ISSTH – Book 7 – Chapter 1130

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Chapter 1130: Muddling the Dao!

In the instant that the bald cultivator entered the central temple region, Meng Hao opened his eyes and looked over his shoulder at the man.

The man’s gaze also came to fall upon Meng Hao, and he smiled.

It was a gentle smile, filled with seemingly boundless warmth. It caused the wounds of all the mortals down below to begin to heal. Even the cultivators trembled as they felt their qi and blood flourishing.

The man proceeded forward, smiling, to appear directly in front of Meng Hao.

“Meng Hao,” he said, “you managed to commandeer the blood crystal and flee the Third Nation. It seems you have the qualifications to be awakened. There’s no need for you to remain in this fabricated world. Come with me to see the true Heaven and Earth. Then you will understand… the truth.”

The mastiff halted in midair, growling and glaring vigilantly at the bald cultivator. There was something familiar about this man’s aura, and something terrifying and stifling.

Meng Hao’s eyes widened as he looked back silently at the man. He seemed to possess no killing intent whatsoever, and the words he had just spoken were so strange that Meng Hao was somewhat befuddled.

Down below, the mortals had ceased combat, and were looking up at the black-robed man floating there in the sky. All of sudden, people began to drop to their knees and kowtow. Soon all of the soldiers of the various Nations were on their knees.

The cultivators from the various Mountains looked on with flickering expressions. This bald cultivator filled their hearts with fear, and they could sense that he overflowed with the violence of a raging sea.

However, that ferocity also seemed to be under control. The only thing he revealed was calm.

Fan Dong’er and Bei Yu felt their hearts trembling. The exchanged a vigilant glance, and then began to back up slowly.

“I don’t want to fight with you again,” the man said, looking at Meng Hao with a sincere expression. “Therefore… just come with me. What do you say? Follow, and you will face no danger to your life. In fact, you’ll even be able to acquire some good fortune.

“Because of the matter of the blood crystal, your Dao and our Dao are now similar. What is yours, is ours. There is no difference between the two. You have no reason to fear.”

Meng Hao’s eyes widened. As soon as the man used the word ‘again,’ he realized what was going on. After looking at the man closely, his heart began to pound.

“You’re… Zong Wuya!” Meng Hao said slowly.

“What you fought before was simply my clone,” Zong Wuya said softly. “This is the real me, Junior Brother Meng Hao.”

A complex expression appeared on Meng Hao’s face. He could sense the incredible pressure of the man’s cultivation base, and knew that he couldn’t fight him. Even in the Allheaven Immortal Realm, it would still be difficult for him to contend with a Quasi-Dao expert.

Meng Hao remembered seeing Zong Wuya’s name on the golden gate stone stele in the Nine Seas God World. Before he had gained enlightenment of the third body cultivation fist strike, Zong Wuya’s name had been listed in 1st place.

Later, he had investigated a bit, only to find out that there was no Zong Wuya anywhere in the Nine Seas God World.

After a moment silence, Meng Hao said, “You came to the Windswept Realm, but never left. You decided to stay behind, just like all the other black-robed cultivators. All of you are Mountain and Sea Realm cultivators who came here throughout the years but chose to remain. Obviously you didn’t succumb to your desires. Why did you stay?”

“Some people choose to stay because they get lost in their desires,” Zong Wuya said calmly. “Others stay to pursue their obsessions. As for me, I chose to stay… because of the true Dao.”

“True Dao?” Meng Hao asked.

Zong Wuya looked at him and smiled. Then he waved his hand, causing a gentle wind to spring up. It carefully picked up everyone down on the ground below, even Fan Dong’er and Bei Yu. “I’d like to discuss the Dao with my young friend here. Ladies and gentlemen, please give us some privacy. Many thanks to you.” The wind then carried them all to a location off in the distance.

With that, Zong Wuya floated down to the ground and sat down cross-legged, then looked up at Meng Hao.

Meng Hao frowned. After a moment of thought, he floated down to sit across from Zong Wuya.

