ISSTH – Book 7 – Chapter 1070

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Chapter 1070: Slaughtering a Path Through the Sect

Meng Hao’s eyes flashed with determination as he transformed into a beam of light that sped through the water. He had one goal in mind, and that was to reach the Nine Seas God World and find… Long Tianhai!

Of the people who had attacked Meng Hao, the two Demonic cultivator Elders had already been killed. Of the nine Sea Realm Demons, only their highest ranking member was left alive. He was the one who had personally kidnapped Chu Yuyan, which further intensified Meng Hao’s desire to kill him.

“Chu Yuyan has been afflicted with Underworld Dragon Poison, so getting some Sea Dragon heart-blood is vital to treating her!” That was something Meng Hao had gleaned from Elder Hai Sheng’s memories.

It was a poison that required heart-blood from at least ten Sea Dragons to be able to dispel. The higher the cultivation base of said dragons, the more effective the antidote would be. Furthermore, Meng Hao had chosen not to seek out Sea Dragons that had not yet achieved the ability to take human form. His goal… was to get Demonic Cultivators from the Demonic Cultivator Horde.

Another thing that Meng Hao had learned from Elder Hai Sheng’s memories was that Long Tianhai’s true form was that of a Sea Dragon.

He shot back toward the Nine Seas God World at top speed, during which time his cultivation base continued to restore itself, and his wounds were healed. His Eternal stratum worked hard, and after the time it takes an incense stick to burn, he was back at his peak. Soon, a huge land mass appeared up ahead in the water.

It contained mountain ranges and even its own sky. It was… the Nine Seas God World!

Meng Hao’s eyes flickered with killing intent as he pushed harder for more speed. He sped forward, nearing the main gate of the sect, and then stepping down onto the land of the Nine Seas God World.

As soon as he entered the sect, he saw three Demonic cultivators, who appeared to be waiting for him. As soon as they saw him, their faces involuntarily fell, revealing shock.

The fact that catching sight of Meng Hao didn’t cause them to radiate killing intent, but rather shock, indicated only one thing….

They knew that Meng Hao had been set up to die on the outside!

The three Demonic cultivators’ faces fell, and they started to back up. However, even in the moment that their faces flickered with surprise, Meng Hao’s eyes flashed with killing intent. Considering that they only had Immortal Realm cultivation bases, to Meng Hao, they were already dead.

Meng Hao had already killed plenty of people on this day, and had experienced plenty of potentially deadly situations. His killing intent was now beyond abundant. He had no intentions of calming the situation down. He wanted people dead, and he wanted a big scene!

He wanted a slaughter of epic proportions, and a scene that caused Heaven and Earth to crumble!

He barrelled forward, waving his hand violently, causing the pressure of the Immortal Emperor to sweep out, along with a tempestuous wind. The three Demonic cultivators’ faces flickered, and they tried to flee with all their power. Unfortunately for them, however, they were pinned down by the sweeping pressure.

Miserable shrieks rang out as the wind shredded them to pieces, causing the windstorm to rain blood.

In the moment that the three died, there were eight ordinary cultivators off in the distance who saw what happened. Their faces filled with shock as they saw that the killer was actually Meng Hao. They gasped and exchanged glances.

“That’s Meng Hao!”

“Why is he killing people? Didn’t he and the Demonic Cultivator Horde agree to a ceasefire already?!”

“Something big must have happened. He just killed three Demonic cultivators! There’s no way the Demonic Cultivator Horde will let this stand!!” Although they were shocked, they didn’t make any attempt to interfere with Meng Hao. Were he anyone else, they would have done so, and would also have notified their superiors in the sect. But considering it was Meng Hao, they instantly hesitated.

The tempest swirled, and blood rained out of the sky. As for Meng Hao, he walked out of the bloody storm and headed straight forward… following the tug of the Karma Thread directly toward Long Tianhai’s Immortal’s cave.

It only took a moment for his divine sense to spread out and lock down the position of the Immortal’s cave. Also, he was able to sense… Long Tianhai’s aura.

