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Chapter 1024 (Click to show "spoiler" title)

Chapter 1024: A Paragon Slaughters a Dao Protector!

Almost as soon as the sound echoed out, all of the Dao Realm experts in the Ninth Mountain and Sea were shaken. At the same time, a shocking image appeared in their minds.

It was an image of the general location Meng Hao currently occupied in the Ruins of Immortality!

Obviously, the image was a form of guidance, telling the Dao Realm experts that the Outsiders… were in the Ruins of Immortality!

In the blink of an eye, roughly half of the Dao Realm experts suddenly stepped out into the starry sky and began to speed in that direction. Fang Shoudao was one of them. He and the experts from the Three Great Daoist Societies were among the first to head toward the Ruins of Immortality.

On Planet North Reed, the Patriarch and others from the Li Clan also headed in the direction of the location of the image they had seen.

This sudden turn of events shocked them all to the core, and was clearly not a plot by the Ji Clan. This matter… was momentous. Not even the Ji Clan would have the gall to scheme in this way.

At the same moment in which the Dao Realm experts employed their top speed to head toward the Ruins of Immortality, the old man who was facing off with Patriarch Reliance felt his scalp go numb, and his face go pale. He was well aware of the danger they were now in because of Yi Fazi revealing his true form.

“Moron! Imbecile!” the old man raged inwardly. “Accursed, Heaven-damned Zheng Clan! You were all like this back then, and now this kid is the same! Fool! Moron!!” At the same time, he was extremely apprehensive and nervous. He knew all too well what would happen after Yi Fazi revealed his true form. He also knew that even though only nine mountains remained of the Immortal World, and that it was no longer the grand entity which ruled over 3,000 Lower Realms… even still, the Paragon Immortal Realm still held powerful entities that caused his scalp to go numb.

The old man was also well aware of the deep-seated and complex hatred that the people from the Paragon Immortal Realm harbored against the other two major forces from that ancient war. However, even more importantly, he knew that what the Paragon Immortal Realm hated more than anything else was not those two other powers, but rather… all of the Lower Realms which rebelled against the Immortal World in the war!

The Spiritstar Realm was one of those Lower Realms!

The old man gnashed his teeth and completely ignored Yi Fazi. He backed up rapidly, waving his hand to cause the ship to appear. As soon as he set foot inside, he turned the ship around and began to flee.

He intended to employ the fastest speed possible to escape from this world before any of the other cultivators from the Ninth Mountain and Sea could react to his presence. Based on the level of his cultivation base, he could already sense the auras of numerous powerful experts flying in his direction.

Those people, he could afford to ignore. However, he could also sense that somewhere out there, there was an even more fearsome existence that permeated the entire Ninth Mountain and Sea.

“The Lord of the Ninth Mountain and Sea… Ji Tian! That moron Yi Fazi really screwed things up this time!” The old man’s face was grim, and he gritted his teeth as he sent the ship flying forward. Then he bit the tip of his tongue, then spit out some blood, even burning some of his longevity to achieve a temporary burst of speed. He ripped through the starry sky at incredible speed, piercing out into the void. In a flash, he was on the verge of merging into the void itself.

It was at this point that, deep within the Ruins of Immortality, in what seemed to be an ordinary Immortal’s cave, a white-robed woman sat cross-legged in meditation. She slowly opened her eyes, and they glinted with icy cold light.

It was a coldness that encompassed hatred, rage, and the desire to kill. She slowly lifted her right hand and waved her finger toward the void.

That finger caused an illusory thread to snake out into the distance. In the blink of an eye, it pierced through the entire Ruins of Immortality, slashing through the void toward the old man and his ship.

The old man hadn’t noticed anything strange happening, and was just on the verge of disappearing, when all of a sudden, his face fell. He was about to turn to look behind him when… his head flew off of his shoulders and blood sprayed up like a geyser.

The thread, like a long strand of hair, flashed past and then disappeared without a trace.

The old man’s eyes went wide and his head tumbled through the void, causing his view of the world around him to spin about. He was baffled about what had happened until the moment he died, when he suddenly realized the truth.

“Para… gon….” The old man’s head transformed into ash along with his body.

The ship was now no longer capable of merging into the void, and gradually became visible again. Patriarch Reliance glanced at it and then gobbled it up. After he swallowed it, a tremor ran through him. He looked at the vanishing strand of hair, then peered deep into the Ruins of Immortality, his expression somewhat blank.

