Lack of Anniversary Post

Hey guys – sorry for the radio silence today.  The physical moveout was as busy (busier) as expected, and now I’m all alone in an empty hotel room without any of my stuff.  I know you were expecting at least an anniversary post on today, the 22nd (my monthly ‘rest day’ for newer readers), but I really didn’t/don’t have the time.  I’ll get it out tomorrow, along with a chapter of CD as well as a special announcement/activity that I think you’ll all enjoy!



25 thoughts on “Lack of Anniversary Post” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. For some unknown reason I come to hate the 22nd of every month, been trying hard to figure out why but no clue. I dont known whether to laugh or cry….

  2. Does anyone else get any pop ups or some type of android pop up that redirects you to some other page?…I’ve been getting that all day on here on my phone for some reason.
    And can’t wait for the chapter!!

    1. Couple ad companies have had some naughtier ads slip through the cracks and some stuff like this happens both here on and TransNation, if you can get a copy of the link and report it to ren so he can blacklist that ad.

      1. Thanks for the tip I occasionally get an add that takes up the entire page and I can’t get to the content on the page. I was wondering what to do about it.

  3. If you move to the otherside of the world, Vietnam, if I’m following things correctly, I wonder how bad that will affect the usual posting time. Not likely that it the same time as not. Closer to ISSTH times?

    ready for the Jet lag Ren?

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