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Chapter 762 (Click to show "spoiler" title)

Chapter 762: 10th Patriarch

Wang Tengfei’s hysterical screaming did nothing more than cause Meng Hao to frown slightly. However, the other two cultivators’ faces went deathly pale, and their hearts began to pound with fear.

They suddenly recalled an event that had caused a minor stir in the Southern Domain, the matter of the love triangle involving Meng Hao, Wang Tengfei, and Chu Yuyan.

“Not good! These two used to be rivals in love!!”

“Dammit, we happened to run into both of these guys, and then heard some things we weren’t supposed to….” The two cultivators’ faces fell, and they backed up nervously. Seeing that Meng Hao wasn’t paying attention to them, they fled at top speed, cursing the fact that they couldn’t sprout wings.

“Come on, kill me! KILL ME!” raged Wang Tengfei, his eyes bloodshot. He even began to approach Meng Hao, until he was right in front of him.

“Didn’t you want to kill me back in the Reliance Sect, Meng Hao? I remember your fingernails sticking into the flesh of your palms, and the blood dripping down. Back then you were an ant, and I was Chosen! 1

“Now look at me! I bet you’re happy, aren’t you. Very happy, right? Come on, kill me!!

“I’ve lived enough already. My clan is gone, my clan members are gone, my family is gone. My older brother gave his life for me, but what’s the point? At least dying at your hand will release me from my worldly cares!

“Why haven’t you made a move yet? Kill me!!”

A complicated expression could be seen on Meng Hao’s face as he looked back at Wang Tengfei. He had long since learned of what had happened to the Wang Clan. As for everything from the past, it was nothing more than that, the past.

“I’m a Wang Clan Chosen. When I was a child, a drop of blood from a Flying Rain-Dragon fell from the skies. I followed my instincts and intuition, and after paying a huge price, finally found the Reliance Sect!

“The Flying Rain-Dragon legacy belongs to me!! But you took it away! You took away my legacy! And you took away my Inner Sect qualifications in the Reliance Sect too! You destroyed any chance I had of getting the Sublime Spirit Scripture!

“Then you even took my fiancé away from me! Chu Yuyan was MY fiancé! But she dissolved our engagement… all because of YOU!

“Do I owe you a debt from my previous life or something, Meng Hao? Why? Over and over again, you took away EVERYTHING!!” As Wang Tengfei screamed and yelled, tears began to stream down his face.

“Now you have everything that belongs to me. I should be the number one person in the Southern Domain. I should be on top. And you… you should be like I am now!

“Everything you have… was taken from me! And now, here you stand in front of me, the winner again. You’re gonna save me?! You’re not saving me. I don’t need your pity or compassion, I just need you to kill me!!

“Don’t give me that look, Meng Hao,” he said, tears streaming down his cheeks. “I’m Wang Tengfei!” After the destruction of the Wang Clan, Wang Tengfei had been the subject of endless ridicule. It was a pain that he could handle. There was only one thing in the world that he couldn’t abide. A single person.

Meng Hao!

He would rather die than see pity and perplexity in Meng Hao’s eyes. He was Wang Tengfei! If he had to die, fine, but he would die with pride!

Meng Hao sighed, then shook his head. When he recalled everything that had happened between him and Wang Tengfei, he knew that he had acted a bit impulsively.

He had been young and hot-headed, and now that he looked back, he realized that… many of the things he had done were a bit excessive. For example, the matter with Chu Yuyan…. Perhaps… if he hadn’t deliberately sabotaged Wang Tengfei and Chu Yuyan, the two of them would still be together today, happy and content.

At least they would be better off than they were now.

Meng Hao didn’t say anything. He produced a jade slip and imprinted it with some divine sense, then tossed it over to float in front of Wang Tengfei.

“Take this,” he said softly. “If you get into grave danger, it can save your life a single time. You and I… are old friends. I truly hope… that you can find your way.” With that, he turned to leave.

Wang Tengfei stared in shock at the jade slip hovering in front of him. Then he lifted his head up and began to laugh madly as more tears poured down his face. He didn’t want goodwill from Meng Hao. He didn’t want to be weak in front of the person he had once hated more than anyone in the world. After the destruction of the Wang Clan, he had experienced many things, and had come to experience the hypocrisy of the world.

Former good friends kicked him when he was down. Past companions avoided him as if he were a poisonous vermin. Such pain was something he could accept. If past enemies tried to kill him, at least he could self-detonate and end in common ruin with them.

