ISSTH – Book 4

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Please read below for important notes from both Er Gen and Deathblade


From Er Gen (on the date of the original release):

There was an accident this afternoon. My father gave me a call to tell me that my grandmother was hospitalized. She’s 80 years old, and had a minor stroke. When I was young, my grandmother took care of me, in fact, I even lived with her all the way through high school (I’m actually the only boy in the entire family, all my other cousins are girls, which of course caused all my aunts and uncles to be a bit jealous).

Anyway, when my father called, I got quite upset, and immediately went to see my grandmother. I didn’t get back until late.

I was looking at the comments section and saw that everyone wants to see a third chapter today. I’m really tired, and my heart is in a bit of chaos, but I went ahead according to plan and published this third update.

This is the final chapter of book 3!

Tomorrow we begin book four, Five Colored Paragon!

The first book of ISSTH was the story of the State of Zhao. The second book was about the initial dealings with the Southern Domain. The third book was regarding the path of the Dao of alchemy. As for the fourth book….

Believe me, Meng Hao will rise to prominence in this fourth book!

Five Colored Paragon!


From Deathblade:

It’s hard to believe we’ve already reached the end of book 3. I’m very excited to get into the content of book 4. However, before I do so, I would like to take a short break of… one day. That’s right, from the beginning until now, I haven’t taken a single day off from posting chapters, not even when I went on vacation, or when Madam Deathblade went into labor and Baby Deathblade was born.

I think this is a good place to do so. I will take tomorrow off, and then resume posting chapters the following day.

The past month since Baby Deathblade was born have been tiring, but not too exhausting. However, I’ve now resumed my normal full-time job, and I’m quite certain that the translation will be affected. For the next two months, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to post 14 chapters per week. I will definitely continue with the 7 guaranteed chapters, and anticipate being able to add 3-5 sponsored chapters in as well.

As many of you know, my full time work prevents me from translating on weekends, which means I have to translate double chapters on Mondays and Wednesdays. Before, that was doable, but now that Baby Deathblade is here, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up that pace. The good news is that I’ve already negotiated with my company to adjust my works schedule in a way that will ensure I can post 14 chapters per week. That change will occur early next year. Until then, I will do my best to translate as many as possible per week, and hope that you will all be able to bear with a slightly slower release rate.

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  1. lol are you kidding even though I love this novel and refresh like crazy to see a new chapter you need to rest well and be well as family have a nice rest! ^_^

  2. I’m just hoping that the translation don’t hurt your life. Maybe you should schedule more rest time. Even RWX took a rest once a month which i have no clue at all how he managed to do that till the end xD.

    Thanks for the hardwork. This series is by far on the top of my favorite xanxia.

  3. What were the names of the previous books? Deathblade, is it possible to add the names of the books somewhere in the index?

    Thanks for the translations and enjoy some time off, we don’t want you to burn out.

    1. They’re already in the index (except for Book 3, because Deathblade considered it to be a spoiler in the beginning, though I think he should add it now).

      – Book 1 – Patriarch Reliance –

      – Book 2 – Cutting Into the Southern Domain –

      – Book 3 – The Honor of Violet Fate –

      (And based on what was said here…)

      – Book 4 – Five Colored Paragon! –

  4. Er Gen is a monster. Still writing three chapters the day he visits his grandma in the hospital.
    Also, enjoy your little break, Deathblade! You deserve way more than just one day, actually. Although we’ll all be sad not too have any ISSTH tomorrow. You should take Madam Deathblade out to a dinner date or something, since you won’t be translating. Keep the wife happy. 😛

  5. R u kidding!
    First, I hope she is fine, don’t worry, family comes first.
    Second, take all the time you need, WE ARE GRATEFUL!
    Third, we love you DB and the cute lil guy even more.
    Enjoy ur life more, we are here waiting, we r going nowhere -.-

  6. I probably shouldn’t be saying this as the leecher than I am, but I still will.
    I think you should take a break for a week. rest. get back into the routine. translate slowly and get a backlog with that week of chapters. And I think 7 guaranteed chapters is to much. You are a good translator, with a good series, one of the best, you are very consistent with your uploads, and I think you are selling yourself short. I think the best rate of guaranteed chapters is 3.5 (1 every other day) or 5 per week (1 per workday), and the rest sponsored up until 14, just like you already do, but of course if you can’t do 14, that’s also okay.
    What I mean with all this is. Thank you very much for all you do. *cups hands*

  7. Don’t just take 1 day off, take a week, close down the sponsor option for that week, and then start refreshed next week!
    You deserve it!

    And from now on, maybe schedule yourself regular breaks? That way you won’t burn out, at your job, in your real life with your family, or translating.

  8. Thank you for the heads up! You are by far one of the best TL out there and even 1 a day regularly is spoiling us leechers plenty. Enjoy your break and don’t sweat it haha.

  9. So he FINALLY takes a break. Of one day.
    You can take another, you know. We won’t mind!
    At any rate, thanks for all the work you put in translating this and being cool and stuff.

  10. Cut yourself some slack man…. 7-14 chapters a week, with a full time job and a baby…

    Lots of chapters is amazing, but you’ve got to give yourself some relaxation time as well 🙂

  11. Everyone need a day off for cultivation.
    We will still be here.
    BTW Babies get much more fun at 3-4 years old. Hang in there, in just a few short year you won’t believe how cool it is.

  12. You definitely deserve a break. I’m stunned that you kept the translations going, even during the birth of your son! Hey if you don’t mind guest translators you happen to know a really good one. LOL

  13. I demand the sacrifice of firstborn!!

    truthfully I don’t really mind the slower rates as long as you post more pictures of your firstborn. love the BD memes..

    I remember the first time I read issth isn’t because of the synopsis or something. it was because of your what is the chapter title quiz(Chapter 141: The Cosmetic Cultivation Pill Appears Again), which I got it right(random guess). though it made me wondered what this novel is about, and made me start reading from chapter 1.

  14. I wouldn’t mind even if u took 2 month to rest.
    I would just eat a bedevilment pill and stare in ur direction from Singapore =x
    Pls rest and enjoy! Translation should be an enjoyable process. I have enjoyed reading!
    Thanks! With lots of love, Jack ❤

  15. As someone who started the series 10 days back, being able to plow through all these chapters is AMAZING. I thank you for your hard work and if you need days, then do like MGA and take some man. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  16. O.o’ So much respect its dripping out of my ears. You are just awsome. XD The creator of this novel is amazing, and it seems the perfect person to translate it is realy you. I do not know if there are many people on this planet who would be able to do this good a job even if they realy tried.

    Taking a day worth of break… so immoral. XD

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