He suddenly seemed to have recalled something important from the distant past, but no matter how much he tried to think about it, everything was vague and blurry.

Meng Hao also saw the old man die, and his heart trembled. Then he looked into the depths of the Ruins of Immortality, and recalled that woman in the white robes.

When Yi Fazi saw his Dao Protector die, his scalp went numb, his mind filled with roaring, and his expression was one of fear. He had never had any sense of awe regarding the Nine Mountains and Seas, but now… he was absolutely terrified.

“W-what… what power was that? It actually killed my Dao Protector in one blow!!” Yi Fazi was panting, and his eyes were wide as his heart pounded loudly.

All of a sudden, numerous legends regarding this place began to rise up in his mind. He began to shiver, and slowly backed up. The only thing on his mind now was to flee. All of his surging power and momentum from before now collapsed and faded away.

Meng Hao’s eyes flickered. For the moment, he didn’t even think about Li Ling’er. Considering Yi Fazi’s true form, as well as the words which had just been spoken, along with the intense killing intent from the Demon Sealing Jade, there was no way Meng Hao was going to allow him to get away. There were too many things he wanted to know, answers… that Yi Fazi could provide!

Meng Hao didn’t even pay attention to the opportunity Patriarch Reliance now had to escape. He instantly flashed through the air in pursuit of Yi Fazi.

Now that Yi Fazi had changed form, he had experienced an increase in both cultivation base and speed. In a short moment, he was quite a distance away. Rumbling filled the air as he also sped away at top speed.

He was scared, and the main thing he was concerned about was escaping Meng Hao. Then he would find a secluded place where he could figure out a way to return home. At the moment, he had no idea how he would do that. However, his Dao Protector was dead, and he had no desire to end up the same. Trembling, he screamed inwardly.

“Dad will definitely sense that my Dao Protector is dead! He’ll come save me! All I have to do is find a place to hide, and Dad will eventually find me!

“Damned Immortal World. Screw this place! Why couldn’t it have been completely destroyed all those years ago!?!?

“And then there’s that damned Meng Hao. I’m not such a bad guy, why does he have to push things so far!?” Cursing inwardly, Yi Fazi increased his speed. Meng Hao chased him, and the two of them proceeded deeper into the Ruins of Immortality.

Patriarch Reliance blinked a few times. Looking enraged, he made to follow Meng Hao, but actually flew slower and slower. At the same time, his voice grew louder and louder.

“Stop running! The Patriarch is definitely going to catch you!

“Still running!? You’re really pissing me off! I’m gonna chase you down with all my might!

“I’m mad as hell now!” As he roared, Patriarch Reliance’s beady eyes darted back and forth. Eventually, Meng Hao disappeared off into the distance, whereupon Patriarch Reliance did an about-face, employing his top speed to flee in a different direction.

The parrot and meat jelly were still on top of him, as was Li Ling’er. They watched in shock as Patriarch Reliance took to flight.

After a few breaths of time, Patriarch Reliance used some unknown method to appear in another area of the Ruins of Immortality. Then, he shook the continent on his back, causing the parrot and meat jelly, as well as Li Ling’er, to be flung off of him.

“SCREW OFF!!!” he roared. “From here on out, the Patriarch is footloose and fancy free! Hahaha! Yet again, the Patriarch is the smartest of all. He knows how to take advantage of all opportunities!

“Meng Hao you little bastard, you just wait! Our business isn’t finished!!

“I hereby swear that this time, you’ll NEVER find me, you son of a biscuit!!” Patriarch Reliance was virtually dancing about. He threw his head back and roared. Having tossed Li Ling’er, the parrot, and the meat jelly aside, he then sped off into the distance.

Meanwhile, in another location in the Ruins of Immortality, Meng Hao’s killing intent raged into the Heavens. His cultivation base exploded with power, and the 33 Heavens surrounded him. However, Yi Fazi was moving with incredible speed. Although they were able to fight back and forth a bit, Yi Fazi never slowed down. Nevertheless, under the relentless pursuit, his injuries began to accumulate.

Even so, he used some unknown secret magic that eventually caused his speed to accelerate explosively. There were even many points where he was about to shake Meng Hao off his trail. However, each time Meng Hao was also able to use the Eighth Demon Sealing Hex to continuously break his momentum and allow him to make up for lost ground.