How could he ever have imagined that the person he hated the most… would be the only person to treat him kindly after his fall from the top?

He didn’t want to accept it, and could not accept it. His hysteria was a way to vent. His tears were an expression of sorrow.

He waved his hand, sending the jade slip clattering to the ground.

“I’m Wang Tengfei! I don’t need your sympathy!!”

Meng Hao stopped and looked back, then sighed again. He was just about to leave when suddenly, he heard a long cry coming from within the nearby forest.

The cry caused colors to flash through the sky, and sent the clouds churning. A figure emerged from the trees who emanated an aura that exceeded the peak of Dao Seeking.

“Hahaha! Immortal Ascension, Immortal Ascension…. Hahaha! I will become Immortal!” It was a deranged old man with unkempt hair, tattered clothing, and filthy skin.

Meng Hao’s pupils constricted, and killing intent flickered in his eyes. His second true self suddenly materialized next to him, and took a step forward.

The deranged old man look very different from before, but Meng Hao could still tell that he was… the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch!

Meng Hao had previously made some inquiries about the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch. He knew that the Patriarch, in his madness, had destroyed the Wang Clan, then gone completely insane. However, this was the first time he had personally encountered him in the Southern Domain.

“Patriarch!!” cried Wang Tengfei.

“10th Wang Clan Patriarch!” growled Meng Hao grimly. He raised his hand and pointed a finger, causing his second true self to shoot through the air toward the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch.

Rumbling explosions filled the air as the two of them instantly began to fight. As for the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch, Immortal qi swirled around him. His hair was completely disheveled, and his aged face was filled with a confused expression.

“Immortal Ascension. I will become Immortal….” Laughing foolishly, he waved his hand, causing the air to distort. Powerful cultivation base ripples spread out as he battled with Meng Hao’s second true self.

Meng Hao gave a cold snort and flew out. He had a Dao Seeking fleshly body, as well as the Lightning Cauldron, which he produced as he closed in on the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch.

Booms echoed out as Meng Hao and his second true self fought back and forth with the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch. The wind screamed, and the land quaked.

“Sever!” Meng Hao’s second true self let out a cry and sent the Wooden Time Sword slashing out. Tens of thousands of years of Time power swept out like a great river. However, the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch was no ordinary peak Dao Seeking cultivator. He had Immortal qi, and an Immortal aura which he sent out to resist the Time power. A boom echoed out, and the second true self fell back. The 10th Wang Clan Patriarch’s face went pale, and all of a sudden, the confusion in his eyes began to be replaced with clarity.

“Meng… Hao….” he said, staring fixedly at Meng Hao. His voice was hoarse, and he spoke haltingly as he regained his senses.

“Patriarch!!” shouted Wang Tengfei urgently, flying toward the 10th Patriarch.

“Teng… Fei….” said the 10th Patriarch, looking over at Wang Tengfei. Suddenly, his expression was one of extreme pain. He lifted his hands up to clutch at his head, and then let out a miserable shriek. “Don’t come near me!

“The Wang Clan…. I’m guilty, guilty…. I killed everyone in the Wang Clan. I killed everyone…. All to become Immortal. All for Immortal Ascension. Was it worth it…? WAS IT WORTH IT?!?!” The 10th Wang Clan Patriarch lifted his head and let out a mad howl, and his face was distorted by intense bitterness.

Meng Hao’s eyes flashed as he stood off to the side with his second true self. They did not attack, but simply looked on, eyes flickering with killing intent.

“I’m guilty… I was the one who personally slaughtered all of my fellow clan members….” The 10th Wang Clan patriarch howled, and tears streamed down his face. He felt as if his heart were being crushed. He felt regret, helplessness, and insanity swirling around inside his head. The faces of the clan members he had personally killed began to appear around him, and he trembled. His face was awash with indescribable agony.

He suddenly turned to look at Meng Hao, head in hands and his eyes bright red. “You. It was all because of you!”

Every so often, the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch would regain clarity. Whenever that happened, it was a time of unspeakable guilt and pain. His heart would fill with horror and regret, and the madness that arose from knowing that his hands were stained red with the blood of his fellow clan members, made him want to die.

But his cultivation base had reached the point that dying… was not easy.

He made to charge Meng Hao, but Meng Hao dodged to the side, his eyes flickering with coldness. He did not attack, and yet the enmity in his eyes grew deeper. A cold smile appeared on his face.

