ISSTH – Book 6 – Chapter 992

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Chapter 992: I Haven’t Lost Yet!

When Fang Wei heard Meng Hao’s calm voice, he threw his head back and laughed. The laughter became shrill as he performed an incantation gesture, causing the black and white vortex to rotate rapidly as it began to move toward Meng Hao.

In the blink of an eye, the vortex was nearly 300 meters wide. It was spinning so fast that the black and white now merged together into a gray color, like that of death. However, within that death, there was also life.

That… was reincarnation!

Fang Wei exploded with all of the power his Immortal meridians could muster; 192 meridians became 192 Immortal dragons, which roared as they soared around the vortex, adding to its power and making it spin even faster.

Fang Wei’s 19 Immortal souls stepped forward and seemed to hurl the vortex toward Meng Hao.

The vortex grew even larger, until it was 3,000 meters wide!

Rumbling filled the air, causing all observing cultivators in the Ninth Mountain and Sea to shake with astonishment. The members of the Fang Clan were completely shocked!

As of this moment, Fang Wei… was far more powerful than anyone could have imagined, so much so that many people were starting to question their assessment of him.

“Immortal Realm Paragon Meng Hao… might lose?”

Meng Hao hovered in midair, looking at the incoming reincarnation vortex. His eyes shone with a cold light. The fact that Fang Wei could unleash 192 Immortal meridians wasn’t too surprising to him.

What surprised him was that the Nirvana Fruit inside his own bag of holding could increase his own Immortal meridians by double, whereas the Nirvana Fruits Fang Wei had could only increase his by half.

“Are my Nirvana Fruits just not as good as the first generation Patriarch’s?” he thought. “Or is it just that they aren’t perfectly suitable for Fang Wei?” Not quite willing to accept that his fruits were inferior, Meng Hao snorted coldly and then slowly raised his hand. Inside of him, 123 Immortal meridians began to thrum as he unleashed his own secret magic, fusing them all together into… the Blood Demon Grand Magic!

A blood-colored head suddenly ripped apart the air to appear in front of Meng Hao’s palm. Its expression was vicious, and it emanated a bright red glow in all directions. It did not roar or snarl, but it let out an indescribable pressure that rippled out in all directions.

This Immortal meridian Blood Demon head was incredibly powerful. Right now… the power of 123 Immortal meridians exploded out, causing the Blood Demon head to rapidly grow. In the blink of an eye, it was 3,000 meters tall!

Its growth was incredibly shocking, and in fact, the Blood Demon head rapidly reached a critical point where it transformed from illusory into corporeal!

Its expression was vicious; it had a single long horn, and blood-colored skin. Furthermore, anyone who looked at it suddenly experienced a pressure that made their own blood feel like it was suddenly going out of control. This feeling spread through all of Planet East Victory.

This Blood Demon head was so powerful that not even Blood Demon himself, when he was in the same realm in years past, would have been able to create such a powerful instance of this magical art.

The fact that Meng Hao was an Immortal Realm Paragon meant that any of his magical techniques and divine abilities could be bolstered to 123 times their original power by his secret magic! That made them… the most powerful Immortal abilities in the entire Realm!

Behind him were 33 shocking Immortal souls. 33 Heavens descended, spreading out in all directions, causing colorful winds to swirl around him.

As all of this happened, time seemed to slow down. The cultivators on Planet East Victory stopped breathing, and the observers in the Ninth Mountain and Sea stared unblinking.

Fang Wei screamed as he went all out, sending his reincarnation vortex closer and closer to Meng Hao.

Meng Hao pushed out with his hand, causing the Blood Demon head to suddenly roar, a sound which transformed into the only sound that existed in all Heaven and Earth.


The deafening sound was accompanied by surging red light as the Blood Demon head shot toward the reincarnation vortex.

3,000 meters. 1,500 meters. 900 meters…

In the blink of an eye, the reincarnation vortex and the Blood Demon head slammed into each other.

When they did, the land below seemed to roll like waves. Booms echoed out as mountain peaks crumbled and rivers exploded. Even the seas on the planet began to boil.

It was the same everywhere. Lands quaked, mountains shook. Even the Heavens seemed to be on the verge of being torn asunder. A huge rift appeared up above that rapidly spread out.

If you looked closely, that rift was actually a roiling shockwave which spread out with astonishing speed.

The reincarnation vortex was instantly shattered into countless fragments that exploded out in all directions. The Blood Demon head’s smashing attack caused the 192 Immortal dragons to let out miserable roars and begin to shatter into pieces.

In addition, the 19 Immortal souls also crumbled, one by one!

When the vortex exploded, a blast of reincarnation aura spread out, transforming into something like a mouth that… began to swallow up the Blood Demon head.

In that moment, Meng Hao’s eyes went wide and he waved a finger through the air.

Rumbling sounds could be heard as the Blood Demon fell apart, transforming into 123 Blood Dragons, which roared and shredded the enormous mouth to pieces. As they flew out, they looked dimmer than before, but not a single one was destroyed. They then began to swirl around Meng Hao, causing him to look like both a Blood Demon and a Blood Immortal!

It was a simple, direct, single attack!