A gleam of reminiscence appeared in Zong Wuya’s eyes as he slowly said, “Meng Hao, in your opinion, what is true, and what is false?”

“True and false are like inside and out,” Meng Hao replied calmly. “Without what is true, that which is false cannot exist. However, as I mentioned to you earlier, when it comes to Daos… there is no such thing as true and false!”

“Well then, in your opinion, what is a Dao?” Zong Wuya’s expression was placid, but the reminiscence in his eyes grew even stronger as they continued to discuss the Dao.

Meng Hao didn’t need to think about the answer. He immediately responded: “The Dao is the obsession in your heart, the path that you choose to follow.”

“In that case, what is your Dao?”

“Freedom and independence!” Meng Hao said, his voice filled with decisiveness that could sever nails and chop iron.

“Freedom. Independence….” Smiling, Zong Wuya shook his head.

“What is freedom? And similarly, what is independence? Is freedom being free from all restrictions? Is independence an absence of all restraint? As you sit here in front of me, Heaven and Earth restrict you. The entire world restrains you.

“Look up, and you will see the sky. The sky weighs down on you. Beyond the Windswept Realm is the void, the Heavens. There are 33 Realms, all of them are also weighing down on you. Beyond those 33 Realms, are even more Realms and worlds. All of them are also pressing down on you.” Although Zong Wuya spoke calmly, his words were as incisive as the stabs of a sword. They even seemed to be filled with a strange power, as if every word he spoke were completely and utterly correct.

As his words entered Meng Hao’s ears, he trembled. He wasn’t sure why, but he suddenly thought back to the image painted by Shui Dongliu back on Planet South Heaven all those years ago, and had to ask himself if what existed at the top of that painting was actually the sky, or not…? 1

“What about morality and principles,” Zong Wuya continued, his wording growing more cutting. “Are they not restraints? Can you ignore them? Can you trample on them? Where does your freedom come from? Where does your independence come from?” His eyes glittered, and seemed to contain matchless wisdom.

“You are weak,” he said, staring Meng Hao in the eye. “When you meet powerful people, you have no freedom, nor any independence, not unless you are the most powerful person. However, the starry sky is wide, and the Heavens are vast. Perhaps when you think you are the most powerful person in existence, wouldn’t you always be wondering if there might be other people over the horizon who also view themselves to be at the ultimate pinnacle?”

“I–” Meng Hao was about to reply, but was cut off by Zong Wuya.

“You have an incorrect understanding of the Dao. Your freedom is not a Dao, it is an obsession of yours. And an obsession… is likewise not a Dao!”

His words echoed about, causing Meng Hao’s mind to reel.

“This is actually what I wanted to explain to you. Do you know what the true Dao is? It doesn’t matter if it’s you or other people, in all of the Mountain and Sea Realm… there is only one Dao. No matter what enlightenment or thought process goes into the Daos of others, what they pursue, are all fabricated Daos.

“Therefore, your Daoist magics and divine abilities, when faced against the true Dao that I follow, will be dispelled. That is because, when faced with what is true, fabrications will naturally fade away.”

Meng Hao was panting as he looked at Zong Wuya, as if his heart was filled with waves of shock. Meng Hao had never heard words like this spoken before, words that seemed designed to subvert everything he believed in.

Zong Wuya continued: “The life you live, your thoughts, your words, the things you have heard, the enlightenment you have achieved, are all falsehoods. None of it is real; it is all counterfeit. Meng Hao, reject the Echelon, and come experience the REAL world. I will take you, and together we will leave this place. You can contemplate the true Dao, and then you will understand… what the real world is!

“Don’t tell me you have never considered why Immortals are classified as true and false? False Immortals reach Immortal Ascension by being enlightened regarding the true Immortality of others!

“What about the Ancient Realm? It’s the same!

“And the Dao Realm…? Also the same!” Zong Wuya eyes shone with a strange light. Deep inside, that look of reminiscence grew stronger, almost as if he weren’t speaking to Meng Hao, but to himself.

