Korean Section Expands! Wuxiaworld Welcomes Ensj

Hey guys, I’m delighted to let you all know that our Korean section has just expanded once more! Ensj is known to some of you as the excellent translator of ‘Invisible Dragon’, ‘King Shura’, and other projects, and he comes highly recommended by turtles as well. As of today, I’m delighted to welcome him and his new project, ‘I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World‘, over to Wuxiaworld! This is a much shorter project, and he’ll be doing around 3/week and should finish in roughly half a year or so. He has permission from the author, so everything is completely hunky dory in every respect. Have fun reading, but first please make sure you join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome to ensj! 😀

56 thoughts on “Korean Section Expands! Wuxiaworld Welcomes Ensj” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. No…no! NO! ‘Invisible Dragon’!? STAY AWAY! It hurts my brain just remembering this drivel. It’s like an invisible dragon just killed all my brain cells.

    1. WHAT!? You dare talk shit about Invisible Dragon?! Yo- you blasphemer! Invisible Dragon is a masterpiece that will forever be remembered as one of the best novels in the world!

  2. Welcome to the highest realm of the Dao, gonna be awesome with something new as I just a few minutes ago disided to pick up something new. 👍👍👍

      1. He posted recently that he’s grown bored of King Shura, so he won’t be translating it with a high frequency. It’s unfortunate… I really liked King Shura 🙁

  3. 🤔 Korean literature… With the things I see about modern Korean culture, literary works, and random media, I developed a slight prejudice against most things Korean. We don’t agree… 🤔 I’ll give it a shot with -x^nth (n =/= even number) expectations it might change my view. (Or reinforce it like the other 10 attempts. 😓)

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