Korean Section Opened! Turtles & Otters Come to Play!

Hey guys, I’m delighted to be able to announce you that Wuxiaworld has now opened an aquarium, with a turtle and otter having come to play!  But not just any turtle/otter combo; the turtle is RainbowTurtle, and the otter is naughtyotter!  They’ve brought their six Korean projects over to Wuxiaworld; Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon, Breakers, Dragon Maken War, Emperor of Solo Play, God of Crime, and Seoul Station’s Necromancer.  Check them out!

This was actually a really long and thought-out decision for me.  I’ve had Korean applications before, but I’ve always refused because I care deeply about quality, and I simply cannot QC Korean translations.  However, both RainbowTurtle and naughtyotter are very experienced translators, with turtle herself actually having more experience in webnovel translation than me; Ark and LMS (Legendary Moonlight Sculptor) were her claim to fame!  I have complete faith in her as a translator, and with her as the foundation Wuxiaworld will begin dipping its toes into the Korean market.  So…please join me in a hearty welcome to turtle and otter!

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  1. Welcome to AWESOME TURTLE AND OTTER!! The fun has arrived!
    There is plenty to congratulate to these incredible people but I’m just going to thank and support them here also.
    Now , BRING OUT THE GOODIES! Let’s binge!

  2. Welcome WW guys, I hope everything is worth the time and effort. As a fan for WN & LN I’m really glad that the site is expanding. Hope to see more expansion in time to come 😀

  3. Since this occurred I’ve disliked the fact that chinese and korean have been separated into different tabs. I didn’t bother saying anything but the opinion hasn’t faded so now I figure I might as well say it since this appears to be more than just my first impression.

    If you’re going to separate the works on this website beyond simply “finished vs. active” I’d rather see it separated based on genre.

  4. now if only turtle or otter pick up MEMORIZE cause the translation speed of the other translator is killin me and sigh , if only reincarnator didn’t come this far (250+ chpter in) with shitty mtl and a translator with compulsive lying disorder, cause both series are great imo

  5. Wow I’ve been away for I think maybe 2 weeks reading some books after L. E. Modesitt Jr. and now the site is full of novels and even we got the Turtle here which reminds me I’m only on book 27 of LMS which is great that MC is just the best.

    Glad to have you all here my summer vacation will make me gain few kilos and a splitting headache for spending all the time reading on my computer :þ

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