It was almost as if these were words being spoken to him by someone else in the past, words that had stirred his heart, that had changed his life. Now, he was in the position occupied by whoever that person had been years ago. He was speaking shocking words to change Meng Hao’s life, and in the process… strengthening his own resolve!

“You live in a Paragon’s world, and that Paragon was not the Paragon who founded the Echelon, Sea Dream. No, he was the most powerful entity in the Paragon Immortal Realm, Paragon Nine Seals!

“You live in the world he created, and therefore, all of your enlightenment, has been regarding HIS Dao. In fact, the only Dao of the Mountain and Sea Realm is HIS Dao!

“Do you know what the end result of all this will be? I’ll tell you, Meng Hao. The end result is that all of you, every single cultivator in the Mountain and Sea Realm, are all just fuel, fuel being used to power the resurrection of Paragon Nine Seals!

“In the end… he will be resurrected, and all of you… will lose yourselves for all eternity. You will become his blood, his bones, and all the other parts of his body!

“Perhaps if you become powerful enough, you might even become one of his fingers!

“Therefore, that is why I say that all of those Daos are mere fabrications. All those Daos are falsehoods. Only if you leave this place will you ever gain enlightenment of your own Dao. Then, you can understand… what it actually feels like to acquire the true Dao. Then you will clearly understand… what the Dao is!

“Give up your fleshly body, and forsake your place in the Echelon. I will take your soul to experience the baptism of tribulation. It will wipe away that which seals you to the Mountain and Sea Realm. In the outside world, there are people who have already prepared a new fleshly body for you, a true fleshly body. Enter that fleshly body, break away from that which is fabricated, and you can become… a real person!

“Only at that time will you be qualified to truly pursue your freedom and independence.

“At that time you will see the true world. There, you will see the true starry sky, not the sun and moon which are mere materializations of Nine Seals’ eyes. The magic there is not the magic of the five elements, which are nothing more than the manifestation of Nine Seals’ five organs. The rivers and seas there are not made from Nine Seals’ blood, and it is not a Mountain and Sea Realm formed out of Nine Seals’ magical item.

“Most importantly of all, you will gain enlightenment that is NOT the Dao and will of Nine Seals, NOT the natural law of the Mountains and Seas, NOT the Dao of the Mountains and Seas!

“Meng Hao, why do you refuse to open your eyes! In the real world, the most radiant symbol is none other than the butterfly! In the real world, the lands flow with the true Dao! Gain enlightenment of the true Dao, and you can even become a Paragon!

“Leave this place with me. Come with me… to experience the true Dao.” When Zong Wuya finished speaking, his eyes were shining with even more intensity than before.


Note Challenge from Deathblade: What do you think about what Zong Wuya said? Leave your comments below before proceeding to the next chapter. IF YOU DARE!

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  1. The scene in which Shui Dongliu painted a picture and then asked Meng Hao about it was in chapter 208


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    1. Its not a matter of trustworthy or not but whether his dao is tru vs false. In my eyes, he claims his dao isnt his own because he made it in the 9 mounts and sea. Thats what makes him wrong. If you make a sword in a blacksmithery in new york does that make it a new york sword? No you made it so it is your brand, your own, just like memg haos dao makes him a tru immortal amoungst immortals because its his own. Also, according to the vision in the 5th gate of 9 sea wrlds, the butterflies r dangerous

      1. Let me hijacked this spot to tell you my fellow readers, *cough* my fellow cultivators of my speculation but forst of all i dont think that Zong Wuya was telling the whole truth. ZW, you liar! You cant even defend yourself from haowei’s 8th hexing magic! It shows that the LoDS’s magic is stonger! Wait until haowie matures and he will kick your ass hard that you would wish you could go back to your mothers womb!!!
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        Wasnt the butterflies dangerous? I remembered that inorder to seal them, the 9M&S was created, that it was the reason the paragon realm collapse. I also believe that there are no right or wrong, the only thing that mattqers is how you keep holding your dao from collapsing beacause dao is heart.
        Oh! One more thing.
        My Instincts tells me that, perhaps, the time that haowie will combine the nine hexing magic is the time that haowie will have a true dao or something that will change his dao, ofcourse for his betterment. And it will a better dao from Nine Seals because it is unique and will be stronger because of the hexing magic use…
        shout out to all pinoys out there!

