ISSTH – Book 6 – Chapter 953

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Chapter 953: Getting the Hang of the Sixth Hex

Meng Hao looked around proudly as the terracotta soldier set foot on the peak of the mountain. From here, he could see an enormous cliff, upon which was carved a half moon.

Meng Hao’s eyes widened as the same image of a half moon suddenly appeared in his mind.

He couldn’t take the stone cliff away, nor could he duplicate or reproduce it physically. It seemed that the only thing he could do was to look at it. That said, a single glance would completely engrave the image inside of him. However, Meng Hao could also tell that the image would only last for nine days.

Nine days later, the image of the half moon would fade, and he would be unable to remember it.

“This is the Nethermoon…? So, I guess I need to gaze upon all nine mountains within nine days, huh?” Meng Hao smiled. To others, this would have been difficult, but to him, accomplishing such a task would be quite simple.

“This place really is a Blessed Land.” He sighed, then patted the terracotta soldier, causing it to fly down the first mountain and head toward the second.

From the time the Nine Nethermountains had been created by the first generation Patriarch years ago until now, something like this had never happened. As Meng Hao proceeded forward, anything that was available for the taking was placed into a bag of holding.

All obstacles, all beasts, were like dried weeds that he could crush without any effort….

Even the mountaintop bosses would cower in hiding as soon as they saw the terracotta soldier. Meng Hao was allowed to easily pass through the second mountain, and then the third….

He acquired so many legacies and magical techniques that he lost track of how many there were. Nor did he have time to keep them organized. As long as he had an available bag of holding, he would throw his acquisitions inside.

“Blessed Land!

“Once I get out of here, I might be able to trade these things for even better stuff in the clan!” Meng Hao was only continuing to get more and more excited. For the first time in this place, he was beginning to experience the sensation of being rich.

The feeling fueled his excitement, and he quickly sped onward through the fourth and fifth mountains.

At the cliff on top of each mountain was an image of a half moon. Each time Meng Hao looked at the image, the imprint of the half moon inside of him grew clearer. Gradually, an increasingly powerful pressure began to emanate out from the imprinted image in his mind.

Time passed. By the time the third day had gone by, he was at the eighth mountain.

Meanwhile, a black-robed old man stood at a position near the top of the eighth mountain, stuck in a spell formation, looking with alarm at a certain jade slip. For the past three days, he had been observing the jade slip continuously, and could clearly see the dot of light that represented Meng Hao getting closer and closer to his own position within the Nine Nethermountains.

When he saw Meng Hao choose to start at the first mountain, he sighed with relief, and even laughed coldly. In his mind, Meng Hao most likely didn’t dare to select the mountain that he himself was on. This caused him to consider chasing after Meng Hao after all.

However, his new idea was quickly shattered to pieces when he saw, to his astonishment, that Meng Hao actually… passed through the entire first mountain in only a few hours.

After that, it took him just three days to go from the first mountain all the way to the eighth mountain, upon which he stood. This scene caused his scalp to tingle so much it seemed about to explode. His mind buzzed, and he began to get jittery from fear. He wished he could simply leave the mountain and flee.

He had no idea how Meng Hao was doing what he was doing. But actually, that wasn’t important. By this point, he was certain that if he ended up meeting Meng Hao, he would more than likely end up dead.

“What do I do? What do I do…?” The black-robed old man looked at the jade slip, and the dot of light that represented Meng Hao. It was now heading toward him with terrifying speed, causing the old man to begin to pant with alarm.

After several hours passed… he could see Meng Hao, barreling toward him from further down on the mountain. Then he saw… the terracotta soldier Meng Hao was sitting on. The old man let out a cry of alarm.

“That’s the aura of a Quasi-Dao Paragon!!

“This… this….” As soon as the old man saw the statue, he understood everything. Then he realized that the statue looked very familiar, and it only took a moment for him to realize what it was. At that point, his legs suddenly grew weak, and the shadow of death spread out across his entire body.

He began to pant as hundreds of thoughts ran through his mind. After a breath of time passed, Meng Hao and the terracotta soldier were closing in. The old man took a deep breath, then, expression somber, clasped hands and bowed deeply toward Meng Hao.

“I am Fang Daohong!” he gushed. “Greetings, Prince Hao! 1

“Prince, you must be quite shocked to run into me here. That contemptible and shameless Fang Xiushan made a lot of promises to me to convince me to come here and kill you, honorable prince. However, Fang Xiushan was unaware that I am actually upright and not given to flattery, and have always admired the exalted Fang Xiufeng! How could I possibly give aid to a villain like Fang Xiushan!?

“Therefore, I accepted Fang Xiushan’s proposal. However, my true goal was to come here and protect you, Prince! Prince Hao… um, you know, when you were small, I actually held you in my arms….”

Even as Fang Daohong spoke, the terracotta soldier came to a stop directly in front of him. It was nine meters tall, not gigantic, and yet it emanated a certain pressure, as well as a Quasi-Dao aura, that caused the old man to tremble. He swallowed hard, then forced a smile onto his face, trying to make himself look as harmless as possible.

Meng Hao sat on the terracotta soldier, looking down at Fang Daohong.

“You held me when I was a baby?” Meng Hao asked calmly.

“Yeah, that’s right!” he replied, nodding his head vigorously. “Prince Hao, I really did hold you in my arms. You were so cute when you were small! And now you’ve grown up to be so handsome….” This old man was not the type to speak flattering words, but in this situation, he didn’t hesitate at all.

Meng Hao looked at the old man thoughtfully for a moment, then nodded.

“Fine. Since that’s the case, drop your cultivation base to the Immortal Realm. I’m going to hex you with a restrictive spell. From now on, you’ll be following my orders.”