Several days of chasing went by. Eventually, they reached an area where a gargantuan floating head rose up just ahead of them.

The head had eyes that looked like black holes, as if someone had dug the eyeballs out in years past. Although it was a complete head, there was actually a huge fissure which split it from the crown of the head down.

Also, a miserable and ancient will seeped out from inside of the head.

As the head neared, an incredible pressure weighed down, forcing Yi Fazi to slow down. When that happened, his face fell.

It was in that instant that Meng Hao closed in from behind. Lifting his hand, he unleashed the Eighth Demon Sealing Hex.

As soon as he waved his finger, Yi Fazi’s body trembled.

“Not good!” At the same time, killing intent erupted in Meng Hao’s eyes. He raised his right hand, causing the Star Plucking Magic to grab toward Yi Fazi.

Yi Fazi threw his head back and howled. Innumerable beams of black light began to emanate off of him, transforming into countless black bats which then shot madly toward Meng Hao.

Rumbling could be heard as Yi Fazi borrowed the force of the collision and once again shot forward. He was just on the verge of evading the Star Plucking Magic, when Meng Hao’s hand grabbed onto his wings. He wrenched viciously, and Yi Fazi let out a miserable shriek as the wings were ripped off of him. Blood sprayed out of the wounds, and Yi Fazi’s face went ashen. He staggered backward, gritting his teeth and speeding away.

Meng Hao’s killing intent hadn’t lessened in the least. The Demon Sealing Jade was vibrating more madly than ever as he put the severed wings into his bag of holding. Eyes shining as cold as knives, he once again gave chase.

It was at this same time that the Dao Realm experts began to enter the Ruins of Immortality and search for the Outsiders. The shrill cry of the Xuanwu turtle continued to echo out.

Until all the Outsiders were dead, it would never return to sleep.

Chapter 1024: A Paragon Slaughters a Dao Protector!

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    1. The thing about it is, I don’t think they could fight Reliance. Judging by how PR shrugged off the bell on planet East victory and the other things he’s done he seems to have power equal to or above the higher limits of the dao realm. I don’t think either of Meng Hao’s parents are strong enough.

  1. thanks for the chapters!


    the old turtle used less than a day to get there while those dao realm experts spend several days… does this mean the patriarch footloose is stronger than them all??

    I was so looking forward to ppl getting stuned when seeing Meng Hao treating the turtle as a mount… 🙁

    and saying something like: so you two wouldn’t wait for the marriage and fled??


    1. Since that dao protector said he can ignore all those dao realm patriarchs except for lord ji, means patriarch reliance is stronger than lord ji since he is frightened of reliance

      1. Well PR is above the Dao Patriarchs level. There is nothing far to determine if he’s around Lord Ji’s level yet, after all the dao protector was afraid of Lord Ji as well.

  2. These “pursuits” are so annoying, the guy was getting a beating without being able to do shit but when the guy tries to flee the difference in power vanishes and he gets a “speed bonus” out of nowhere …. here the guy at least had a power up before , but even then the most it would do is put in a situation close to equal in power
    The “bag of tricks” meng hao has suddenly vanish and he doesn’t do anything to boost his speed, without even mentioning that days go by but none of those super powerful guys shows up while planet north reed is close by cough-teleportation-cough . Anyway its the usual plot convenience that is so strong in these xianxia/wuxia types of novel (maybe others too), pretty sure in the end meng hao will reach some sort of meaningful place or mysterious encounter or whatever else “plot device”. Just a combo of star plucking + sealing hex + a fast advance(rock form maybe) would do the job , this without even going into the “extreme measures”

    Now that it is more or less close to the ending (+or- 600 chapters to go) , this somewhat slow pace gets so annoying, specially now that seems like a lot of the plot lines are going to be tied together and explained .
    Since the unreliable old turtle is gone i should just wait a few chapters accumulate before reading … the extremely funny chapters should end for a while

    1. I’ve been seeing things a bit different. The fight was pretty close. Meng Hao brought out all the stops to defeat his first magical body and the second is as you said stronger. However the pursuit probably could have gone better with good use of the Lightning cauldron and Meng Hao can make Yi Fazi run into him. Outside of that, however, Meng Hao doesn’t have many speed related magics for his level and is just strong otherwise, while Fazi seems to have just that.

      I don’t think anyone can continuously teleport that far or as many times as necessary to make it there that fast. At least not at the level currently known. Meng Hao’s teleportation barely got him out of the planet and that was using a special magic. PR is broken so don’t use him as a reference.