        1. There are no true or false dao, only better or poorer dao. ZW magic overpowers MH because his level is higher. If they’re of the same level, can he claimed that his true dao is better? MH is kicking ass left and right before his appearance. MH dao is better since he can kill people above his levels and even realms.

  2. Challenge: The Dao is a path but at the same time it is a law, something that was created by the heavens. However by following the path of the Dao you can surpass the heavens. While the world of the Nine Mountains and Nine Seas was created by Paragon Nine Seals, and you could say that ‘His’ Dao is the true Dao of the Nine Mountain and Sea realm it is not the True Dao of the heavens. After all from where did Paragon Nine Seals originate from, and how did he reach his understanding of his Dao, and if his Dao was the True Dao of the havens and all others where false and shall be extinguished in the face of the True Dao, would the True Dao not be the path of the Demon Sealer, which Paragon Nine Seals is the first generation, and if so then does that not mean the Dao of the Ninth inheritor, the one who will finish the path, is the True Dao and that in face of everything encompassed by the Nine Mountains and Seas Meng Hao would rain supreme with no one to oppose him.

  3. Zong Wuya is correct in his statement about a true Dao existing and the others being fabricated. However he failed to realized that the true Dao is the strongest Dao. You see this in his battle with Meng Hao. When Meng Hao is at Emperor level his Dao fails. When he enters Allheaven he succeeded.

  4. I think he’s correct in that the 3000 Dao are Paragon Nine Seals, especially because of what was said before about the lack of any new Paragon being abnormal, and I even said so way way back iirc when Meng Hao experienced the vision of the three Paragons creating the Mountain and Sea Realm to seal the Nine Butterflies. However, I don’t believe Meng Hao’s path is wrong. The second he reached the Allheaven Emperor level, his power stopped being dispelled by the “True Dao”. There are countless other little bits to support his path being a true path, like the old man at the Immortal Ancient Daoist Rites Temple on Planet South Heaven saying the same things about True and False Immortals.

    One HUGE thing I just thought of is that the reason that no Allheaven Dao Immortals can reach the Ancient Realm without dying is that the Ancient Realm is a manufactured realm while an Allheaven Dao Immortal is real, so they reject each other. The two do not conform, causing them both to basically dispel each other, like what the “True Dao” did to Meng Hao’s abilities.

    Lastly, I’d be willing to bet that that “True Dao” is actually just the Dao of Dao Fang, the one Meng Hao experienced seeing when he absorbed the Echelon mark. I’d wager that Paragons are ones who attempt to create their own True Dao but fail. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dao Fang had created the various worlds, with the Copper Mirror having some relation to him, probably with him being created directly by it. This would be especially likely after that vision the Copper Mirror showed which had huge numbers of Dao Realm (at minimum) people, likely involving even more people. In the end, that “True World” directly created by the Copper Mirror probably had people like Paragon Nineseals who were able to reach a level capable of creating worlds, and Dao Fang might just be one of them, a stage higher than a Paragon.

  5. Actually this is a never ending loop. If you say that the dao in MSR is from Nine Seals cause he created it then what about outside MSR that they are talking about? Wasn’t it also created by someone more powerful? Then doesn’t that mean they also follow other dao? Well, that all… Hohoho…

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    Parrot would help if he was not weak right now….

  8. I have only one thought. Paragon Nine Seal will be ressurected and in fact is already in the process of being resurrected. That “process” is Meng Hao.