Fang Daohong was shocked to hear Meng Hao’s words. However, the terracotta soldier’s aura exploded out before he could refuse. It was like a mountain crushing down on Fang Daohong, and he was filled with a sense of deadly crisis that caused him to grow ashen, and sweat to pour down his face.

Inwardly, he was cursing Fang Xiushan to death. His hatred for Fang Xiushan had reached an indescribable level, and he was also filled with deep and profound regret.

Then he saw the cold gleam in Meng Hao’s eyes, and his heart seized. After a moment of silence, he let out a long sigh, unhesitatingly lifted his right hand up, and then smacked it down onto his chest.

Blood sprayed out of his mouth as many of his qi passageways were shattered, and his cultivation base dropped from having one extinguished Soul Lamp, down to the peak of the Immortal Realm.

Meng Hao did not seem to be moved by this action. With the terracotta soldier present, there was no question that Fang Daohong would agree to Meng Hao’s requirement. However, if Meng Hao didn’t have the terracotta soldier to protect him, there was no doubt in his mind that the old man’s face would be as cold as ice, and he would slaughter him where he stood.

Meng Hao did not show pity to enemies; sparing the man’s life was more than enough kindness.

When he saw Fang Daohong’s cultivation base drop, Meng Hao extended his right hand and unleashed the Sixth Demon Sealing Hex. Instantly, streams of black and white qi began to swirl around his hand. The two streams of qi illuminated his face with flickering black and white, making him look extremely bizarre.

Fang Daohong’s scalp went numb; the black and white qi left him trembling with fear.

He hesitated for a moment and then asked, “Prince Hao… what… what is that restrictive spell?”

“Oh, it’s a hexing spell I learned a few days ago,” Meng Hao replied, glancing at Fang Daohong. “I’m still getting used to it, but don’t worry. This is the first time I’m really confident that I can succeed. In fact, if you lower your cultivation base a bit more, there’s a much higher chance of success.”

Fang Daohong’s face fell.

“You learned it a few days ago? Still not used to it? This is the first time you’ve felt confident in using it?” More beads of sweat popped out on the old man’s face. He was getting the increasing feeling that these two streams of black and white qi could suck his soul away. He even had the premonition that if the hexing failed, he would most likely die an agonizing death.

He watched as Meng Hao pointed at him, whereupon Fang Daohong threw his hands up in front of him and cried out.

“Wait, hold on….” He began to step backward, but then, the terracotta soldier raised its greatsword, which radiated killing intent. Fang Daohong immediately stopped in place.

His face was pale white as he clenched his jaw and then slapped his chest several times in quick succession. He coughed up several mouthfuls of blood. The severe self-inflicted injury caused his cultivation base to drop from the Immortal Realm down to something equivalent to the Dao Seeking stage. At that point, he stopped, looking up at Meng Hao with an ashen face and a bitter smile.

His sudden action caused Meng Hao to look at him closely for a moment, then point out with his right finger again. Immediately, the black and white streams of qi shot through the air and burrowed into Fang Daohong’s body. He trembled, fell to the ground, and began to shriek miserably. At the same time, gray magical symbols began to appear on his skin, where they circulated back and forth. Apparently, these magical symbols grew up from inside his body and manifested on his skin.

Meng Hao stared closely at Fang Daohong. This time, he had used a slightly different method to utilize the Sixth Hex. If this method didn’t work, then he would have to attempt some other way.

Time passed. Fang Daohong’s shrieks eventually grew weaker. After enough time passed for an incense stick to burn, he suddenly went very stiff, and all of the magical symbols faded away. The only thing left behind was a new magical symbol, on his forehead. That magical symbol then made a popping sound as it flew out from his forehead and merged into Meng Hao.

When that happened, Meng Hao could sense a warm current flowing within him. At the same time, the image of a tiny person appeared in his mind, a tiny person whose physical appearance was exactly the same as Fang Daohong.

“Did it work?” thought Meng Hao, looking a bit shocked. After so many times trying out the technique, this seemed like his first success.

Fang Daohong stared in shock for a moment, then crawled to his feet. The overwhelming pain he had experienced moments ago was now gone. He blinked a few times, then moved his arms and legs a bit. He didn’t feel the least bit different than before.

“Prince, you… you succeeded?” he asked tentatively.

Meng Hao frowned as he studied the tiny figure within his mind. Heart thumping, he imagined smacking the tiny figure with his palm. As soon as he did, Fang Daohong let out a shriek. It was as if some enormous, invisible hand had just smacked him; blood sprayed from his mouth, and he was knocked to the ground. After struggling back to his feet, he looked around in confusion.

Meng Hao’s eyes began to shine as he imagined the old man being struck by lightning.

Nothing visible happened, and yet, Fang Daohong screamed as if he were being struck by lightning.

Meng Hao’s eyes shone even brighter as he imagined the old man being burned, drowned, trampled, crushed by a mountain….

Fang Daohong shrieked miserably as he felt his hair burning, his body being submerged in water, his muscles bruised, and, in the end, he lay pinned on the ground as if he were being crushed by some gigantic object. All of these things caused him to look at Meng Hao with terror. He knew of all sorts of hexing magics and restrictive spells, but he had never heard of anything as unbelievably terrifying as this.

He suddenly had the sensation… the Meng Hao was going to toy with him until he died.

“So, this is the Sixth Hex, huh…. The Life-Death Hex… is absolute control.” He took a deep breath and then smiled.

His smile caused Fang Daohong to shudder. The sense of humiliation he felt at that moment was intense, and that caused his hatred of Fang Xiushan to seep down into his bones!

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  1. Fang Daohong’s name in Chinese is 方道宏 fāng dào hóng. Dao is the same as “the Dao,” which could also mean “path” or “way.” Hong means “grand” or “magnificent”


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