“Want to die?” he asked. “It won’t be that easy! How could I let you die? Death squares all accounts, so letting you die would simply be releasing you from your pain and bitterness. I think I’d rather just let you continue living in your madness. Every so often you will wake up and be wracked with guilt and pain! That is the vengeance you deserve!”

The hatred in Meng Hao’s eyes burned. He detested the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch. If it weren’t for him, Xu Qing would not be in her current situation. He would not have faced so many deadly crises. In fact, considering what had happened in the Rebirth Cave, he truly had died already.

Such enmity was not something that a mere death could wipe away. To force the Wang Clan Patriarch to live a life of suffering… that was true vengeance!

Meng Hao laughed coldly as he backed up. However, it was at this point that the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch’s face once again began to fill with a blank look. He began to smile foolishly, as if amnesia was beginning to wash away all the pain.

But Meng Hao couldn’t allow him to so easily forget.

He raised his hand and pointed out his finger.

The Seventh Demon Sealing Hex. Karmic Hexing!

He didn’t fully employ the art. Instead, he just used the Karmic magic to cause the 10th Patriarch to be tormented by Karma even when he was in a state of senselessness. He infused the Karma Threads with the lives of the clan members that had been killed. Now, they would constantly pester him, reminding him of his bloodstained hands. He would now always be plagued by the memories of what he had done.


The 10th Wang Clan Patriarch’s Karma Threads were thrown into chaos. His body trembled, and his eyes filled with tears. Although his expression was blank, he let out a roar of madness. Pain stabbed at his heart, and he lost control.

“Immortal Ascension…. D-d-don’t get near me! My soul…. Kill…. Kill…. Kill you all…. Little brother, don’t get near me…. AGGHHHHHH!! Immortal Ascension….”


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  1. When Wang Tengfei almost killed Meng Hao in chapter 18, Meng Hao’s fists clenched so hard that his fingernails dug into his palms and then broke off


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      There are 3 big scriptures. The subleme spirit, Dao something and heavenly something. The heaven one was never completed by anyone. And if you complete the three you get an even greater one.
      Which of this four scriptures does the Lords of the nine mountains have?

      1. They are Sublime Spirit, Divine Divinity, and Heaven Severing. Together they form the Ninth Mountain and Sea Scripture and that’s the one the Lord of the Ninth Mounth had iirc.

      2. Chapter 301 :

        Sublime Spirit, Dao Divinity, Heaven Severing. These three scriptures aren’t just passed down on this planet where you reside. These three classic scriptures are handed down throughout all the Nine Mountains and Seas!

        “Unfortunately, what most people possess are mere fragments of the full scriptures. Up till now, only two people have ever been able to collect the full text of any one of them, and been able to acquire the Dao Realm title. One of those was the Dao Divinity of the First Mountain!

        “The other was Sublime Spirit from your Ninth Mountain!

        “Only these two powerful experts were able to collect the complete Sublime Spirit Scripture and Dao Divinity Scripture respectively. Everyone else only possesses fragments. As for the most mysterious of all, the Heaven Severing Scripture, for countless ages no one has ever been able to collect it in its entirety, nor cultivated the great circle of that realm to acquire the designation Heaven Severing.

        Chapter 589 :

        “Within the Demon Immortal Sect, there are two great legacies. One is that which was shockingly famous throughout the Ninth Mountain and Sea, the great… Mountain and Sea Scripture. According to legend, the scripture is formed of nine manuals, any one of which gives you the right to be a Mountain and Sea Lord!

        “Years ago, Lord Li possessed the ninth manual!

        “Unfortunately, the only way to acquire the Mountain and Sea Scripture is by means of a special method prescribed by Lord Li. After he fell, the legacy dissipated. Even the current Lord Ji only possesses a smattering of knowledge of the Mountain and Sea Scripture, not the true scripture itself.

        “That is why among the nine Lords of the great Nine Mountains and Seas, Lord Ji is the weakest!

        1. From what I understand, the 3 scriptures guide you towards the best cultivation to reach immortal ascension, but the mountain and sea scripture is probably meant for immortals, to cultivate the various stages after the ascension. I think.

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        1. Think revenge is treated slightly different and doesn’t reside under the banner of devilish. Though he hasn’t severed anything yet so if he was still intending to and this did come under the banner of devilish then this would just be going towards that goal of severing, not sure if Er Gen considers his current state enough to sever and that’s why he’s having so many second thoughts.

          That said though, i doubt it. The very fact he seems so tired makes me think that unless something big happens soon he will change the way he goes about this last severing.