He transformed into a prismatic streak of light that shot forward like lightning. Any Demonic cultivators that crossed his path were instantly cut down.

It only took a short time for the entire Nine Seas God World to be thrown into an uproar. Numerous cultivators witnessed Meng Hao slaughtering Demonic cultivators, leading to widespread shock.

His feud had escalated to the point where he figured he might as well resolve the issue with killing. Since they looked at him with hatred, he would just kill them without any further considerations!

Booms echoed out, and Meng Hao’s killing intent soared. Strangely, however, the strongest Demonic cultivators he met were merely in the Ancient Realm, with two or three extinguished Soul Lamps at that. No one stronger appeared, and in fact, it was mostly Immortal Realm Demonic cultivators who showed their faces.

Meng Hao’s eyes flashed, and he didn’t hesitate at all. The Demonic cultivators he came across looked at him with resentment and hostility, and he killed them all.

He knew that if he didn’t kill them, they would try to kill him as soon as they had a chance!

If it becomes impossible to resolve things with reason, then might makes right!

Meng Hao’s path of slaughter was soaked in blood and filled with bloodcurdling screams. He was like a deity of death as he drew ever closer to Long Tianhai in his Immortal’s cave!!

From the moment Meng Hao had first caught sight of Long Tianhai outside of the main gate, to the slaughter of Seajacket Island, to the deadly duel with Elder Hai Sheng, to the massacre going on now within the Nine Seas God World…

Only about six hours had passed!


Six hours earlier….

Deep within the central mountains of the Nine Seas God World was a mighty mountain peak, atop which sat an ancient temple.

Two statues could be seen at the front of the temple, both of which held huge swords in their hands. From afar, they looked like protectors of the entire God World.

Granny Nine, Godmaster and Ling Yunzi sat cross-legged inside the temple, staring coldly at the four other Dao Realm experts who sat across from them. Two were old men who were radiating their Essence auras, and had scales on their foreheads. They were the Dao Realm Patriarchs from the Demonic Cultivator Horde. As for the other two, one was a man, the other a woman. Both had wry, apologetic smiles on their faces.

“We’re all members of the same sect,” the woman said softly. “We shouldn’t involve ourselves in the matters of the Junior generation. I hope the three of you can understand that. Why don’t we all discuss the Dao to pass the time? We don’t often get opportunities to get together like this.” Smiling, her eyes flickered as she waved her hand, causing a screen to appear in front of them. Depicted on that screen was an image… of Meng Hao emerging from his Immortal’s cave.

Ling Yunzi snorted coldly, but didn’t say anything. He understood that right now, it was not only impossible for the three of them to do anything, all of the Ancient Realm experts in the entire sect had also been prevented from interfering.

That seemed to include not just their side, but also the cultivators from the other factions. Unfortunately… the combined power of the other three factions exceeded that of Ling Yunzi, Granny Nine, and Godmaster. The other factions also controlled slightly more Ancient Realm cultivators than they did.

However, Ling Yunzi wasn’t very worried. He had already secretly warned Meng Hao to return to the sect as soon as he set foot outside, and told him that he would handle any fallout.

However, it was at that point that the screen flickered with an image of Long Tianhai facing off with Meng Hao. Everyone in the temple hall could see as the two of them started talking.

Then they saw Chu Yuyan, and Ling Yunzi’s face flickered. Granny Nine and Godmaster had similar reactions. Granny Nine’s face actually darkened with anger, and she shot to her feet. Immediately, the energy of the other four Dao Realm experts surged.

“Granny Nine, we have an agreement, don’t we?” said one of the Dao Realm Demonic cultivators, an old man with bright red hair. “Could it be that you’re actually going to break your word?

“We Dao Realm experts already promised not to interfere in the vast enmity that exists between Meng Hao and the Demonic Cultivator Horde. Most of the Ancient Realm cultivators have also been locked down. Granny Nine, if you want to start a war, then so be it!”

