, translate or anything which could help you guys. I love QiDian novels and I’d like to offer help for free.

  6. Hey, this is cool…

    But can you please put the names of each chapter, so that it’s easy to find?

    A random number isn’t very helpful if we want to find certain parts.

    In fact, it’s kinda useless really if it doesn’t have the chapter titles…

  7. Also, can you make the image smaller?

    You made it so that people could click the image to see it fully anyways, so a smaller image would work better in going through the page as well and looks better

      1. Stellar transformations has black smithing, not right off the bat sadly. Coiling Dragon has the main character craft sculptures, but stops about a third into the novel. Battle through the heavens is a pill refiner, but havnt gotten around to reading it. And Sovereign of the three realms is also a pill craftsman of sorts

      2. There’s another TJSS novel, Heavenly Jewel Change, here on WW where crafting is a part of the MCs strength. There is some controversial subject matter there though.

    1. I am a bookstore employee in China。I can tell you Entity book is updated on the 15th of each month and Entity book is faster than network update。Now the book is updated to the 13th edition。

  8. Hmm reading comments has me a bit confused. Is this the continuation of a series? Do they need to be read in a certain order? Seems like they are all on going, so I couldn’t tell.

  9. Pardon me, but the index seems to be missing the trailing / from Chapter 97 onward… it makes it appear as though one hasn’t read those chapters. If it’s not too much trouble, can I ask it be fixed to include the /

    I also agree with DMR, can you make the images a tad smaller?

  10. This is best translation i have read and it’s easy to understand the phrase……hope to read more of your translations…….getting excited to read more!!………..can’t wait to read the next chapter!!!…….

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