          1. This is Karmic retribution, not something as basic as simple revenge that he’s doing here; definitely doesn’t fall under the same heading.

          2. I think it’s completely delusional to treat sadistic, emotional vendetta as “totally nothing to do with devilishness”, because having a heart full of hatred has nothing to do with painting it black, right? Every single anti-hero story we ever read told us the opposite, guys.
            I’ll go with what Zeta said here: the author, more than anything, is having second-thoughts here.

          3. Aiight, seeing as pretty much the next chapter immediately addresses what I said, I should correct my last comment: More than anything, it stands to show how black Meng Hao’s heart currently is, and how you should totally not blindly follow the narrative’s words dubbing the MC a perfect being.
            (Earlier with the song-patriarch, claiming he has perfect control of his emotions and whatnot. As we can see, he doesn’t.)

    1. I disagree. You can say that the Wang Patriach is a jerk for chasing Meng Hao to harvest his Foundation, but really, the Wang Patriach was just following his Dao of Karma.

      Let’s think about it for a second, the Wang Patriach never used Meng Hao’s friends as hostages or collateral and has always fought Meng Hao face to face. He may have used other people to fight Meng Hao, but that was just using his resources, and Meng Hao too used his resources when fighting the Wang Patriach. As to the Wang Patriach being the cause of Xu Qing’s current state, can we really say that? Meng Hao and the Wang Patriach fought, and that led to these results. Xu Qing chose to sacrifice herself for Meng Hao, and it was her decision. It’s not as if she died shielding Meng Hao from a blow or anything, she just chose to give him life. So her current state really isn’t because of the Wang Patriach imo.

        1. Can you not use one line answers as if that is all you need?

          He fought Meng Hao face to face, and didn’t stoop to using Meng Hao’s friends as hostages. I’d say that is pretty good in the Cultivation World, considering what we have seen so far. I wouldn’t call that shameless.

          1. Meng Hao hates him because not only did he still something which he work to achieve during a long time but because what he did, Xu Qing decided to sacrifice herself in other to save Meng Hao.
            Wang Patriach could have perfectly use time and achieve his own immortal ascension instead of having to steal someone else Dao or he could have accepted that he couldn’t achieve ascension and used his time left alive to nurture someone else from his clan.
            He didn’t hurt any friends or familiars? That’s not an excuse, just by killing Meng Hao he hurt his family and friends either way.

        2. No, Trannon1 is right about this. Although I don’t agree with “The patriarch just innocently followed his dao!”, it’s more correct to say that the patriarch made his decisions and suffered for them.
          Anything else is agreeable.

          Meng Hao is pretty much being overly sentimental here. So much for “Meng hao cultivated for so many years, nothing can shake his heart!”
          Well, apparently, he is still 100% capable of being completely irrational and overly emotional in his decision making. This is why I don’t like it when xianxia authors try to describe their MC as if they’re perfect after so many years of training. They’re not. They are always not.

          1. I whole agree with the first part but as for Meng Hao being overly sentimental i think you’re excluded somethings in that judgement.

            Also i don’t think Er Gen ever said that, he implied Meng Hao had better control over his emotions which is truthfully something that comes with age and experience even in RL but he’s never made it seem like Meng Hao was immune to them. Heck the recent Demon Immortal Sect arc and the reveal about his mother just proved that, he tried to seem unaffected, tried to seem like it couldn’t rock him until it did. If it ever seems like he implied Meng Hao has no feelings or isn’t affecting by them i believe that’s just a misunderstanding on your part.
            Though i do agree it happens often in Xianxia where the author misrepresents the character’s state of mind.

            Now while if it was just another guy who wanted to take Meng Hao’s things and failed i don’t think Meng Hao would do this much. However the sacrifice that Xu Qing made and still has to make is probably what pushed this decision as the chapter itself implies. Meng Hao is now forced to not only spend time with his beloved knowing he has a deadline (its like your wife having cancer) but he doesn’t know when they will meet again. Now while i personally would agree it seems harsh, I don’t think its just Meng Hao losing control or anything by being overly ‘sentimental’, maybe a bit too vengeful though. Basically dooming him to suffer for the time Meng Hao feels he will also suffer.

          2. Zeta, my comment pretty much said: “I dislike it when the narrative lies to the audience, when the character clearly doesn’t strictly behaves that way.”
            If you completely ignore the author’s forceful thoughts, Meng Hao comes off as a person who is pretty vengeful, spiteful and sometimes even petty with his enemies. It just goes to show you what the cultivation world taught him.

