Late chapters this weekend

Hey guys, just letting you know that chapters for CD will be somewhat delayed today/tomorrow. Was feeling fairly nauseous so I actually went home early, then spent the next ten hours running between bed and bending over toilet. Whatever it was, I think I got it out of me and I finally feel better now, so I’m going to get some real sleep then start on CD after waking up. See ya in a bit!

68 thoughts on “Late chapters this weekend” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Take a break man! Rest well, so you can be refreshed when you resume translating! If you need 2 days, then take two days man, you are overworking yourself, don’t push yourself too hard.

  2. Make sure you stay hydrated. Coconut water or anything with lots of electrolytes will help you recover faster. I don’t envy you right now. Food poisoning or having a stomach virus is hell.

  3. Cant you squeeze 1-2 chapters during one of your toilet sessions? LOL
    (Nevermind, dont do it …. your translations might turn into crap if you do it anyway 😀 …..)

    In any case, take care man. Like everybody said, dont forget to hydrate…. the worst illness you can get during these times are usually due to lack of water,
    and electrolyte…

    So drink and eat right dude… just water or tea, nothing else…
    Take care

  4. I never thought an overgod could actually get sick… well what should I say… it’s surprising but still take care of your health hope you’ll feel better soon 🙂

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