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Chapter 1066 (Click to show "spoiler" title)

Chapter 1066: Elder Hai Sheng!

It is impossible to even describe the pain of having one’s life force absorbed by the Blood Demon Grand Magic. Only someone who has experienced it could possibly know the feeling. If you had to liken it to something, it would be like having an acidic liquid injected into your veins. As it filled your body, it would melt your flesh and blood, transforming your innards into a shapeless mass.

Then it would be slowly extracted as life force. In this case, Meng Hao acted like a bridge, delivering that life force to Chu Yuyan.

If the Demonic cultivator could cry out right now, it wouldn’t lessen the pain, he could at least vent some of the torment he was experiencing. Instead, the pain simply existed in his heart as an undispellable torment.

He… couldn’t even open his mouth. Nor could he see what was happening. However, he could feel everything that was occurring inside of him, and in fact, those feelings were amplified, causing him to experience what was essentially unspeakable torture.

If he could do anything, the first thing he would think to do would be to die instantly!

If he had a chance to do things over, if he had the power to reverse time, he would definitely refuse to participate in this plan!

Unfortunately, there are no such things as second chances!

Meng Hao’s face was like ice as he stared at the Demonic cultivator’s body slowly withering up. Soon, he was nothing more than a sack of flesh and bones, his life force drained.

Finally, Meng Hao loosened his grip, and the man began to fall down. Then the wind caught him, and he dissolved into dust…. His entire person had been absorbed by the Blood Demon Grand Magic and sent into Chu Yuyan.

Moments ago, the flame of her life force had been dim and barely flickering. Now, it was brighter. Her vitality was somewhat restored, and her face was no longer the pale of death, but rather, had some color to it.

However… Meng Hao knew that all of that was temporary. For every day that the poison remained in Chu Yuyan, she would continue to weaken, and would eventually die.

As he held her in his arms, his eyes flickered with focus and determination. He took a deep breath, then carefully placed some seals onto Chu Yuyan and the poison inside of her. Doing so would ensure that she would be able to cling to life a bit longer. Finally, he gently placed her into his bag of holding, then looked up and began to speed toward the Nine Seas God World.

It was time to do some killing!

And the first person on his list to kill was Long Tianhai!

It didn’t matter where Long Tianhai was, or who was protecting him; Meng Hao was determined to kill him. That determination would not lessen, no matter what Heaven-shaking, Earth-toppling trouble might occur as a result. He would definitely give vent to the murderous rage in his heart.

“Long Tianhai, you shall DIE!

“Demonic Cultivator Horde, I hereby VOW… that one day the Ninth Mountain and Sea will have NO Sea Demons!” His voice echoed up, piercing into the Heavens, which responded with rumbling like claps of thunder!

This was no ordinary promise, this was a vow!

Meng Hao’s killing intent towered into the Heavens, and it was in the midst of that rage that he uttered this vow!

Almost in the same moment that his thunder-like words echoed out, the entire Ninth Sea shuddered. Even the Ninth Mountain, which rested ponderously out in the starry sky, trembled in response.

The four planets also shook. It wasn’t just the Ninth Mountain and Sea, though. As of that moment, the Eighth Mountain, the Seventh Mountain, the Sixth Mountain… all the way to the First Mountain, as well as all of their respective Seas… all trembled.

That trembling caused numerous cultivators’ hearts to thump. In addition, the nine Xuanwu turtles on the tops of the Mountains of the Mountain and Sea Realm all looked up and let out a powerful howl, as if they were bearing witness to something they would fix firmly in mind!

The matter pertaining to the Lord of the Mountain and Sea Realm was still on the minds of numerous entities in the Mountain and Sea Realm. Therefore, what was happening now caused all of those people to gasp.

Simultaneously, the entire Ninth Sea roared, as if the will of the sea were enraged by what Meng Hao had just said. The members of the Demonic Cultivator Horde were all born in the Ninth Sea, and were essentially its children. If Meng Hao were some ordinary cultivator, then his words wouldn’t have mattered, and would not have caused such a stir.

However… he was not some ordinary cultivator!

He was the future Lord of the Mountain and Sea Realm! He was a member of the League of Demon Sealers! Although few people knew who he was, the Mountain and Sea Realm itself knew. The Nine Mountains knew, as did the Nine Seas!

Of course, though they knew of these matters, until Meng Hao formally became the Lord of the Mountain and Sea Realm, there would be no direct connection between all of them. The only things in place were rules preventing them from interfering with him.

But now that Meng Hao had uttered his vow, the Ninth Sea seethed. It was completely shaken, and yet in the end… it chose to maintain silence.

Meng Hao sped through the air in a beam of light, splitting the Ninth Sea apart as he flew. At the same time, his aura caused countless sea beasts to charge in his direction with murderous intent.

As they neared, killing intent flickered in Meng Hao’s eyes.

He waved his hand, causing the Essence of Divine Flame to appear. Expression icy, he coldly said, “Detonate!”

One word caused the Essence of Divine Flame to erupt. A massive boom could be heard as it transformed into a heavenly fire that rained down in all directions.

