ISSTH translation adjustment and queue mistake

A quick announcement for those of you who follow ISSTH…

You may remember chapter 34, when Elder Brother Chen describes the various levels of Cultivation. In the original translation, he talks about “paths” which appear in the Core Lake. I’m changing the translations of “paths,” as you can see below in the adjusted translation from chapter 34:

“When Establishing the Spiritual Foundation, nine Dao pillars will arise within your Core Lake, deep and bottomless. They will grow within your body, and this is Foundation Establishment. Of course, there are different types of Foundations, based on the various magical methods used to congeal the Dao pillars. If nine cracks appear, it is a Flawless Foundation. If eighteen cracks appear, it is a Cracked Foundation. More than eighteen cracks means it is a Fractured Foundation. Of these, Flawless is the best, Cracked is good. Fractured is the most common.”

Also, when I posted the sponsored chapter on Sunday I neglected to update the queue. I just did so, as you can see to the right. Sorry about that, I will be more diligent in the future!

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      1. woa man, betting your balls? you’re quite brave.

        *mc has 9 cracks*.

        “overgod of fate”: well cainite, *grabs sledge hammer*, get ready.

        you know what happens next.

      2. If it does happen then, it’ll probably be called a Divine Foundation or something (other novels seem to like throwing the word “divine” around for things like this). Doing the impossible is the specialty of MCs in this sort of novel, most of the time.

        1. I don’t think it will happen. MC is said to have ordinary talent. Unless he gets some extremely powerful treasure, he will only have flawless foundation due to sublime script.

          Also Foundation establishment is just beyond qi condensation and not the final stage 🙂 Most probably later on, the demonic core will change his way in comparison to other cultivators but right now the demonic cores and his demonic core sea, even though affect him, but not to such a high extent.

          1. Although the MC has ordinary talent, he is the luckiest MC on this site. His parents also disappeared under odd circumstances. Who really knows of his origin. I bet my balls he gets a divine foundation.

      1. It’s weird tough , Flawless is supose to be flawless XD as if having less than 9 cracks is impossible . it is foundations , less crack the better . Mc will have like either 0 or between 0 and 9 cracks ,author power. omg I’m on cracks !

        1. It really depends on whether it’s impossible or so rare that it’s not even worth mentioning.
          For a main character, I’d imagine it being the second.

        2. It makes more sense if the flaws are in fact the number of paths or pillars the Daoist must navigate to secure their foundation.

          So brilliant Daoists can create a Foundation with 9 paths or pillars and these are all stronger than someone who uses 18 pillars which are again stronger than someone with more than 18 pillars as these pillars can be damaged or destroyed much more easily.

          From my general understanding of Xianxia Daoism, the foundation establishment is essentially the connection of Spiritual Energy with the actual flesh of a Daoist, where as the Chi Condensation phase is simply accumulating it in their meridians. So forging a small number of very strong connections means less connections to manage and less possibility of disruption of that connection.

  1. No cracks appearing must have never happened before…..
    How cool would it be if he has none…. Is there a spoiler page for ISSTH? I gotta know!!!

    Thanks for all the hard work though.
    These novel’s have pretty much transfered my manga addiction 🙂

    1. Yeah there is a spoiler page on the wuxiaworld forums, although the spoilers there so far have all been provided by me, and I’m a bit loath to do spoilers. For most of my life, I wouldn’t even watch the movie previews of movies I wanted to watch so…. anyway. Glad you’re enjoying the story!

  2. When it says 9 cracks it means 9 or less right? So doesnt that just mean that each class is a larger power gap while each crack less in each class is a smaller ppwer gap? Similar to lvls within rank. Guessing no cracks is another large power gap(well duh) or its just not happened b4 or just unknown

  3. If nine cracks appear, it is a Flawless Foundation.
    How can it be called flawless if it has cracks in it?
    Shouldn’t it still be called a Flawed Foundation?
    Isn’t the scripture the way to establish a foundation without any cracks and that’s then called flawless foundation?

    1. Maybe it’s normal for it to have 9 cracks, they might be paths to the pillars, since there’s 9 pillars thus 9 cracks. If there were no cracks then maybe no way to connect to the energy pillars. Thus since 9 is the best outcome it’s considered flawless?

  4. I think there is some error in this part of the translation because it doesn’t make any sense:

    “If nine cracks appear, it is a Flawless Foundation. If eighteen cracks appear, it is a Cracked Foundation. More than eighteen cracks means it is a Fractured Foundation.”

    More than 8 cracks is 9…Shouldn’t it be less than 8?
    Also shouldn’t the Flawless Foundation be at 0 cracks.

    The first time I read it I was baffled by how little sense it make and now when I re-read it I feel even more confused 😛

    1. Maybe is because is a crack per pillar? so there can only be 9 or 18 or 27 or 36 (etc.) cracks.

      From what it’s known no one can get a 0 cracks Foundation but there are a lot of secrets in this world so who knows, maybe the MC will get a super OP 0 cracks Foundation (given his BS luck it’s possible).

      1. I just realized that I read eighteen(18) as eight(8), thus my confusion…lol can’t believe that I re-read it like couple of times and every single time I read it as eight…

  5. I decided to try translating that paragraph myself since I thought it could use with some clarification. Basically, the 9 Dao pillars are made of energy that snake through the 8 major and 1 standard Dao meridians (there are 12 classic meridians in all, but it seems this story follows the same meridian systems as in this game: From what I can gather, the ‘cracks’ are the places where the pillars sprout from; if you have nine, it is flawless since there is one per pillar—any more and it’s because you have spillage or imperfectly opened energy spouts. Hence, in my translation, I’ve called them ‘spouts’. Here it is:

    “To establish a spirit foundation, 9 Dao pillars are brought up from within the core lake. These Dao pillars give off a boundless brightness and spread throughout the entire body. This is what’s referred to as “Foundation Establishment”. In addition, Foundation Establishment can have some differences depending on the method used to form the Dao pillars. 9 spouts makes it a Flawless Foundation. 18 spouts is considered a Lesser Foundation and with more than 18 spouts it is a Fractured Foundation. Among these, Flawless is the best, Lesser is good, and Fractured is ordinary.”

    1. Okay that explaines it xD
      The cracks are not something which makes them broken but instead they are used as a link for the power to defy the heavens

    2. Oh that makes sense.

      The number of meridians and dantians changes depending on the text you read – I’ve seen as much as 12 meridians and 4 dantians (although the one in the lower gut next to the spine is always “The Dantian” if they don’t include extras.

      1. True, just look at the Wikipedia article on it and see how messy the whole concept is and for a whole 72 different channels! However, from what I can gather, the 12 meridians you are talking about are the standard acupuncture, or body meridians, that are generally used in modern writings. This novel seems to focus on the 8 Ancient Vessels + (probably) the Huato Channel that runs along the spine.

      1. Because the word literally refers to a ‘crack’ in something, so it’s quite ambiguous and assumes some knowledge of qi movement. A spout can refer to both a break in something from which fluid spurts and the stream of fluid itself, hense my choice of that word. It is not explained whether each spout merges into 9 pillars or if they stay separated. Honestly, ‘crack’ would be fine if it wasn’t so easily misunderstood in English.

  6. Deathblade is changing something related to establishing the foundation… so, does that mean Meng Hao is about to establish his? xD
    Well, I can only hope.

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