      Also that combo is exactly what he ended up using to finish the chase.

      As for plot devices I think you can let it go here, they usually get to me too and this isn’t. After all from the time we knew it was the Ruins of Immortality you could assume it wouldn’t be weird for him to run into something, he’s already run into something that could probably kill him (Face with the fissure). Plot devices are the base of any story its just how well they are hidden or excused that determines a story’s quality.

      Also, for the pace. How is it slow?

      1. nah, Shirojm is absolutely right. Meng Hao has at least 3 speed boosting abilities (blood-burst something, the one he turns into a moon, and the golden rock), not to mention the lightning cauldron that he could use simply switching places with a piece of debris or something. these long chases are simply annoying and used for plot reasons. it is a plot device, that is a fact. don’t try to come up with lame excuses just because you like the story and can’t accept there is something wrong with it. we all love ISSTH, but don’t have to turn a blind eye to bad parts.

        1. Lol. I’m not coming up with any lame excuses.
          First. Those first two methods aren’t valid anymore, he got them so long ago and they don’t seem to be for his level. As in my comment i specified speed magics for ‘his level.
          Secondly, I mentioned the lightning cauldron already and admitted that was a blindspot. As for the Golden rock he was using it, however, that isn’t purely a speed magic and after the speed boost from Yi Fazi’s other body that wasn’t enough.
          Thirdly, I go easy on the chase scenes because too often it only works for the MC in other fictions, its believeable for the enemies to sometimes have good escape abilities. Heck Li Ling’er would be dead if she didn’t have her own.

      2. They don’t need to teleport directly there, that’s why i mentioned planet north reed , they would use the long distance teleport to planet north reed , using it as a “checkpoint” then from there rush to the target .
        As for the plot device , i think i would be better if it was something like: Meng Hao kills the guy when he tries to flee, maybe Old turtle reliance somehow tips off (wanting or not) meng hao about the people heading there, then Meng Hao flees too. or just go meng hao killed the guy and got out of the scene , old turtle “chased down” the Outsider protector and used this as a chance to scape , there are probably others ways do this better too .
        As for the “somewhat slow pace” is mostly how some chapters don’t have much going on while others are a ‘blazing sun” hahaha.

        1. I explained that the TP has been hinted at not being possible for their powerlevel. The teleports for the chosen during Meng Hao’s tribulation required setup and they didn’t have the destination as the middle of a chaotic ruin.
          As for going to planet north read they definitely could do that but as was mentioned when Meng Hao and PR first arrived North read is only close when you ignore the Ruins of Immortality. Its been said that going around would take a lot longer and with such a dangerous place even if they didn’t totally go around they probably didn’t take any direct routes either.

          As for PR tipping off Meng Hao, now that would just be out of character and the very sort of plot device I don’t like. PR is unlucky when it comes to Meng Hao but he’s not totally stupid, there are few reasons in that situation where Meng Hao was preoccupied that would lead to PR spilling the beans for Meng Hao’s benefit, not when he didn’t ask him personally and was basically already moving away.

          The only big mess up was the Lightning Cauldron as with Meng Hao’s immortal body if he used it early and multiple times the chase wouldn’t have lasted as long, still a chase though.

          As for the pace most of these chapters have had things going on, just not obvious action, the plot has been moving along at a medium pace since the start of the book, it has a few dips or pick ups but its still normal ISSTH pace.

  3. Thanks for the chapter Deathblade, anonpuffs, Madam Deathblade, Courtrecords, GNE, JerryDaBaws. Master of Cuteness, Baby Deathblade, sponsors, and Er Gen!

  4. Why does it takes days for the dao realm experts to chase them down?
    Why does this already injured nobody keep for days against MH?
    Why does MH insist on not finishing it quickly by using a nirvana fruit?
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    None of this makes any sense

    1. They are fairly far away from any planet and they probably went around the Ruins. PR is broken turtle.
      He wasn’t injured at the beginning of the chase, he used his other body which was unharmed and more powerful.
      The 1st’s nirvana fruit is a limited time thing, doing it when he knows so little about the other is possible suicide. It leaves him too weak after when Yi Fazi has just powered up by switching to his new body.
      This one is tricky as it was never mentioned how long it takes to permanently absorb a Nirvana Fruit and before now its been said that Meng Hao has been working on it.