Any sea beasts which the fire touched let out miserable shrieks as they were burnt to ash. Some managed to dive down into the water, but a moment later, the flames entered the water, causing the temperature to soar. More screams could be heard, and the corpses of various sea beasts began to rise up from the depths.

Meng Hao didn’t slow down at all. As he sped along, the sea around him boiled, and any sea beasts which came near him were instantly scalded to death!

It was an endless slaughter!

The sea began to turn as red as blood!

However, almost in the same moment that Meng Hao left Seajacket Island and began to speed toward the Nine Seas God World, all of a sudden, the surface of the sea up ahead of him rose up to form a massive wall of seawater, blocking his path. Next, three more walls of seawater rose up, two on either side of him, and one behind. He was now blocked from four directions.

The four walls of seawater linked together, forming a huge cage with Meng Hao trapped inside. Even his aura was incapable of escaping.

Meng Hao stopped in place and looked around, then gave a cold harrumph which echoed out in all directions. A moment later, the wall of water in front of him rippled, and a face appeared. Shockingly, it was not the face of a cultivator, but rather, an enormous Sea Dragon.

It was pitch black and matchlessly vicious, and its eyes glittered with cold arrogance as it looked at Meng Hao.

Standing on top of the dragon’s head was an old man with his hands clasped behind his back. He wore the long robes of the Nine Seas God World, and his face was a mass of derision as he gazed down at Meng Hao.

Meng Hao’s expression was the same as ever. He recognized this old man. He was not an ordinary cultivator, but rather a Demonic cultivator, the same person Meng Hao had fought when he first arrived in the Nine Seas God World. Elder Hai Sheng! 1

“Come looking to die, you old fart?” Meng Hao said, his voice as cold as a winter wind.

“Every dog has its day, Meng Hao,” Elder Hai Sheng replied, his voice cracking like thunder and filled with intense, venomous hatred. “I have to admit, the Demonic Cultivator Horde underestimated you. The Seajacket Island plan failed, and the island itself was destroyed. However, with me here… you’ll die all the same!

“Don’t try to escape my little death trap. It will only open up after someone gets killed. Anyone who tries to force it open, even me, will be hit with a shocking backlash. It’s special that way. For the same reason, nobody outside can see what happens in here. Oh, and the natural laws have been changed so that you can’t use that teleportation cauldron either!!

“And if you’re thinking of trying to get Granny Nine and Ling Yunzi to come save you, well, let’s put it this way; the Demonic Cultivator Horde has prepared long and hard to kill you. Granny Nine and Ling Yunzi are currently being delayed by the Demonic Cultivator Horde Patriarchs!

“Nobody will be coming here to interfere or to save you!

“Today, you absolutely, positively WILL die!” Elder Hai Sheng stared at Meng Hao, intense killing intent flickering in his eyes as he waited to see how Meng Hao would react to his words. Specifically, he was waiting for a look of despair. He didn’t just want to kill Meng Hao, he wanted to see him absolutely hopeless and terrified, whereupon he would torture him to death.

That was the only way to ease the hatred in his heart!

“Today is the day you will receive retribution for slaughtering the members of the Demonic Cultivator Horde from Planet South Heaven’s Milky Way Sea!” growled Elder Hai Sheng through gritted teeth. “I sent my only descendant to Planet South Heaven in the hopes that he would be able to acquire Immortal destiny and achieve true Immortal Ascension!

“But you, you killed him, Meng Hao, damn you! Before his mind awoke, you killed him!

“Not only did you sever his hope of true Immortal Ascension, you also severed my bloodline!” His words echoed out, causing the walls of seawater to vibrate.

“Look, you big windbag,” Meng Hao said coolly, “I’ve killed lots of people. You think I remember which one you’re talking about?” He casually took out the Lightning Cauldron and gave it a try, but sure enough, it didn’t work.

His words sent Elder Hai Sheng’s rage into the sky. Bellowing, he waved his hand, causing the Sea Dragon to roar and charge toward Meng Hao, mouth gaping. In the blink of an eye, the pitch-black Sea Dragon was bearing down on Meng Hao, preparing to consume him.

Meng Hao’s eyes glinted coldly, and he performed an incantation gesture with his right hand, then waved his finger. Instantly, everything began to tremble as hundreds of thousands of mountains began to descend. They formed together into a tens of thousands of mountain chains, which then merged together to form ten enormous mountains that smashed toward the Sea Dragon.

The Sea Dragon roared as it slammed into the ten gigantic mountains, then swept its tail in an attack on Meng Hao.

Whistling sounds filled the air. Meng Hao’s lips turned up into a cold smile as he extended his right hand and grabbed the Sea Dragon’s tail. Then he jerked his hand violently.

The Sea Dragon roared in surprise and pain as a massive force surged out from Meng Hao’s arm.


A huge boom could be heard as the power of the Nine Heavens Destruction was unleashed. Nine successive attacks were unleashed, the last of which caused the Sea Dragon to literally explode to pieces in midair.

Meng Hao then looked over at Elder Hai Sheng and murmured, “If I absorb you, then I can give Chu Yuyan a bit more life force, and a bit more time!”

Then, he turned into a murderous arrow that shot directly toward Elder Hai Sheng’s heart!

Chapter 1066: Elder Hai Sheng!

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