  9. My thoughts about what Zong Wuya said? Look at the chapter title, you fool!

    P.S. Don’t know if anybody mentioned it in the comments, but I think Meng Haos Freedom Dao is 100% correct. It’s just that like with truth-falsehood dualism, a freedom-restrictions dualism exists.
    There is no truth, if there is no falsehood.
    There is no freedom, if there are no restrictions.
    It’s not about being absolutely free, but about overcoming restrictions.
    Meng Haos Dao was to explore the world freely, when everybody jumps down a volcano to get reborn. He is free to choose, where to go, but without the ground beneath him, mountains, rivers and the sky above is there even a point to being free from everything and restricted by nothing.

    Like with Donglidongdong, The Painting Guy, the Heavens and Earth are the Canvas and Freedom is your Paint.

  10. Yea I don’t know, I think that this may or may not be true, probably it is mixed truth and lies, and also I think that Nine Seals is a good guy (and butterfly-guy is probably bad news), and most importantly I think that Meng Hao is the ultimate inheritor of Nine Seal, as the 9th demon sealer. As such, when Meng Hao receives enlightenment about the Dao in the mountain and sea realm, he is receiving his inheritance, and so his path is not a false path even if he is walking in Nine Seal’s footsteps.

    Oh and don’t forget that MH has absorbed Nine Seal’s blood and was approved.

    Edit : for all we know, MH might be Nine Seal’s reincarnation.

  11. I reckon this guy (already forgot his name) has been brainwashed into following someone else’s dao (Dao Fang’s maybe?) and Meng Hao will either (a) be too stubborn and stick with his dao (unlikely) or (b) he’ll be interrupted and saved by someone/something when he’s about to accept the offer. Likely the parrot/jelly combo or some remnant from all the karma he’s sown with powerful people.
    I typed a lot of brackets huh? (. ) ( .)

    Also, I like that the comment section is full of actual comments about the series for once, rather than just thank you comments. That said, thanks for the chapter 😉

  12. I believe he missed out on a crucial point in that; freedom and independence aren’t merely concepts of what is perceived to be confines, but the striving forth always to break any boundaries and blockades you may come across. the sky weighs down on him? he breaks free and goes into the starry sky. the starry sky confines him? he roots around the edges looking for a hole to pierce through to another place he doesn’t even know about.

    freedom and independence is about feeling around for a direction and then blasting through any obstructions in the way, whether it’s the sky, the heavens, or anything else… and if you can’t blast through, dying rather than conceding while fighting against the oppressive odds.

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    Nobody could guarantee that Zong Wuya’s Dao is true Dao either.
    He might be tricked by someone else, misunderstood the Dao, or has ulterior motive trying to get Meng Hao out of his body.
    Just because Zong Wuya said some truth doesn’t mean everything he said is true. Also, there’s no way to tell whether it’s true or not. Maybe everything Zong Wuya said is all fabricated lies. Because although it sounds plausible, that’s all it is. It just sounds plausible, there aren’t any proof to support what he said at all.

    And if Paragon Nine Seals could have his own Dao, why Meng Hao can’t have his own Dao?

  15. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    *challenge accepted*
    Zong Wuya words are true. but that’s only true to the common path. like the 9 qi condensation levels(MH got 13), perfect stratum(MH got eternal stratum), normal immortal realm(MH got allheaven immortal realm), ect.. at every cultivation stage MH got either an ancient path or made the path himself, so Nine seal’s clutches are only minimal.. and that is only from the ancient path side since we don’t currently know if nine seal messed with them too..

    i’ll see myself on the next chapter now~

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  20. Friends,
    I don’t trust Zong Wuya. His arguments would seem to at least allow the phenomena of Infinite Regression…
    That is:
    No matter how many times you awake to a new “Real World” there is always another Realer World lying beyond it—or at least there is no conclusive proof that there is not.
    Excuse my hazy terminology but I always thought of the Tao as paths of least resistance through the Sub-Luminal Aether, The Void or whatever. “Least Resistance” in the good sense of the concept. As Kano Jigoro said:
    “Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort” and “Mutual Benefit to All Living Creatures.”
    EVEN IF Meng Hao is in some sort of Potemkin Matrix the Sub-Luminal Aether beneath—the bedrock reality behind all false appearances should be the same…
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    Saxon Violence