      That help?

      1. Not to even mention the broken turtle used a teleportation portal by sacrificing some blood to get near the boundaries of Ruins of Immortality all way from Planet East Victory.

      2. Li Linger flew to this location in less than a day. So Li clan’s dao realm experts should have arrived in less. The experts from ALL the clans in the 9th mountain and sea should be coming. Not only from the fang clan, it might be somewhat far-ish from the fang clan but it shouldn’t be from everyone

        His body died before a chase even began. Only after his body died did he reform in alien shape and draw the others, resulting in an escape attempt and actual chase.

        He has been literally chasing the guy for days, if he had at any time used a 30 second double your power trick he would have vastly empowered himself

        He is not working on it, he hasn’t even started it. He can instantly and effortlessly absorb the 1st nirvana fruit mid combat, it gets ejected in 30 seconds. MH has explicitly repeatedly stated that if he absorbed the nirvana fruit produced from his own body this won’t be an issue. So why hasn’t he? nobody knows. Probably because they are gonna get upgraded later on and they need to be outside his body for this good fortune to occur

        1. Maybe Li Ling’er escaped earlier than Meng Hao. Now that would solve the time difference.

          As for the Dao Realm experts, well I don’t have an explanation. If they wanted to, they could just teleport to the Ruins like what they did to the Chosen who went to and fought against Meng Hao after his immortal ascension in Planet East Victory.

          1. I just looked it up in chapter 866, the elders of the 3 Great Daoist Societies need to set up teleportation portals inside the Ruins of Immortality to get the chosen of the Sects and Clans to arrive in the ancient Dao Tree. So I guess, there’s no way for the Dao realm experts to directly teleport to the Ruins of Immortality from the outside. At most, they could just do what PR have done.

        2. Li Ling’er flew from her position when she encountered Yi Fazi to that location. She escaped earlier than Meng Hao and THEN met Yi Fazi after which it took at day to get to the location near the ruins.
          The experts from all the clans are coming, the closest are those from the Ninth Sea and even those probably have to go around or at least skirt the Ruins. Only the daoist societies should have probably teleported to the tree, however judging by how cautious they were on the first visit I doubt they would start from there. The Ruins of Immortality seem that dangerous.

          Yes, how is that any different from my comment. He switched bodies right before the chase began. The injuries to his second body were at the latter part of the chase, at least the serious ones.

          Then at any time during that he could have been avoided for those 30 seconds and resulted in a potential comeback, when the slow chase already is a higher % chance of him winning out. Why take the risk.

          He is, Its been mentioned in several chapters that he’s been in meditation fusing with his Fruits. I don’t know how you missed that one.

    2. I know the answer for this one!!!!!!
      plot reasons. if the Dao realm experts arrive too quickly, the matter will be solved too quickly and Meng Hao will not be able to reach the new mysterious place, since Fang Shoudao would probably just take him away.
      The injured nobody will be able to keep for enough time to Meng Hao discover a new mysterious place. that means, as many days as necessary to reach that place.
      If he uses a nirvana fruit, he would not spend days chasing him and would not discover the place, the plot wouldn’t allow it.
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    1. Yea I was thinking the very same thing. Especially how comes the swords have not popped back into the story as of yet. It could be that they’re meant for higher levels in the Immortal Realm (Ancient, Dao etc). However that they haven’t been mentioned as yet is imo because Er Gen forgot. He sets up so many things I feel sometimes he misjudges when he should mention them again, especially if he had a plan for them from the start. After all, usually you would think Meng Hao would at least try one out now that he’s reached Immortal realm, probably while he was on Reliance.

      1. Don’t forget the mirror world that Night was guarding at the ancient immortal demon sect (forgot the exact name).

        One of the 3 side’s leaders was wielding 9 of those immortal slaying swords, so odds are good that even at the high dao realm (which is what I’d imagine a commander for a colossal war like that would be at) they’re extremely powerful, it’s probably just that Meng Hao hasn’t learned how to unseal them yet, because he mentioned their power is sealed. Give it time.

        1. Yea ik they are probably not able to be unsealed as yet however Er Gen usually fails to at least have the MC try, even if just for the readers sake. Then you can say it seems just entering the Immortal Realm isn’t enough.

          The mirror world I think has at least had a mention since he got it. In some chapter there was like a sentence or two saying that he tried it but had yet to acquire anything from it as of yet.

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