            So, I can only agree with you. But personally, I do not fancy tormenting a broken person. I do not fancy torture to begin with, it does nothing but affirm and please sadistic impulses, instead of punish or carry judgement. It shows how emotionally broken the person oneself is, and it’s just sad and pitiful to watch. 😐

        3. Why would the Patriarch take Meng Hao’s friends as hostages? As far as he was concerned Meng Hao was a fly. Taking his friends as hostages was not worth the effort, especially considering how pretty much all of them were in sects and if he tried to take them then he’d make enemies for the Wang clan for no real reason.

          Also, let’s not forget that although killing is common in the cultivation world, that doesn’t mean that people who kill unprovoked are still d*****bags and it isn’t the normal behaviour for any decent person (unlike let’s say killing those who provoke you, which might seem overreactive by our modern standards, but even decent people would do in that world).

          His character is also made apparent by the fact that he killed the Wang clan. He didn’t need to do that. He chose to do that so he could become Immortal and not die. He said it himself in chapter 682 “I’ll kill you and consume your souls too! Then, I will achieve Immortal Ascension! The whole clan can die, as long as I remain alive!”.

          As for the thing with Xu Qing, I don’t blame Meng Hao for thinking that way. If someone was trying to kill you and the person you loved the most in this world took the hit for you and died, would you be cool and say, “It’s ok, you “only” tried to kill me, this was an accident.”? There were extra steps involved, but in a nutshell that’s what happened. Xu Qing sacrificed herself so she could save Meng Hao from the Wang clan’s 10th patriarch attack. Meng Hao trying to take revenge over that, especially he’s still grieving over the fact, is all too natural.

          1. I think you wrong in this “He didn’t need to do that, He chose to do that” part.

            His soul is broken, and he become crazy in most time.

            So it not about he need to do that or not, and even not about what he chose…. Because when you crazy, you don’t know what you need and why you chose

      1. I was not pitying 10’th. It’s just that making a person suffer in that way is cruel and i also feel partiarch totally deserves it, i wonder if Meng Hao will just gtfo and leave that bastard to suffer. 😛 Sry if it seemed like i was feeling sorry for the 10’th wang clan patriarch. Didn’t intend to start a disscussion. 😀

      2. No one was in the wrong, they all just seeked power. AND, not because Meng hao was the MC, he would always be the right one.

        Just remember all of Karma 10th Wang Clan patriarch sowed with Meng, do you dare believe Meng would live up until now if not for his help?

        And it all for his cultivation. Meng used people to strengthen his self too. You just don’t notice and not paying attention because you want antagonist’s suffering and misfortunes.

        1. Well, all is about perspective, we are viewing the history on Meng Hao pov most of the time, and there is no wrong or right in the world, all need a pattern that says what is wrong or right. And these patterns change with the passage of years, that’s why thousand of years ago slavery was common, murdering, and all these stuff depending on who was the one doing was normal, Egypt for example.
          I agree with you, if was not for the sowing of karma of the 10th Wang Clan patriarch Meng Hao would already have died. But he did it for a reason, and that was his perfect foundation.
          I don’t think that what Meng Hao did was wrong, a lot of shit happened because of the 10th patriarch, even thought he saved MH in the past, was all for his foundation.
          And in the cultivation world what reign is the law of jungle, so taking this as pattern, killing, raping, robbing, is not wrong. The strong do as he please, simple as that.

      3. Would you consider a man verses a bug a fair face to face fight? Would you hold a bug’s family hostage? Is stealing someone’s cultivation foundation innocent??? Something that someone has worked years for, toiled at, risked his life for time and time again, all brought to an end in a single moment. The 10th Wang Patriarch deserves every bit of this, he tried (and succeeded) in stealing the thing most precious to Meng Hao, something he’s worked on his entire life for, killed Meng Hao’s beloved, and even killed Meng Hao himself.

  1. I really cant help but feel a little bad for Wang tengfei… Yeah he was an arrogant prick but other than starting off ahead, he ended up getting screwed over at every turn.

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      Well he can be an immortal later, and reaper, but i think its just a side history.

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  7. Thanks for the chapter Deathblade, anonpuffs, Madam Deathblade, Lingson, Yascob, GNE, joeljbright, Azusky, Baby Deathblade, Aaron Dewitt, Daniel Parkes, QD BUI, Nick Foley, Aaron Embry, Kim Ward, and Bahati Gitego!

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