  21. Taking the challenge.
    Everything that Zong Wuya said, whether it be true or false, is irrelevant. To follow ones Dao is to follow ones hopes, desires, obsessions, aspirations. It doesn’t matter if everyone really is just fueling NineSeals. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t. What matters is that regardless if it is true or false, will they still continue to follow their own Dao. To doubt your Dao is to doubt your own reason for existing, you’re very belief in yourself and your ideals. There is no true dao, but at the same time there is. All Daos, if created by the individual pursuing it, are True Daos. However, if you adopt someone elses Dao in place of your own, then you have forsaken yourself. Then, and only then, is your Dao a fabrication, that is when you step foot into the realm of a false immortal, ancient, etc. I believe Meng Hao knows this, and will use his resolve in his Dao to shake Zong Wuya awake to face the reality that he is in fact living someone else Dao, because he did not cultivate the self-confidence to pursue his own Dao to it’s conclusion.

  22. I believe that “Dao” is a path, your own path. There is no such thing as a True Dao and False Dao, like there is no such thing as a True Path and a False Path. Because what is true or false when there are no rules in a Path/Dao. Is it wrong to seek helping others first or help myself foremost. We each live our own lives and are not obligated to seek only one path but what we truly want. So, okay Meng Hao might be seeking the Dao of the Paragon guy but who among us can’t say that we truly found ourselves and what we really wanted after experiencing other paths? Very few… We can find our path even when we experience the other people’s paths so there is no such thing as True or False in here because like 2 people see the same occurrence and they still have different perspectives, the same applies to Paths or Daos. THIS is what I believe 😉

  23. challange: what i think is that all that he said is false because how can there be a true or false concept just because it was in the 9 m&s ,although there can be false paths but the place does make a path wrong.
    those 9 butterflies are evil

  24. As I got farther and farther along in this story, I suspected that this might all be a dream of some sort. Still have to finish the story to find out which way Meng Hao decides to go. I think he will some how end up being his own person.

  25. We’ve learned a lot from the Demon Immortal, Shui Dongliu, and the 6th Generation Demon Sealer.

    Right now MH is struggling to achieve the full circle of potential within the current stage he is at, which we’ve come to know as the Allheaven Dao Immortal Realm. And yet the Demon Sealing Jade say “Tread not the Path of Immortals; Face the Tribulation of the Nine Mountains and Seas.

    The sixth generation DS failed at the tribulation of the 3rd MaS. It all seems part of a legacy – the one which the stone immortal in the Ancient Dao temple wondered if people had forgotten about. One that seems connected to the awakening of the paramita spirit.

    Something horrific happened in the war between the Immortal Realm and the other realms. We know heavens of dao have been enslaved, and presumably it is the misuse of the dao of heavens which needs to be sealed, along with the task of returning the mountains and seas to essence.

    What is true and what is false? Inside and outside? What is true is ever being disguised and misused to operate within the false. However this does not mean the true does not still exist within it, should one scrub hard to clean it up.

  26. Challenge Level: Easy
    Nothing complicated here. Daos represent a path in life. Maybe a teacher, scholar or farmer. To say 1 true dao is to also say there is only 1 path in life to take. It is to also say that a person has no free will. Thus Zuya dao is bologna.

  27. @still not the true path. The ultimate truth is the root of all Daos… it is the Will. It is weaved within all Daos of the heart. Through Will, there is no false Dao. All Daos are true.

    All beings are capable of Will, but only those whose willpower does not waver can it reach its full potential. If yours is the Dao of Alchemy, you must obtain the Will to learn, process and create pills to no end. If it is the Dao of Sword, you must hone the Will to be sharp and swift. Meng Hao’s true path is not freedom and independence; it is the Dao of Free Will.

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    Right now all he’s doing is bullying Meng Hao with his higher 10 extinguished soul lamp ancient / Quasi-Dao cultivation base.

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