Kindhearted Bee Comments on MGA Publication!

Hey guys, Bee’s folks sent me another short video from him to you guys.  As most of you know by now, MGA’s first 92 chapters are now edited professionally and available in ebook form on Kindle.  Cheers!  Click ‘cc’ to see the subtitles I translated this evening.

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  1. Speaking of MGA, I have a question to the Author regarding the main characters relationship situation. Su Rou and Mei are basically his future wives and I understand that they refuse to be physical with him until official marriage but my question is this. What age are they waiting for to get married? I know this is like an alternative fantasy setting but nothing really hints at a low age restriction for marriage, it’s not like they need to wait until they are in their 20s right? Why didn’t they just get married before they even left the province they were in? Their father was there too he could have totally officially married them off before they went to the eastern sea no?

        1. twice. the first time in the bathroom against both of their wills (su rou unwilling and chu feng drugged up) and the second time was after chu feng slaughtered the family that was trying to wed both of them. they did it in the forest both willingly.

  2. Bought it! (Not read it though. I stopped reading MGA just a bit after the… ahem… first objectionable sexual scnene, I’ll probably steel my heart and go back to it now lol.)

    The cover is okay, but for the next volumes can we get some more eastern fantasy feel? Like y’know, gentle brushworks, that kinda stuff. Something along the lines of the WW background would be great too (the style, I mean).

    Is the front cover copied from Chinese content or an original work?

    1. I wasn’t happy with the cover, but 17k didn’t have anything else at hand, and they really wanted it to go up. We will have an updated cover for MGA later, I promise.

      1. You should have them post the new cover on their site and allow those of us that bought the book to print out the cover and make a new cover for the book just a thought thanks for the work you’ve put in.

      2. Hooray for better cover art! I’d gladly spend double the price just for better art! I mean, I bought tons of League of Legends skins just for the splash art…

        1. I used to frequent a lot and at least 4-5 years ago at least, a typical good book cover costed around 500 and the artist still retained rights. 800+ sometimes if you want to obtain complete rights to it. Im sure the price as since dropped. But i think if we have thousands of fans buying his books, cover art should be covered.

    1. ^This. Put it somewhere easy to find , so i can buy it later. Atm sadly i cant buy it. But i promise ill buy it.

      Thanks for your work ren, i hope i can see more from other novels too 🙂

  3. I have also picked it up. I sincerely hope that it will be very successful so much so that other authors take note and also follow his lead and make more and more of these wonderful works available.

  4. Thank you very much for creating this nice novel! ?

    Though I hope the girls in the novel all of them get together in one place and one big room with big bed… and surprise Chu Feng?

    some chapter perhaps…??

  5. i will most definitely buy this thing.
    just have to make up my mind to get that kindle app first.
    shouldn’t be that hard, but for some reason it is…

    thanks to kindhearted bee for agreeing to try this out!

  6. Really, really touched to see Mr Bee’s friendliness and closeness to the community. He leaves a note to readers at the end of every day, even when he was sick, he apologised profusely on missing out on the chapters he claims he “owes” people.

    When he was told by his friend that “your readers are not worth your time, why do you even care about them?” he replied, “my readers are my friends and supporters, they will definitely support and stand by me in troubles”.
    Then his friend challenged him to get 100 likes (forget the number). He got 1000 (one THOUSAND) likes!

    And he recently broke up with his long-time girlfriend…….. 🙁 How sad.

    Since the breakup just last week, Chu Feng has become more contemplative and remembers his past days back in the Azure Dragon sect…

    1. That is awesome. It’s amazing to me when people who create are pressured to changing what they make or how they act by others to be more like their contemporaries. I always think to myself “Isn’t the reason we support this person precisely because of his or her creation and the impression we get from them? If we wanted more of the same, we could get that anywhere.” Kindhearted Bee is right in that people support him for who he is and what he creates. We should thank him for remaining true to his ideals. Thank you for sharing this information, and thank you Mr. Bee for being someone we wish to support!

  7. Thank you Kindhearted Bee, Flowerbridgetoo, and Ren for making all of this happen! Who said hard work isn’t rewarded. I bought it the instant it went up. I haven’t read the newly edited version yet, but I will most likely marathon through it again soon. I don’t really have anything else to add at this time, since I am thoroughly enjoying the story. Keep up the good work, you will only get even better with more experience (which is scary considering how much fun I’m having now)!

  8. These translated author’s comments are very interesting. Are there any other videos about MGA? I would love to see some of the other videos get translated if there are!

  9. I don’t know who actually put set up the Amazon account and posted the novel for Kindhearted Bee, but you might want to suggest to whoever it was that they create a proper author page for him.

    People who might never come to this site may try to communicate with him through the author’s page. So as long there is someone to translate for him, it might be worthwhile having one.

  10. Thumbs up. I bought it. Now you know what might have kept FBT from posting, he was working on publishing and checking a translations, so to all the crowd who had bad comments, I can now only say, think with your head a little bit more.

  11. Hey Ren! Dammn… i don’t have yet enough money hahaha… don’t let them buy all the goods reserve for me some lol…. to Ren and FBT especially to Kindhearted Bee thank you so much for this wonderful book… if i got enough money i really wanna buy those full set… but poor me now need to wait for a year or two and pass my national exam… I’ll be hoping to get those copies soon.. would be my inspiration.. Thx 🙂

  12. I am a college student from California who recently became aware of this site and I am blown away. I am reading coiling Dragon and TGD right now, but after your message MArtial God Asura has definitely been added to my list

  13. Ren can you tell me where i can buy the book or ebook like Stellar Transformation, Coiling Dragon, ISST, Etc

    is there in China have the book in english? if there has Indonesian Language is better 🙂

  14. can someone recommend other books like mga that are on amazon? or even books that wuxia translates that are now on amazon like mga. Sorry i am new to site and have read cd, btth, atg, wdqa and de in the last 2 months and have donated 20-30$ to each series translator except cd cuz they stopped donations. I am starting mga today actually since atg has officially blown my mind and i need something good to read asap cuz now that im caught up waiting for translation will drive me insane lol

    To Do List: the great ruler, heavenly jewel change, child of light and stellar transformatons.

    1. read MGA its great the MC is OP, badass, ruthless, but not evil or an asshole.
      TGR also amazing shit loved it.
      HJC well interesting so far.
      child of light i didnt bother with
      stellar transformation also wasnt bad
      i recommend you to try peerless martial god it is dam awesome

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