Meng Hao’s strength as an Immortal Realm Paragon caused everyone in the Ninth Mountain and Sea to be shaken, and the images they were watching were firmly planted in their memories.

The wind screamed, and rumbling sounds filled the air as Meng Hao hovered there, looking down at Fang Wei. He sighed inwardly.

Meng Hao could see that Fang Wei was actually not a fundamentally evil person. He was simply too proud, and could not accept defeat.

“Hand them over!” said Meng Hao calmly as he descended toward Fang Wei, causing Heaven and Earth to rumble. Instead, Fang Wei threw his head back and laughed.

Blood spurted out of him, and he trembled as he staggered backward. His skin was in shreds, and he almost looked like nothing more than a mass of blood.

Even as he laughed shrilly, a gleam of obsession could be seen in his eyes.

“I haven’t lost yet!!” he cried. “I’m Fang Wei. How could I ever lose!?!?”

He stood there shaking, a ferocious expression on his face as he laughed shrilly. People saw his glory, but they didn’t see the endless days and nights he had spent maniacally focused on cultivation. While other people had been feasting and chatting with family, he had been out fighting and killing! When other people had been falling in love, he had remained in his secluded meditation. He had endured all the loneliness, and the relentless passage of time!

He only had one goal, and that was to surpass everyone else! He wanted to be the number one Chosen of the Ninth Mountain and Sea! He didn’t care about what his father did to others in the sect, nor what plans his grandfather had.

The only thing he cared about was becoming the future Patriarch of the Fang Clan!

Because of that, when his grandfather had offered him the two Nirvana Fruits, he hadn’t hesitated for a second. He had immediately chosen to absorb them. Because of that, when he kneeled, trembling, in front of the Sixth Patriarch, Fang Wei had chosen to agree to his demands.

He knew that his father had sent people to kill Meng Hao on his way back to the sect, but he didn’t care. To him, Meng Hao was nothing more than a brief memory.

This was true even though the Nirvana Fruits he was using belonged to Meng Hao; he simply didn’t care. After all, he had always viewed himself as the true number one Chosen in the clan. Everything… already belonged to him.

“Fang Hao, if I lose, then of course you can have what belongs to you. But as of this moment, I haven’t lost yet!” As he looked up at Meng Hao, the blood that covered his face made him look even more vicious than before.

He threw his back and laughed, and suddenly, the aura of reincarnation vanished, to be replaced… by a towering will of death!

This was the One Thought Yellow Springs Dao!

It was the second most powerful signature Daoist magic of the Fang Clan! Only the One Thought Stellar Transformation was more powerful!

To cultivate this magic, one must first die. Then, in death, they had to find a sliver of life. That sliver of life would prevent the soul from dying, and cause the body to merge into the gap between life and death, then form an actual Dao of life and death.

As the aura exploded out, Meng Hao’s eyes flickered. Down below, Fang Xiushan’s expression was cruel as he glared at Meng Hao. Fang Wei’s current condition filled him with pain, but his desire to see Meng Hao dead was even stronger. In fact, if he had the chance… he would directly kill him.

“Killing him will bring a conclusion to everything. Even if I descend into the underworld because of it, I’m willing!” Fang Xiushan gnashed his teeth as he continued to conceal the killing intent deep within his eyes.

Fang Wei’s energy was soaring higher and higher. He let out a cry of intense pain, but the more painful it got, the more his eyes shone with obsession, and the more his aura rose explosively.

192 Immortal dragons soared around him, slashing at the air. It was as this point that dumbfounded expressions began to appear on the faces of the cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. That was because, shockingly, more Immortal dragons began to appear around Fang Wei!!

199. 207. 213….

One Immortal dragon after another appeared, shredding the air, causing the stars to tremble. Numerous rifts were torn into the sky around Fang Wei.

221. 234…. His Immortal meridians were exploding out!

It kept going until… he reached 241 meridians!!

By this time the cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea were mind-blown. They were speechless, and the members of the Fang Clan were in a complete uproar. In the ancestral mansion, the Grand Elder looked blankly up into the sky at Fang Wei and Meng Hao, and he let out a long sigh.

“He… he actually added 49 more meridians!”

“If there was no Meng Hao, Fang Wei… would definitely be the Immortal Realm Paragon of the Ninth Mountain and Sea!”

“Fang Wei is equally as inhuman as Meng Hao! Just what method is he using to do that!?!?”

“241 meridians! There isn’t anybody who’s done that in ANY generation of Immortals in the Ninth Mountain and Sea! According to the legends, the actual complete limit is 330 meridians, but that’s nothing more than a legend!”

The Chosen out in the starry sky felt their minds spinning. They were filled with bitterness that the Fang Clan… could have Meng Hao and Fang Wei. Never would any of the cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea be able to forget the Fang Clan!

The Fang Clan Earth Patriarch hovered silently out in the starry sky. He wanted to step in and intervene, but hesitated. He knew that if he did do something to stop what was happening… he might lose both of them.

“Hao’er… did you come back to the clan for the sole purpose of Immortal Ascension? To prove yourself?” The Earth Patriarch’s eyes gleamed with a profound light.

“If so, then will those people who have been lurking hidden within the clan… finally reveal themselves?”

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