“Sit tight!” Godmaster said. Granny Nine paused, and then slowly sat back down.

The images continued to play out on the screen. Soon, Meng Hao and Long Tianhai had their scuffle. When Meng Hao’s energy rose up shockingly, various expressions of surprise could be seen on the faces of the Dao Realm experts.

Next was the slaughter of the sea beasts, and the boiling of the Ninth Sea, which caused frowns to appear on the faces of the Demonic cultivators. Then Meng Hao arrived at the island, where he crushed his opponents and cast off the pressure of the Ninth Sea. With nine steps, he slaughtered eight Sea Realm Demons, and drained the other Ancient Realm Demonic cultivator dry.

The island was destroyed in shocking fashion, a scene which caused the Demonic Dao Realm experts’ faces to become even more unsightly. Conversely, Ling Yunzi and Granny Nine breathed sighs of relief.

It was at that point that Elder Hai Sheng’s death trap appeared, and all of a sudden, none of them could see what was happening. Granny Nine’s heart began to pound, and her face flickered. Ling Yunzi couldn’t hold back any longer, and he stood up.

It was at this point that one of the human Dao Realm experts, the man, laughed and moved to intercept him.

“Fellow Daoist Ling Yunzi,” he said. “I’ve experienced some enlightenment recently regarding Time magic. Come, come. Let’s meditate and appreciate it together.” With that, he raised his hand, causing a resplendent beam of light to fly out that flickered with an aura of Time.

“Get the hell out of my way!” said Ling Yunzi, his eyes shining with killing intent.

The man’s face darkened, and he said, “Fellow Daoist Ling Yunzi, have you forgotten our agreement? Besides, are you really going to be so insulting as to refuse to discuss the Dao with me?”

“Sit!” Godmaster said, his eyes shining with profundity.

Ling Yunzi gritted his teeth and slowly sat back down, glaring at the screen. Not much more time passed before the death trap was broken. A Sea Dragon emerged, wailing miserably, followed by a murderous Meng Hao!

Instantly, the faces of the two Demonic Dao Realm cultivators fell. Then they saw Elder Hai Sheng die, and Meng Hao threaten the Ninth Sea.

Finally, Meng Hao sped back, entered the Nine Seas God World, and began to slaughter the Demonic Cultivator Horde!

Instantly, the two Demonic Dao Realm cultivators rose to their feet. But then, Ling Yunzi stood, laughing as he blocked their path.

“We’re all members of the same sect,” he said with smile. “We shouldn’t involve ourselves in the matters of the Junior generation. I hope the three of you can understand that. Why don’t we all discuss the Dao to pass the time? We don’t get opportunities to get together like this very often.”

“Get the hell out of my way!” said the red-haired Demonic cultivator, his voice echoing like thunder. He was just about to charge past, when Ling Yunzi snorted coldly.

“We have an agreement, don’t we?” he said. “Could it be that you’re actually going to break your word?”

The faces of the two Demonic Dao Realm experts flickered.

It was at this point that Godmaster suddenly moved noiselessly to appear next to Ling Yunzi. He looked darkly at the two Demonic Dao Realm experts and coldly said, “Meng Hao is connected by destiny to the Nine Seas God World! You can’t blame me for killing you if you step out of that door!”

Off to the side, the two human Dao Realm experts were just about to walk out when Granny Nine appeared in front of them, smiling.

“Fellow Daoists, I’ve experienced some enlightenment recently regarding water magic. Come, come. Let’s meditate and appreciate it together.” Granny Nine waved her hand, causing a drop of water to fly out. It did not glitter resplendently, and was clearly just ordinary water. Obviously Granny Nine wasn’t interested in even bothering with pretenses.

The two human Dao Realm experts looked extremely irritated, and were about to say something in response when Granny Nine’s eyes suddenly flashed dangerously.

“Have you two forgotten our agreement? Besides, are you really going to be so insulting as to refuse to discuss the Dao with me?”

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